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Nov 2, 2021 - 01:05
Sun Sign - Ariesdivinesmack » crismary0628
just curious.. what is so horrible about it?

7 years is the first Saturn square in a birth/election chart, so 7 years would mark when Saturn is square to the Saturn of the chart when you first got together. Makes sense that it would translate into a difficult decision or feeling "stuck" in a relationship.
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Feb 15, 2021 - 15:35
Sun Sign - Ariesdivinesmack » UgurCan
Mars and Chiron work very well together. I´ve only studied the transits between the two. So when Mars conjuncts a natal Chiron, it usually symbolizes a desire to heal yourself, to get the healing you need. It´s when you actively say "hey I need to take care of this issue for myself. This has utmost priority and I´m taking care of it now." It is a very beneficial energy.

I assume natally that means you are a healer, certified by the stars themselves. Seriously though! I think it means that you have a lot of potential to heal your own wounds and to teach people how they can heal themselves. The passion you exhibit could motivate other people. You could be a leader in a healing art or in self improvement helping others to overcome their own obstacles. Much of that depends on what house and sign they are in.
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Feb 15, 2021 - 15:15
Sun Sign - Ariesdivinesmack » Jolie0407
The soft Neptune aspects are among the worst in synastry. They don´t encourage you to dig deeper or investigate, so you will just let sleeping dogs lie. At least with hard Neptune aspects you feel irritation and so you take action.

I mean you´ve been in this relationship for three years now and by your own words you say things are getting worse. Idk what to say but explore other, more realistic options.
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Feb 15, 2021 - 13:51
Sun Sign - Ariesdivinesmack » Jolie0407
I would say to avoid delusion.

You both have Neptune aspects contacting each other´s emotional planets. That shows romantic feelings and idealism. His Neptune is also in your eleventh house which can make you feel that your hopes and dreams will come true. But reality is often different than our imagination.

Also there is an obsessive component to this relationship, with your Venus conjunct his Pluto. I´m sure you share great intimacy at times, but I think there is a lot of drama too.

Also you´re a Sag and he´s a Taurus. He is okay with things staying the way they are; your passion requires you to explore and journey to see what´s out there. Oil and water don´t mix unless you both can adjust.

If you cannot get past those fights, and if you BOTH are restrictive towards one another, do you really think that would be a productive and loving relationship in the long term? Do you want your children to witness these fights and reproduce these relationship choices? Is there no other person you could date that you don´t constantly have to bicker with?

tick tock tick tock
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Jan 11, 2021 - 21:20
Synastry & Relationship: The wild side of sex
Sun Sign - Ariesdivinesmack » Anamel
literally what I thought as I read the post lmaoo

if he´s not trying to put a ring on your finger, he just wants the goods.

since the original poster already gave it up, and animalistically according to her, there is almost zero chance of commitment from this guy.
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Jan 11, 2021 - 14:17
Natal Astrology: Natal chart Depression
Sun Sign - Ariesdivinesmack » lily-lis
hmmm. usually Saturn is the indication of depression or melancholy in the natal chart. But your Saturn is free from any inflictions; it´s actually quite strong in your chart. However, your natal Saturn is in Aries, where it experiences its fall.

Saturn in Aries means you are either too hard on yourself, or you find it difficult to change things about you. You might solidify your personality out of fear of not feeling like "you" if you let go of bits and pieces that no longer serve you. Maybe this is causing you some sadness?

And in the ninth, it causes difficulty concerning your personal beliefs, religion and spirituality. Are you currently free to explore your own spirituality and educational desires?

But other than that, I don´t think that´s strong enough indication of depression per se in your chart. I don´t say that to invalidate your experience, but as an astrologer, it´s hard to see exactly what causes depression without knowing your personal story.

Are you unsatisfied with how things are going in your life? I would suggest a therapist or other clinical professional who can help you take practical steps with your depression (Capricorn on the sixth house, which is ruled by Saturn).
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Jan 10, 2021 - 01:42
Sun Sign - Ariesdivinesmack » Keriann
Stelliums in astrology usually indicate that lessons in the opposite sign/house are to be learned. The fact that it is in the twelfth house is probably why you feel "blind" to yourself. This is amplified by that peregrine Chiron in Aries, which usually signals a loss of your identity and sense of self. Because your Chiron is peregrine, it doesn´t receive much help (or resistance) from your other planets, hence why you feel "blind" to yourself.

Your Chiron is actually inconjunct to all those planets in Scorpio by sign, meaning that you HAVE to make some readjustments in your life, most likely related to self expression, creativity and recreational hobbies (Chiron in the fifth).

Having so many personal planets in the twelfth, your personality often goes unrecognized by other people. In addition, Moon and Venus are in their fall and detriment, respectively. I imagine you´re like a ninja, operating under the radar, guiding others where you think they should go with your invisible hand. A lot of emotional power and potential to control others based on your own perspectives and beliefs, and no one would ever know.

Your emotional nature is extremely powerful, and can be used to help transform the people around you, as seen by that Pluto in Libra conjunct your eleventh house cusp. Notice there is a mutual reception with Pluto and Venus, which increases both planets´ strength. This suggests a high tendency to gain emotional control in your intimate and business relationships. Or, you can help people recognize their power in their personal relationships if you want to share that wisdom responsibly.

