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Mar 28, 2021 - 10:40
Sun Sign - TaurusRosincvist » Peyk
Most folks have a reward system that works too well!
Buying :79: , no perscription can be good enough!
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Mar 28, 2021 - 03:09
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » Peyk
The Mutable Cross: Sagittarius/Gemini/Pisces/Virgo
This tends to be your video games, virtual reality, movies, meditation, visualization, television, news, informational products, the publishing industry, cinema, film, camera.

Addictions come in many forms here with sexual entertainment, pornography, drugs, alcohol, relationship addictions, sex addictions.

This is finding a positive habit in exchange of a negative habit. Most of us learn this in different forms.

There is even spiritual bypassing.

Usually, when we´re ready, we will let go of it.
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Mar 28, 2021 - 02:40
Sun Sign - AriesWolfmoon » Peyk
I don´t think you´d necessarily find the answers in your chart.

Video Games are designed to be addictive. They´re designed to to capture your attention and take your time.

The colors, sounds, characters, stories all of it are designed in such a way to have you hooked. It all happens subliminally.

My advice to your addiction. Remove it. Go cold turkey. Unplug. Remove it from your home. It has no value to you if you don´t want it to.

Time is priceless. You can´t buy more of it.
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Mar 26, 2021 - 14:04
Sun Sign - Virgota7ta7oon » Peyk
This is what beat my addiction because I am addicted to video games as well and I do play sometimes 😅
BUT since you are into astrology, focus more on that...that´s what I did I bought books on Traditional astrology (IMO traditional astrology is more interesting and fun than modern)
So if you like to learn (especially if you have an interest in astrology) buy some books on astrology {I can recommend you some} and start learning so you can interpret what the f%@# the heavens are saying 😁
Good luck
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