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Jun 23, 2022 - 22:28
Sun Sign - Virgorohini moon » Saiya
My Mercury is in Leo, Purva Phalguni nakshatra to be exact.... I was born right around High Noon.. That being said, I have ALWAYS been a person who enjoys staying up late and sleeping in. Purva Plagunni´s lord is Venus.. and it´s symbol is the back legs of a bed. We enjoy sleep.

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Jun 23, 2022 - 21:26
Sun Sign - TaurusRosincvist » Saiya
Previous threads have given a lot of credit to the ninth-house, it is an amusing idea that a higher education could be received in Delta & Theta sleep!
:7: & :116: :127: :128: Why should there be much emotionalism in dreams; The Autistic dream as well!
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Jun 23, 2022 - 20:58
Sun Sign - AriesWolfmoon » Saiya
I heard recently that Mercury placements can affect sleep. The earlier Mercury is in a sign, the earlier the person rises.

I have 1´ Aries Mercury. I am wide awake as soon as I open my eyes. Usually naturally wake at 7 but no problem waking earlier. My partner has 28´ Leo Mercury. She loves a good lie in. Takes her a while to wake up also.

Thats my only example of the theory. Seems to work :15:

My Moon is 7th in Leo. I generally don´t have a problem sleeping. I do enjoy sharing my bed with someone.
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Jun 23, 2022 - 20:45
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » Saiya
Moon and Mars transits fill me with a lot of vitality.

My Sun squares the Moon in Aries and forms a mutual reception. My Mars will conjunct Aries Mars from 22 degree´s onwards.

I tend not to need a lot of sleep. Saturn in Capricorn knows all about determination and steadfast leadership. Opposite my Sun. I have an endless well of energy from a more spiritual place (Pluto in Scorpio opposite Moon from 8th trine Sun) Saturn in 12th. Sun conjunct Jupiter. Ruler of MC is Jupiter

But I do get tired and I feel again revitalised.

Requires no real effort just the flow.
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Jun 23, 2022 - 19:52
Sun Sign - Arieslyrlc » Saiya
capricorn moon in 8th house, gemini ascendant, ruled by pisces mercury. it takes me a while to go to sleep, but lately its been worse than usual :39: i don´t dream often, but whenever i do my dreams are very vivid and intense. not always nightmares, though almost always relating to my fears and/or wants
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Jun 23, 2022 - 19:42
Sun Sign - GeminiFOWL » Saiya
Being a Pisces Moon, when the Moon is in Taurus it would form a sextile to your natal Moon, stands to reason you´d have better sleep with the Moon in an easy aspect to itself. Note the nights when the Moon is in a Water sign.... of course any new or full moon´s will exacerbate that effect.... when the Moon is in Virgo you are likely to have more fitful sleeps.
It´s well known that when the Moon returns to your natal point every month you get a moment of deep peace and solace... track that as well..
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Jun 23, 2022 - 18:56
Sun Sign - GeminiVera Blue » Saiya
:152: in :173: 11th placidus or 12th whole sign. :152: :191: :151: :154: :155:
Very vivid dreams
So much so that I often wake up tired
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Jun 23, 2022 - 18:36
Sun Sign - LeoTTTJJJ » Saiya
is your birth time correct?
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Jun 23, 2022 - 17:08
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » Saiya
The position of the moon in the eighth house gives intense dreams, very often nightmares. Don´t ask me how I know.
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Jun 23, 2022 - 13:29
Sun Sign - LeoTTTJJJ » Saiya
just to add, the 12th house also has to do with dreams and sleep, and I think Ketu (the south node) but not sure about this one. In connection to the 12th house, we have the sign of Pisces too.
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Apr 15, 2022 - 13:02
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » Saiya
Pluto/Scorpio in my 2nd house. Deep voice, mysterious (that´s what my friends say). My Pluto square Mars, so i can sound loud..
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Apr 15, 2022 - 11:18
Sun Sign - VirgoEtherealmind » Saiya
I also have my Moon in the 2nd house but in Aquarius and conjunct Uranus.

I don´t think that my voice is uncommon or eccentric but people told me that I´m able to modify and imitate voices and noises very well so I guess that my voice can be very flexible :75: :1:
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Jan 16, 2022 - 13:15
Natal Astrology: My friendships
Sun Sign - ScorpioOS* » Saiya
I don´t think you´re demanding at all in these statements. she asked and you replied. I mean, there is nothing demanding about that.

actually, I myself resonate with what you wrote towards my own friendships. not all, but with most of them. closest relationships also always have been with male friends.

we have same sun nakshatra in vedic astrology, and moons are ruled by rahu.

you might be more of an outcast, and able to see others inner motives more clearly, having higher standards in relationships (to whatever those may. be to you) making it more difficult to make close friends. aside from not opening up easily.

looking more into your vedic chart might bring more answers, being rahu dominant in your sidereal chart.
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Jan 16, 2022 - 12:47
Natal Astrology: My friendships
Sun Sign - AriesJayJayAstrology » Saiya
You are a Capricorn rising - generally - you give off the impression of not having feelings that need attention - even when you do, of course. You come off as being self-sufficient. I know you are a sensitive person, and you feel what other´s feel, but you won´t come off that way. You´ll come off as pscyhologically savvy (Scorpio), able and willing to be helpful, and self-sufficient (Capricorn). You may have to seek more self-sufficient people to be friends with.

