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Jan 25, 2020 - 08:49
General Astrology: Let´s Talk About Venus
Sun Sign - Librajuuulita » ancient_astrology
Venus in Libra in 12th house, in vedic astrology venus in virgo in 11th house, that can explains why I often feel unattractive, lost and uncapable of love from others. I often get compliements from others, but I was in toxic friendship (scorpio and cancer dominant person) when she was constantly dragging me down saying that I´m not pretty enough to be interesting, she was jealous of me, so when I finally got super insecure and more people start aprecciate her beauty she feeled fulfilled.
Also my family, especially father were unsupporting. I always felt that my sister is more loved by my parents, more likeable by other people, more loved by the universe. She´s stunning, friendly, smart and really beautifull.
Whenever somebody notices me I lost chance to create relationship, because even If I´m sparkling and bubbly from the outside I´m deeply broken and wounded inside.I´m trying to fix myself, but it´s hard to belive in your worth, when lots of people are stabbing you with their words and intentions.
But I think I´ve got potential, I´ve got plenty of positive aspects with this planet.
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