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Aug 12, 2020 - 01:02
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » Onechance
Pluto in the 2nd is always wild ride, but it has to do with you finding your true value and worth in yourself. Most likely you have will wipe out and get back up until you master the energy. But usually Pluto in the 2nd house can be about becoming an Entrepreneur, but the opposition with Saturn says basically follow the rules.
This is basically having ethics, morals, and values and not following the herd and thinking for yourself where money is concerned. Usually Saturn presents tests you must master in self before it gives you the responsibility of being an Authority in that area of Saturn in Gemini. Which is it is you breaks and says be cautious with your words, action, and the cause and effect of them and knowing the impact you have on those around you for better or worse it’s about doing what’s right versus becoming greedy, powerful, and dominate others. Saturn will always remind you of this when you do not master the lessons, but usually the universe will give you plenty of chances to get it right.
Saturn usually wants you to have the education, training, tools, methods, techniques, the legalities covered of your work and not allowing it to be built without a strong foundation. Although it deals with Gemini/Sagittarius. This can be related to education, politics, philosophy, traveling place to place, and nomadic in a sense. You would have to figure out how that all fits in with your life path. It can have to do with social media, publishing, graphic arts, creating apps, gaming, websites, hard to say how you use it yourself.
Which 6th house is Mars in Pisces again so this can be use of camera’s, film, photography, cinema, different art mediums, music, art therapy, music therapy, it’s kind of experimentation since Pisces is pretty much art mediums and music, but with Gemini you possibly may even be able to tap into screen writing, poetry, or novel writing.
10th house is Leo. Which is all about theatrical, drama, story-telling, creativity, and artistic as well. It’s another one you explore in creativity and it’s really limitless.
In 3rd house with the Capricorn it shows you have management skills, structure, planning, and organization to get what ever you do done in the communications house. This is an earth element so it grounds whatever you are doing.
Seems if you were going to meet a partner it would be during short travels or someone near you at work or neighborhood since you have Venus in Capricorn. Moon in 8th house is probably when you get older since it is above in the chart or an older woman then you. Since it’s in the 8th house of shared resources I would imagine again it maybe someone who has the same work or something similar.
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Aug 12, 2020 - 00:40
Sun Sign - CapricornGhost00 » Onechance
You asked about my earlier post....I read your natal chart but also cast and read your 2021 and 2022 sid directions. Regarding money, wealth, marriage, and the other new questions inbox 📩😀 Nice comments from goldenlion. :1:
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Aug 12, 2020 - 00:27
Sun Sign - Piscesfishscales » Onechance
Sounds like my D9 chart... Except Pluto and Saturn are conjunct...and the sun gets in on it too...
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Aug 12, 2020 - 00:23
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » Onechance
Mars Square Pluto usually means you might lose your temper easily at times. Although it might be more passive aggressive with Mars in Pisces. Can also mean perhaps you war with yourself sometimes with thoughts, emotions, and feelings and keep ins inside away from others with Mars in Pisces an internalize it and introverted manner. Probably you need to take more actions in certain ways instead of allowing others to dominate you at times.

Mars in Pisces is kind of funny thing. You can bring your anger out in the open, but then sometimes keep it to yourself. You never know with Pisces because it is the anger you do not always see coming at you because it’s kind of Neptune flavored. You might leave people guessing sometimes what is going on and other times be quite open about it.

Saturn Square Mars if I remember right can kind of feel depressive or you might have felt restricted by masculine father figures and maybe perhaps get into disputes with them. Kind of the urge to take action, but sometimes limited by rules, regulations, laws, policies, or procedures of the Masculine and Feminine with the Moon because it’s mother figures.

Maybe feeling stuck with thoughts and emotions at times. Self-limiting beliefs based on what they’ve conditioned you to believe you can and can’t do. Maybe restricting your Mars energy to play sports, be creative, and might not always agree with your authenticity of being an artist or creativity. Although, I know some Pisces don’t use that artistic ability or talent because they get all stuck in the Capricorn Venus, Sun, Mercury and father might not have approved of what you desire to do in life.

Seems Saturn in Gemini and Moon in Gemini would be emotionally objective, yet still there’s self-limiting beliefs, restrictions you place on yourself. Since it is ruled by Mercury perhaps the use of technical skills, drawing, writing, or some form of verbiage with communications, yet you have to break the rules sometimes you place on yourself about how communications should be applied. There’s intelligence certainly. Perhaps you have mechanical skills along with technical. Coding and programming maybe with Uranus in Aquarius.

Saturn Opposition Pluto is another one where it is kind of you restrict yourself or you feel others restrict you. And Pluto kind of breaks it down for you saying you have to get past the victim hood or feeling your oppressed by others. Saturn is about structure, organization, planning, and schedules and Pluto is about breaking down what doesn’t serve your highest good. So it’s kind of finding a balance it what works best for you in succeeding in life and breaking down the in your life what you feel isn’t serving your highest good.

So this might be if you have a roommate in college for example who is a total hoarder, sleeps all day, parties all night, it might bug the crap out of you, and you might have a professor who wants your projects in on time on schedule. And so you have to decide whether you should kick your partner out, so you can get your stuff done, work with them to get some organization in their life and give them a warning.

