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Mar 17, 2019 - 23:20
Sun Sign - SagittariusArtGirl » Astro-Seek.com

Thank you very much!

I´m ok with no money, sorta used to it, that´s ok.

I wrote and wrote about the stress of being Santa Claus and my need to make Christmas magical to almost grown children and grown step-children, and now grandchildren who make too many demands about Christmas expectations. That problem is all on me.

My college age Libra son is in a narcissistic stage and at odds with his Aries Dad. But neither are mad at me. The son did take advantage of me over Christmas and I did not confront him--again it is on me for letting family pile on at Christmas--I can say "no". I think this behavior is all age appropriate.

My mother is a Leo who culls out the weak ones in her litter and eats her young. I only see her twice a year. She calls. Afraid if I cut her out of my life, then that behavior will be easier to repeat when I´m under stress with other people and situations. She is old now. The ear problem is physical proof of her neglect to me as a child and will be a burden for the rest of my life.

Do you see anything about a female Leo? Is it time to not speak to her? I almost feel it will make no difference if I speak to her or not. She is no longer openly hostile but subtle in her meanness--she only speaks to me to gossip with my more successful siblings. She says no prayer for me--just the opposite--suspect when she dies it will feel like a curse is lifted.

I am not angry or bitter about her. I´ve made great strides in life in accepting myself and am content and happy.

Wrote entirely too much! Thank you for your four steps. You are very kind to help a stranger and I pray for comfort and joy to come to you! ? Kinda funny that Christmas causes me stress--isn´t Christmas really Saturnella <sp> --a Saturn celebration?

I´m off to read about Saturn, what a blessing you are--I have a place to channel my energy.

Many, many thanks,
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Mar 16, 2019 - 20:35
Sun Sign - SagittariusArtGirl » Astro-Seek.com
So just dumb bad luck? I thought this would be my year. Starting out miserable.

Thank you,
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