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Feb 21, 2021 - 17:55
Sun Sign - AriesJayJayAstrology » saturnschild8
In my humble opinion, it´s very difficult to see mental illness in a chart. I´ve done a massive study on borderline personality disorder, schizophrenia, and bipolar. There just aren´t any "signatures" that are seen in all or most charts in terms of planets in certain signs or various aspect pictures.

What I can say, is that, there is always some kind of disconnect with parents, a conditioned insecurity because of it, and an inability to probe the emotional world to understand one´s behavior - which is the result of the disconnect and insecurity. In other words, there is a complete lack of awareness of the fundamental insecurity.

Capricorn is the one sign that truly abhors dealing with feelings. It does not like expressing emotions and certainly doesn´t like exploring or investigating them. Capricorn wants to work and get on with things. So, with all your planets in Capricorn, I´d say you have a natural desire NOT to be aware of the feelings that create the traits and behavior we call BPD.

You have Taurus rising, and it is the second sign next to Capricorn that is not very interested in going very deep. Taurus likes to keep it simple and harmonious.

Your Leo IC makes you want people´s attention very much. You want to be liked, loved, and listened to. Then you have Moon in Libra in the 6th house - which is all about relating to others but most likely from a vulnerable place. You want to please.

Pluto and Jupiter in Scorpio, however, are saying you must work on your emotional world - you must analyze your feelings and understand there are some deep insecurities that you need to get in touch with. Once you are aware, you can build upon your confidence.

I like the North Node in Sagittarius in the 7th. If you can access this, it gives you a positive, optimistic feel when relating to others. Fire feels strong. Your Leo IC can also be used to gain strength - look to the positives of Leo - the sense of pride, being warm and loyal, of being more self-centered in a positive way - interested in developing yourself.

Sagittarius and the 9th house planets - are all more or less, encouraging you to grow and change and become. This feels good, but you also need to do the inner work - to see what´s there - to acknowledge it - to transform it.

Human beings have a huge capacity to deny and repress. In the case of BPD, the repression happens so early in life that the person is left unaware of it. Who can remember what they felt at age 2? Not many. So, even if you have a hard time accessing it, you have to trust that you have experiences and feelings that add up to BPD, and that, if you can become aware of the Virgo insecurities, self-doubt and fears - you can heal this. It is not easy for Borderlines to do, but not impossible either.

If you are doing drugs or alcohol to relieve some of the pressure or stress you feel, it is because the underlying feaa sign to - so it feels all contained with no way to express. Even if you did not have BPD, you´d have a tendency toward drugs and alcohol anyway - as some Capricorns do. It helps them feel their feelings. It´s a release. But of course, it isn´t a cure.

The key is going to be to someone learn to see yourself differently - to loosen up the self-identity, to make room for inner change. If you use your intuition - Saturn in Aquarius - you might be able to feel your Soul and gain strength that way. Put yourself in the presence of good and loving people too - as this is also healing. Learn from them.


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Feb 20, 2021 - 13:15
Sun Sign - SagittariusPsyle » saturnschild8
Another thing to consider is the 9th house - 12th house comparison.

The 9th house brings insanity from an overinflated mental body, the mind gets lost in abstraction.

The 12th house brings lunacy from an overinflated emotional body, the psyche gets crushed by the collective unconscious (a kind of possession).
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Feb 18, 2021 - 20:47
Sun Sign - Tauruss81 » saturnschild8
Just my 2 cents on this.
Besides the Lilith position and other things mentioned in other replies, I´m pretty sure that square between your air/mental Moon and your Neptune and Uranus has something to do in this subject. Also the Sun in the cusp of house 9 (which means it is opposing the cusp of the 3rd house) contributes.
Btw, a study I read some time ago showed statistically that 67% of the borderline cases studied shown an aspect between Saturn and Venus (in your case I see you have them in an 45 degrees octile/semi-square aspect).
I don´t know the author of that work but you can find it (in spanish) here: https://www.escuela-estudios-astrologicos-mjm.es/…
That work has also statistical information on other psychiatric disorders too.
Hopefully all this helps you!
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Feb 18, 2021 - 19:54
Sun Sign - SagittariusPsyle » saturnschild8
In astrology the 6th house (personal purification) is mainly about physical psychosomatic diseases while the 12th house (collective purification) deals more with mental illnesses.