And usually Pluto will just come in and decide enough is enough and make the choice for you by school giving you and your roommate a warning because the parties all night. So then you’re forced to make the choice or your both kicked out.
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Aug 11, 2020 - 22:51
Sun Sign - CapricornGhost00 » Onechance
I would say it´s related to your earlier days. The chart is much different for this year and next. Very few problems ahead, mostly smooth sailing! Probably find joy being up all night, spending time with friends. Sports, music, dancing all indicated for next few years. Also entering an artwork or craft phase and keen interest in astrology in 1-2 years so if you haven´t yet developed your art it could be very exciting time :75:
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Aug 7, 2020 - 20:17
Sun Sign - ScorpioPromethean_Soul » Onechance
Hello onechance. Fixed stars is my most favourite subject in astrology and i long time have been studying on it. You can find out which fixed stars has conjunction with Longtitute by yourself. İn this website click fixed stars , choose all stars and Longtitute and choose year in which you were born. Then you can see Longtitute degrees your planets conjunction with your fixed stars. My research is now going on and my some conclusion is that declination degrees can be more powerful than Longtitute conjunction. Look at your chart each planet positions and their declination degrees and again in this website look at fixed stars but at this time search with declination degrees of each fixed stars. İf your planets declination is near fixed stars declination than they are parallel each other. For example spica´s declination is -11 degree and if you have any planet which has close degrees -11 then they are parallel and it has conjunction effects. For example your planet can be -10:30 or -11:30 , it conjuncts with spica.
Another problem with fixed stars their meanings. In this subject the most renown astrologers Ptolemy , Vivian Robson and Bernadette Brady , but i am not sure what they wrote about fixed stars true or not. I read how Vivian Robson commented about fixed stars I was very surprised. His comments are fierce but how he got such conclusions and he had no such technology like now. I always question such information. We need to check their comments about fixed stars. Bernadette Brady also has book about fixed stars but she uses Egyptian system Parans. I don´t want to explain about that because it is little bit complicated.
İ didn´t read book of someone , her name is Diana Rosenberg and her book about fixed stars. Unfortunately I could not get her book but Robert Hand has very positive thoughts about her book and very good astrologer Alexander Imsiragic has many common thoughts with her , so if you have possibilities i advise you to buy her book.
The strange thing with fixed stars they have not same effects with some people. I see in many people´s chart many fixed stars but they have no strong affects in their life , then why? That is very hard question to answer. İ hope i can find any answer that.
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Aug 7, 2020 - 19:19
Sun Sign - Taurusdani_mae1 » Onechance
Oh that’s a neat fixed star calculator.

Which website did you use?

I have Antares conjunct Jupiter and Uranus, and I agree that most fixed star interpretations are as you described.

There’s one star that is conjunct one of my planets (forget the name and the planet right now) that can manifest in a beheading!!! AH!!!!
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Aug 7, 2020 - 19:14
Sun Sign - TaurusIIyyaarr13 » Onechance
Do you feel a connection with any of these :78:es? :25:
There was an episode of the Original Star Trek where "The Enterprise" encountered a dark star, the assortment of different stars must have some effect!
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Aug 7, 2020 - 17:32
Natal Astrology: Help with my natal chart
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » Onechance
yes, use your creativity and intelligence for income generating ideas. taking risks in making money could prove profitable but comes with hard work as the 2nd lord placement implies. your partner could have these qualities as well. but pluto in the 2nd, watch for all of nothing attitude in generating income or seeking short cuts.

i tend to ignore fixed stars as the interpretations are never productive and the texts old and outdated.
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Aug 7, 2020 - 17:04
Natal Astrology: Help with my natal chart
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » Onechance
issues of death and mortality will occupy your mind but your chart shows a fairly long life, usually works out that way, ironically. your mind will become more concrete like forged steel with time having moon with saturn in the 8th. this position may also make you prone to arthritis, at least later in life, vit d and stay alkaline.

you want to marry for purpose of love and romance but be vigilant of the men you let in your life having a t square of mars-sat-pluto. beware of power struggles.

income can be had by pursuing something creative, so creative hobbies could lead it. career may go through transformation but ultimately lead to better things for you.

north node position shows you should go towards developing strong morals and faith in the higher minded things. jupiter position shows your luck will increase after 24 but dont be superstitious by tieing your beliefs to your luck.
neptune on the ic may be a casual factor of the epilepsy. im no expert on medical astrology though so ill leave it at that. stay away from phlegm forming foods, get exercise to move the lymph system and other activities that calm and focus the mind.
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Aug 7, 2020 - 16:33
Natal Astrology: Help with my natal chart
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » Onechance
tragedy breeds comedy

whats your main concern?
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Aug 4, 2020 - 18:10
Sun Sign - TaurusIIyyaarr13 » Onechance
You also have :155: :193: :156: & :159: :193: :152:/ :157:; So there is more than just affliction!
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Aug 4, 2020 - 10:14
Sun Sign - TaurusIIyyaarr13 » Onechance
That is such a nice double biquintile that I have to move the Mid-heaven Apex to 56 arcminutes :175: to make it go away!
:157: & :153: are in mutual reception which is good for the rational mind!
Rahu is in it´s rulership of :173:.
Jupiter is exalted in :174:.
Night chart accentuates the inferior planets!
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