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May 12, 2021 - 20:04
Sun Sign - Ariesbodhi963 » Alisa1
i like Jay Jay´s approach of playing with different house systems..
boundaries in Astrology can be both rigid and fluid; Is good to continually expand your inner space so you can view things from different perspectives and make connections in chart / s
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May 12, 2021 - 08:36
Sun Sign - Ariesbodhi963 » Ioaanaa08
seems if there is a good time to vent aka complain aaturn return is it.

there is quite a bit going on in the chart during this return. Seems she is poised for change a snake shedding its skin. In particular pluto is hitting her venus mars opposition as its edges ever closer to its domicile.. with saturn there it can be quite an intense experienceespecially if sucumbs to her desires without thinking it through or accessing her value system.

Her nodal axis is also about to eclipse her sun which could add to any consfusion or feelings of wanting to break free of her limitations. The nodes can seriously impede your judgment and conjour illusions of what might be so good to test the waters if she is considering change of circumstances.

Mars too is adding some of its intensity as it is in the twelth house to itself , hitting the ascendent, and about to trigger the mars venus pluto dynamic about to play out.

In addition neptune is transiting her pscies midheaven which might set off some red flags in regard to decisions around career orientation.. or could just be signialling its time to find your true vocations in life.

as mentioned by someone else with the moon bundled in there with the saturn it might be a good time to deal with any bottled up emotions and discontent that she may be harboring.. about self, others work, family fiances etc etc
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