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Jun 24, 2021 - 06:14
Sun Sign - LeoAstroLeo » astreo
Uranus conjuct Pluto in Virgo would be the start of generation X. Since virgo represents the sign of service and is very process, procedure oriented,pluto here can exaggerated these qualities;add Uranus there and you got people throughout the late 80´s and through the 90´s really brought forth the vegan vegetarian movement.

In music Kurt Kobain really kinda defined ya´ll as a generation in ya youth. His life and death gave an awakening to suicide and mental health issues that was covered up by pride by the Pluto in Leo generation of the boomers. Virgo can be a healer sign but also self deprecating,and chaotic as well because of its opposite polarity of Pisces. What also came about was the natural healing movement,using natural, organic food, techniques, processes, and methods to heal the body.Holistic practitioners, community farms, enviromental specialist things of that nature.

Anyone can be free, it just take self reflection and a sense of purpose of what they want out of life.This will change as the year goes on and peoples belief systems, and what they want begins to change. It´s just a willingness to take action on what you want and not let society stop you.

The moon can represent the mother but also your family. With Pluto square moon it could represent either your mother, or family being very critical of groups or his ideas and philosophy in general.Or he might have extreme beliefs that his or your family might not approve of when he talks about them.His ascendant ruler is in the 9th house. Even though Virgo and Gemini are ruled by mercury the way they carry out the energy is different. Gemini is very surface level it likes to grasp and communicate it in gains of sociability. Virgo like to analyze the information, process it, categorize it, and see how it can use practical as a skill. Gemini is more theoretical, Virgo is more system oriented and practical.

Moon square Uranus: Can make someone very rebellious when it comes to their belief in regards to their romances, hobbies,and activities. The relationship can be very critical, because of someone´s belief or their place of orgin.

In regards to your last question his ruler is mercury which renforce that he likes to talk about his philosophy and education. With his third house ruler in the 10th house opposite Jupiter. With that T-square with Neptune in the 6th both squaring his Sun and Jupiter he needs to be careful not to deceive himself in regards to his home life and career as it could harm his health with neptune in the 6th.

Hope this helps.
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