The house of the Black Moon represents the place of one´s greatest danger and at the same time it is where lies a form of transcendental genius.

Here clearly your Aries Black Moon in the 12th house is our first indicator of mental illness.

Another indicator of psychiatric disorders comes from the 9th house. Usually this very positive house is known as the greater benefic but in some rare cases a severe affliction can create weaknesses in this area of life.

In your chart you have a 9th house stellium squared by the Black Moon and squared by the Moon. Also the 9th house ruler Saturn is squared by the malefic Pluto.


A 12th house Aries Lilith usually holds strong traumatic memories of insanity (12th house) tainted with violence (Aries). This makes the soul flee in the opposite house in a point of protection called Priapus. Here we have Priapus in the 6th house in Libra. Your Priapus and regular Moon are conjunct, this is often the case. This means that you are using your peaceful (Libra) concrete day-to-day routines (6th house) to protect yourself from the dreadful occult fears of the spiritual planes (12th house). If you are unfortunate enough to open yourself too early to these subtle realms, without have achieved sufficient 6th house grounding, then Lilith will get unleashed, along with all her demons, and you will drown in the deep seas of the lower astral.

Nonetheless, if you manage this grounding quest, then, through this occult hypersensitivity, you might one day be able to harness the Black Moon´s divine side and this will fullfill your destiny. Here this divine side takes the form of a Warrior (Aries) prophet (12th house). This fire sign can potentially give you the most powerful prophetic dreams and connection with God.

In your chart, the second square to Lilith is emphasized (Capricorn). It is called the "point of affirmation" where the soul starts to break free from the guilt of Lilith´s fall which made it submit to other people ("point of submission" : first square in the 3rd house). Your 9th house stellium helps in expressing the soul´s anger by moving away from 3rd house technical explanations and exploring new grounds. This 9th house stellium is an important philosophical preparation for the next intense 12th house encounter. Indeed without a fine understanding of metaphysics the adept would get lost in the spiritual maze of the 12th house.
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Feb 18, 2021 - 09:55
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » saturnschild8
Since today I´m reading heliocentric chart I´ll try with yours.

Chiron in Virgo could point on some physical wound or general predisposition for physical wounding/healing.

Jupiter in Scorpio makes you socially aware throughout love and deep connection which means that you appreciate society and you feel as the part of the crew as long as you love someone (partner). When there is no love and devotion no social integration and feeling of belonging to group.

Capricorn stelium made of Venus, Mars, Mercury, Uranus and Neptune means that all your energy, senses, mental attentions, empathy, intelligence are seeking for logic, structure, meaning, purpose, function from the aspect of social norms. So all you ever do, think, sens and so on... needs real materialistic foundation to be accepted.

Yet, Saturn in Pisces wants to organize and control life itself and the entire world.

*Moon-Earth in Heliocentric chart is in opposition to Sun from Geocentric chart.*

Moon-Earth in Cancer means that your emotions are all right and are working just fine but what brings problems is Moon-Earth opposition to that Capricorn stelium that is constantly pulling everything to the side of social structures, without leaving your fine emotions space to exist and function properly.

I think that all you have to to do is to allow your emotions to do their job either, without suffocate them for the sake of accommodation to social norms.
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Feb 18, 2021 - 09:15
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » saturnschild8
I would suggest you consult a professional medical astrologer to get a more precise and clear answer.

Wish you the best :74:
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Feb 17, 2021 - 12:34
Sun Sign - Taurusnutelina » saturnschild8
12th house and Pisces placements are difficult placements. But if you search in the forum, these questions have been asked before.

This doesn´t look too good:

Node Square Saturn (4°44’, Applying)
The positive thing about this aspect is that these people are focused on overcoming challenges in their life. They are consistent, aware of their responsibilities, and they walks tirelessly along their life path. They have high standards for themselves and they set ambitious goals. They are able to overcome their limits.
The negative side of this aspect is that it also gives people pessimism or even hopelessness about overcoming challenges in their life. They live lives full of obstacles and they are afraid to cross the threshold in order to become themselves. They often believe that their responsibilities stop them from reaching their soul. They often fall back into their old patterns. They frequently overload themselves.
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