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Mar 18, 2022 - 07:19
Sun Sign - TaurusLiberty&Unity » maramara
I´m not sure how well you´re at it or not but I can say it is a STRUGGLE trying to make sense out of some of this but taking an actually course has helped guide me at least. :63:

some struggles, but gets there although, is lacking patients> Impatience must be a link with Mars I would think

some struggles, but gets there although, is lacking patients + Also in traditional rulership, Jupiter is..
none of this at the moment. I really don´t know how to interpret this with what I know> That´s great! Just finished up some therapy myself last month. If you like the sign = houses like myself, Pisces=12th house therefore could indicate 12th house places like hospitals. Also Jupiter in the 6th house of health and called The Joy of Mars. Add on the trine to the 10th house Cancer would give...a type of hospital(Pisces) that assist/train(Jupiter) in mobility(Jupiter also rules 3rd) as a service to improve physical and mental health for for none competitive reasons(Jupiter in 6th in Pisces) through harmonious relationships(trine) in a place of care and comfort(Cancer). That probably still doesn´t make sense the way I wrote that...it´s 2am here so sorry.

Also in traditional rulership, Jupiter is..
none of this at the moment. I really don´t know how to interpret this with what I know> That´s a great question. Gonna think about it but I wonder if the transits have had this person utilizing 9th house to get some answers maybe?

Right on point with that car accident example. Nothing like that happened, but due to the medical condition, this person lost an eye.> That´s interesting. Sorry to hear that. I wonder if it was the right eye? I think Sun is right eye and moon is left.

hmm this is an interesting note. I think it is more like, this person is trying to help everyone so through that help sometimes something comes back and sometimes it doesn´t> now I´m like hmmm....may have more thoughts on that. Making a note for myself. I have one exchange and trying to understand it and that´s pretty relevant actually! great observation!
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Mar 18, 2022 - 01:24
Sun Sign - TaurusRosincvist » maramara
:96:Unaspected planets, and there are fewer than most expect, mean a roller-coaster life, why draw Astrology students into a "hate-on this person"......?........?.........?
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Mar 18, 2022 - 00:32
Sun Sign - TaurusLiberty&Unity » maramara
Well... at first glance there´s some not so obvious yet workable traits in the chart. The chart ruler Venus is in the 12th in fall(though alot of people like this placement in spite of Venus in fall). It seems that fall planets can actually work out pretty well if given a beneficial use but that´s my novice thoughts as of today. With that said looking at the lord of Venus, which is Mercury, and seeing how it is doing. It´s hard to tell but if it is in Libra then that´s a useful trait because it´s an exchange between Mercury and Venus and with Sun in fall but in the 1st; my initial thought is how attractive and charismatic this person may be? Though that could be a good thing or used for bad.

Then using traditional rulership, you have the moon in Aquarius and Saturn in Cancer which is another exchange. It´s a day chart and Saturn in the 10th is a more productive and ruling the 4th and 5th which makes we wonder if: 1) This person would have no problem doing what it takes, put in the work, hustle and grind to create the lifestyle they want to live and/or portray? 2) Is there some sort of blending of comfort and pleasure with that lifestyle, career and reputation? Something very physical like hospitality, hotels or having events or more of an adjective like the person has enjoyment and pleasure in the work they do. With Saturn overcoming the 1st house I could see how maybe that´s making the person once again very constructive on using their gifts, talents and flair to get what they want but also giving a slight relatable persona in some ways. Like an influencer or a reality star.

Also in traditional rulership, Jupiter is in it´s own sign of Pisces, and ruler of the part of fortune, which is the greater benefic and is looking at that Saturn in the 10th. Once again I wouldn´t be surprised if this person would use some sort of social media or online or video platform on a regular basis but I could also be way off...Pisces is a lot of different things. Could be more spiritual or even using foreign concepts and realities. Mainly how Jupiter is adding some abstract benefit to that 10th whole house sign practically to help in a material way.

