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May 21, 2019 - 20:40
Sun Sign - Taurusyod_80 » TinaClaraMarie
And more conventionally: not only do you have Mercury in Scorpio (which is that South Node Ruler), your Moon is in Aquarius, and your Jupiter is conjuncting Pars Fortunae in Pisces.

Aquarian Moon has a particular way of sliding away, detaching form emotions. And yet, both Jupiter and Pars Fortunae is in Pisces -- there is an emotional connection there when you allow yourself to be generous, and universally compassionate.

That is the way I am reading this: sometimes it is difficult for you to connect at a personal level (what most people labels as "empathy"), yet impersonal, universal compassion is something that is very natural to you. And if you did connect, it would be diving straight into the dark -- too much, too intense, too intimate, too vulnerable for most people.
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May 21, 2019 - 20:31
Sun Sign - Taurusyod_80 » TinaClaraMarie
When I read charts, I don´t place any special significance to stelliums. Instead, I treat them as proxies. For example, transits and and progressions through your Scorpio stellium is going to trigger and peak through there all at once. Overally, it will draw attention to Scorpio, at least as far as how things unfold karmically.

As far as logic and emotions goes, I think your Nodes tells a story about that. I don´t think this is factually true, though I put this in this narrative form to put these placements together.

Your South Node is in Geminin, House 5. The person you were in past lives (South Node) was in a constant state of reacting and adapting (Gemini), related to kids or creative projects (House 5) or both.

Your South Node Ruler is Mercury in Scorpio, House 10, with Mars conjuncting. I´d read that as being known for being a teacher (Mercury) (such as a university professor), but one that was perhaps also an activist (Mars), perhaps fighting to voice and call out the darker side of humanity (Scorpio).

There´s a bit more to the story: Neptune in Sagittarius opposes South Node from House 11; Jupiter in Pisces, House 2 squares South Node. You were fighting to change the prevailing beliefs at the time (House 11, Sagittarius), but it simply dissipated (Neptune). You had a sponsor (Jupiter) or at least, wealthy sponsorship (House 2), your efforts were drained those resources dry with little to show (Pisces).

Your North Node is in Sagittarius, House 11 with Neptune conjuncting, making your North Node Ruler the Jupiter in Pisces, House 2. Whereas South Nodes are read with a bias towards the "low road", North Node are read in its higher spiritual purpose: you fought against unthinking superstitions and beliefs (logic!), but perhaps in this lifetime, you are exploring things that defy logic: faith, generosity, love.

Your South Node Ruler (Mercury) is quincunx to your South Node. Quincunxes are awkward connections that are difficult to integrate. They are not oppositions -- complementary opposites -- in which, while polarized, are easy to understand. You have all this past life inertia with being logical -- and if we go by that past life narrative, you taught and educated people. And yet, what drives people into doing bad things, corrupt things, are not always logical. Bringing those two together can be difficult, and I think echoes in your experience with being inconsistent with logic and emotions.

Does any of that resonate with you?
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