Your life purpose is to change the way you do Libra (Pluto) - the way you do relationships so that you are engaging with people with more equality. In a way, that is what you are asking for with your current friends - more equality. But, you are choosing people who want and need help and don´t feel they can give you help. Do you feel like you need to help them - are you attached to helping others - are you identified with helping others. Perhaps you need to separate out from that self-identity a bit or the Scorpio reserve - and be more independent - not need to engage so much. People who listen and help others can be co-dependent. This can cause the inequality as much as people not returning the same energy, taking but not giving.

We cannot change other people. Not really. The only power we have is to change ourselves. When we help - if we decide to help - we have to do without expectation or return, or we are miserable. I help people on forums every day without a return - for free - when I could be charging a lot of money. If I did it with an expectation of return, I´d feel resentful. So, I do it freely out of the desire to help with no expectation of return. That´s a service, then.

I´m listening to you, but if I´m honest, your messages to me feel demanding. If you are demanding attention, even if unintentionally, people feel less enthused about listening on demand. Listening is something that happens when we really want to. If it feels like a demand, it changes one´s willingness - it cuts off the free-flow of the exchange. If you are listening because you want to be listened to - then yeah - then you have an ulterior motive - a hidden demand or need or want.


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Jan 15, 2022 - 17:38
Natal Astrology: My friendships
Sun Sign - AriesJayJayAstrology » Saiya
Exactly what do you want to know?
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Jan 14, 2022 - 23:36
Natal Astrology: My friendships
Sun Sign - LeoLeonakrasi » Saiya
There is a minor aspect of the moon and Jupiter to Saturn, but it can still bring you a harmonious relationship in certain transits. Try not to be so suspicious and distrustful of people and this aspect will begin to work for you. Success in relationships with people with similar interests as yours. :1:
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Jan 14, 2022 - 18:35
Natal Astrology: My friendships
Sun Sign - TaurusRosincvist » Saiya
There will alvways be a feeling of unreality and illusion regarding friendship! :8:
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Dec 14, 2021 - 20:11
Sun Sign - AriesJayJayAstrology » Saiya
🙏 Good!
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Dec 14, 2021 - 10:58
Sun Sign - AriesJayJayAstrology » Saiya
Be patient, though. It takes time before you notice significant results. At first it is a struggle. The mind is powerful and wants to do whatever it wants. So, it really does take dedication. All I can say - is - I´m glad I stuck with it and I think you´ll be glad you did too. Eckahart Tolle´s CDs are good to listen to, if you want to try - Be Here Now and Silence Speaks.
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Dec 13, 2021 - 22:59
Sun Sign - AriesJayJayAstrology » Saiya
Well, your South Node is in Gemini, 5th - that is the root of it. And like you say - Mercury conjunct Uranus, Mars and Venus can also exacerbate this. Also Moon/Jupiter in Pisces expresses through Aquarius on house cusp. This doesn´t have to be a bad thing - because the Pisces can help you let go of thinking - just as Neptune conjunct NN is Sag -can help you let go of thinking.

Truly, the best practice for taming the mind is meditation. I´ve been a meditator my whole life. It takes quite a while before you notice a difference, but it does work. It is the only way I know of to calm the mind and have control over what one thinks.

The easiest meditation is to be present and aware when doing things. You can watch your thoughts go by - while you do something - but when your thoughts carry you away and you are no longer observing your thoughts or what you are doing - then you bring yourself back to observing thoughts and what you are doing. The concept is simple, but it isn´t easy to keep that focused for long. The good thing about this meditation is you can do it all day long - you don´t have to "sit" to meditate. You can do the dishes and watch your thoughts. You can watch your thoughts while taking a shower or brushing your teeth. You can watch your thoughts while standing in a line. All you do is watch - like you are watching a movie. You watch, and then when you are taken away by your thoughts - you catch yourself - and just start watching again. No judgements. If you can only watch for one minute - then be happy you could do it for a minute. Then work toward two minutes and then later, three minutes. Eventually you´ll be able to watch for an hour. We don´t try to stop the thoughts - just be aware of yourself watching them. Some people like to also pay attention to their breath - and then when they lose that awareness, they bring themselves back to watching the breath. You can also do this all day. Do dishes and watch yourself breathe. Watch TV and watch your breath at the same time.

It´s all about taming the mind and gaining control. Try it.
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