The harsh thing I see off hand is the Mars in Libra in the first. That could definitely be causing some issues. Potential strains with 2nd and 7th house areas. Struggle with relationships or the relationships causing the person to get in trouble or alienated from the family, community or traditions they were born into? Also what comes to mine is a person going too far with cosmetics or cosmetic surgery. So a person who is their own worse critic thinking that they have to look and appear ideal to a point of debilitating. Or for example an attractive person I personally knew who flew through a window due to a car accident and their face was scarred up; something like that where there could be an accident to the appearance. Or...not knowing a lick about this person, how they could be known or show "private areas"? That can come in various forms. But hopefully Saturn is mitgating it. I would have to look at the degrees and other points. PLUS....I HAVE A LOT OF LEARNING TO SITLL DO. :24:

I wonder with the exchanges that there´s some "less clear" or "obvious" way that things are working together given that lack of aspect as you mentioned. For example, a celebrity doing well and seen as a great "business person" when it´s really the people who are utilizing that celebrity´s talents or gifts and makes most of the decisions for them concern business dealings.
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Sep 21, 2021 - 00:50
Transit Astrology: Redundant position
Sun Sign - TaurusRosincvist » maramara
Only :153: is in detriment in :179:, nothing is ever in fall there!
I use English Equal-house so I would time all these Mid-heaven positions differently! Maybe go to South Africa, the head of my family called my father who was an Electro-Mechanical draughtsman an "Electric :300:" so you would be leaving the greater quotient of hate by going to another hemisphere!
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Sep 19, 2021 - 05:42
Transit Astrology: Redundant position
Sun Sign - Tauruss81 » maramara
Jupiter rules your 6th house (Neptune being the co-ruler), and it´s the co-ruler of your 10th house (Neptune being the ruler).

The retrograding Jupiter now reentered your 8th house, and you got this "redundant" adjective for your role from your employer. It will be direct again in about a month, and by the beginning of December it will reenter your 9th house (where Neptune currently is) which might signal foreign countries as a source of jobs.

In any case, there are many things going on in the chart, Neptune is next to your MC and near your South Node, Uranus is retrograding to finish the opposition to your natal Uranus and at the same time applying a conjunction to your natal Chiron, and long etc. If you can, take some time to study all of that and understand how it is expressing in your life.
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Nov 10, 2020 - 20:04
Synastry & Relationship: Marriage or steady relationship
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » maramara
Hey Serbia! I love Serbia :)

Still learning astrology myself so take this with a grain of salt but I would say With transit sun in the 5th and venus in the 4th it makes sense that romance and relationships seems to be your focus right now.

You have Transit Saturn in the 7th which, as you say, allowed you to feel like you have learned your lesson as Saturn is often the planet of learning lessons, sometimes hard, and when in the 7th, those lessons are in regard to close relationships including romance.

Jupiter, also currently in 7th actually could lead to something nice down the road....

...Perhaps sometime in late January could be a good time to meet someone special which could lead to long-term potential if you have really learned lessons from this current Saturn 7th house transit. With Pluto also being in the 7th at this time it could be quite a profound interaction/relationship.

Belgrade, especially during normal times at least, is a great city to meet new people and for something long term. If you look in the right places, really meaningful and lasting in my opinion. I have met some very important people to my life in this city, not always easy but transformative.

Good luck.
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Nov 5, 2020 - 08:21
Sun Sign - GeminiAtvars Anins » maramara
at your age you should quite adequate evaluate your abilites. Have you already somthing writen ar have you time to learn and write ;)

1. Previous good career period was 2016july- 2017. february. next one from same metodology will be 2025. december + 11 month.

2. you brings your plans for long time.

3. Opens only to your close people. Tends to idialize. The artist. Ready to sacrifice in the name of love. Professional call to sacrifice. Usually social care, psychology, hospitals, photographers, banks and stock exchanges, sailors, astrologers

Organizer, boss, army commander, athlete. Machine tools, weapons martial arts. their inner anxiety is reflected independently at work and throughout life. to let off steam is sometimes recommended to go for a walk. no conveyor belt people - do not like monotony, like risk. women learn men´s professions and do well (sports, administrators, police).

4. Your nakshatra is 7. Purvanasu- excelt for sales/marketing. Symbol of nakshatra is Bow- it means posibility to shoot your idea in right place/auditory. By the way bow shoots far and precisely if only it is tensed and aimed.

5. Gemini/Mithuna lagna/ascendent
translates from Sanskrit to mean to make love, and the symbol of this sign is a couple who would be willing to do the same …… .. unless the gemini is ruled by Mercury (Buddha), which symbolizes an immature teen / eunuch. So instead of just taking and doing (in any field) they prefere to talk and philosophize. Tend to relationship, communicative, likes discussions.

Gemini is the first human sign. The person is standing on 2 legs and is much more unstable than a four-legged one (aries , taurus). There is no strength and stability, constant choice and uncertainty. If such a person has to make a choice, he will simply suffer. Different wishes. Frequent changes, likes to travel, pretty much unfinished work.