Aries and Leo on the fifth/ninth house cusps is kinda like an "I´m right attitude" 24/7. Aries is blunt and on the fifth house cusp, very likely to express yourself without limitation. Also likely to have very independent children.

Leo on the ninth is like listening to your own podcasts on repeat. That´s fine, if what you are preaching and what you believe is harmonizing and cooperative. Scorpions have a tendency to be snarky and dominating on the low. You gotta avoid that. This has great potential to lead people, but also to mislead.

You also have your North Node in the first house, meaning you have a lot to learn about yourself. This lifetime should be dedicated to discovering your own self first, before worrying about what anyone else is doing.

Opposite to the Scorpio stellium is Taurus and the sixth house. Couple questions: How have you been using your material resources and personal values (Taurus) to be of service to others (sixth house)? Do you derive pleasure (Taurus) from helping people (sixth)? How can you utilize your determination, patience and reserve as skills to help others?

Your seventh house is also ruled by Taurus, further cementing that life meets you at a material level. This to me says that you have to start giving back, but I could wrong.

That stellium in Scorpio can make it hard to let go of control with other people, and in the twelfth house, I can see how 1) it´s hard for others to notice you´re the one in control; and 2) it´s hard for you to even see you´re exuding this commanding power in everyday conversation. It could be intimidating, and if you are dealing with children, can seep into manipulation even if unintentional.

I could keep going, but I´m curious if what I said makes any sense.
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Jan 9, 2021 - 19:48
Sun Sign - Ariesdivinesmack » fishscales
Thank you. I have been feeling a deeper sense of responsibility for how things have gotten to where they are now. That and patience has become very important in the past six months or so.
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Jan 6, 2021 - 14:20
Sun Sign - Ariesdivinesmack » Stacy87
Remember that astrology is all perspective - while you may think your husband is great, your child´s experience of your husband is VERY different. Children do not have the understanding of adults and don´t see situations from the angles we do.

It is likely that he will have power struggles with his father. Sun square saturn shows that the father or some authority figure is likely to be the wettest blanket as he tries to explore himself. Pluto shows that their will be manipulation or power struggles in the early home.

Your husband may be too overbearing in giving directions or setting rules, and your son can feel he cannot make decisions of his own, especially since he is a Libra. This can lead to codependency and lack of self awareness.

Pluto in the fourth house can be a literal loss of the father, but it can also be figurative like unsettled differences that lead to no-contact. (Speaking as someone who has Pluto conjunct the Nadir. My father and I are on very strict speaking terms, that I set.)

If he has Saturn AND Pluto in the fourth, he is likely to be very cautious of who he allows into his inner world, and may prefer to stay at home more often than go out. He will have a problem of feeling that everyone wants to control him, and that he has to safeguard himself from such people. With Saturn in Capricorn, he could possibly hide these feelings behind his accomplishments or by burying his head in his work.

It also doesn´t help that Chiron is in Aries right now, so many children born today have to go through a self-identity crisis. If he is facing manipulation from the home, that can cause long-term (Saturn) psychological damage (Pluto). High chance of becoming codependent or seeking approval from the father. He needs to be able to explore his own likes/dislikes.

It would help a lot to show him practical ways to express his emotions, to express his creativity. Also give him space while showing that you care and are there for him. His emotional nature is very powerful with Pluto there, and he might constantly be seeking to transform and perfect himself.

All you really can do is support him emotionally as the mother, but the father needs to teach him how to live practically. He cannot control his son as if the father was born again.

Hope that helps a little.
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Jan 4, 2021 - 23:52
Natal Astrology: LIBRA moon
Sun Sign - Ariesdivinesmack » Laura10
I´ve had those same issues as you growing up, and I actually only got over them not too long ago.

I think the biggest issue with the Libra Moon placement is the need to be well-liked in your interactions with other people. It makes it hard to be genuine and you´d rather accommodate just to be seen as the cool, awesome person.

But people can pick up on that and trust me, they either talk behind your back, or they don´t feel that you´re an actual person.

At least that´s how it was for me.

As far as being emotionally independent - learn to love yourself. A big part of appeasing is that you give up parts of yourself to make others happy. These parts you can´t get back until you recognize them again and learn to incorporate them into your being.

It´s a good idea to make sure the people you are breaking your own back for even deserve what you give them. Are you receiving anything back from them? Do they show genuine appreciation, not just enough to keep you in the interaction/relationship?

Dealing with negative emotions - you just gotta dive into it! They are just emotions; YOU are the human being. Negative emotions are strong because we attribute value to them.

I know this sounds very simple, but stop giving those thoughts such high priority in your life. It helps to find a community or friend who supports your goals in life for a change. Talking to a therapist or a loved one about the positives in your life can also help to change your perspective.

I know the trials of a Libra Moon are tough! I have an opposition with my Sun in Aries, so I´m constantly second guessing myself. People used to say I´m a different Aries, and it was all cuz of that darn Libra Moon!

I hope this advice helps out! Libra Moon can be a great ally when you find a love partner or a supportive community.
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