According to the Vedic legend, Mercury was born illegal, and similar tendencies may be associated with people in the Twin Lagoon. However, Mercury was a nice child and talk about his rough origin quickly fell silent, even though Mercury did not make friends with his stepfather. There are unclear questions with the father.

Mercury is a planet that points to a talanted person (artists, businessmen). Mercury is responsible for human intelligence. Intelligence is the information that consciousness transmits to us. In turn, the gemini consciousness has sex outside the home, which can also be tantra above the level. Instead of assessing reality, mystical, esoteric rather than exact knowledge is preferred.

The task of the gemini is to set up a family. Often such a person has a close relationship with the mother or the person is simply trying to establish one. The birth of children can make family life worse. It is better if children to be born later. You will enjoy it better with friends than with children. The gemini women, if they are lucky, will be able to find a good partner who will also be the Teacher / role model, but the gemini men already know the "" destiny ", because women in the Vedic tradition are not the Teacher.

More than others, they tend to make mistakes in their actions. There can be a rapid change for the worse. Finding out / explaining / finding can be prefered than doing something practical. like to explore everything. However, there tend to be problems with competence. The gemini lagna should not be involved in the real estate business, although this area could be particularly strong. If a person can choose to work or not then it would even be advisable not to work, take care of your house/family and peace. While there is interest in the work all is quite ok - after some time all will stay unintresting, Can be forgetful / distracted You need to work neatly and patiently and be very focused on what you are doing. Rapid changes in work (more often unfavorable).

Bill Gates has this lagna and also got tired of business some time ago and donated some money to vaccines to fight the consequences (not reasons). The material well-being of the gemini is very volatile and you need money to have a nest. Taking loan can gring a problems. Income abroad could be better, or earn from foreigners. The gemini strength is making contacts (communications and customer service specialists) - but unlike the taurus lagna, it won´t bring money - but friends and acquaintances will just help from time to time. friends may ask you to lend money, but you certainly shouldn´t.

For a gemini lagna, success can come through heavy losses, or success is such rough that in the end the question remains whether it was success at all? "Pirr victory" - King Pirr said another victory after the victory and I will no longer have troops.
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Nov 2, 2020 - 11:52
Synastry & Relationship: Marriage or steady relationship
Sun Sign - CancerAlsaceTX » maramara
Hello fellow native. You must have some unpredictable, deep and wild relationships with Venus conjunct Uranus in Scorpio in the 5th. You also have the Sun and Mercury in conjunction, which keeps your mind racing. With your descendant in Capricorn I know you want to marry, for many reasons. However, you are asking the wrong question as to will you ever get married. Love yourself, get to know who you truly are. Only then will you be able to truly be a partner to someone.
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Nov 1, 2020 - 21:45
Sun Sign - CancerFrances93 » maramara
Hi Maramara,

I´m new to this forum and to delineations overall but thought I could offer some of my ideas to your post.

Firstly, I want to make clear that I use some techniques such as traditional rulers for signs, whole sign system, Egyptian terms as well as the lots of fortune and spirit.

From what I see in your chart there is a very strong sense of creativity with three planets in your 5th house. Plus your ASC in Cancer conjunct a domicile moon means that your sense of imagination and people is quite strong since the AC and its ruler describe you as a person. In fact, prior to associating writing with mercury, the writing was associated with the moon; regardless, your moon also makes an applying sextile to mercury in the 4th house. So in addition to this, your MC (Pisces) is in the 9th house, which is the house of publishing amongst other things and its ruler, Jupiter is in the 2nd house, which supports making some kind of income/resources/assets from higher learning (not exclusive to the academy), philosophy, law, foreign places and as I have mentioned before publishing. Jupiter also rules your 6th house, so in addition to these 9th house topics, it also suggests that money can be earned through 6th house topics such as pets, daily routines, health/illness, and people of "lower rank" than you.

Furthermore, your 10th house which is also a similar career indication like your MC is in Aries and its ruler is Mars in Scorpio in the 5th house. So firstly, your career will be fundamentally about your independence and you want to have the freedom to do what you are passionate about. With Mars in the 5th it´s again tied to the creativity of the 5th house but also other things such as children and pleasure and its there with Venus and Uranus.

I´m leaving out tons of things but basically yes, you could be a writer if that is what you chose to do or it is what your circumstances can allow. If you do pursue that I can see that because this 5th house is in Scorpio and is ruled by Mars is that any of your subject matter would probably not be surface level, it would require perhaps research or rather that the subject matter that has depth or seeks to uncover. With Venus (Ruler of 11th and 4th house) also in the 5th it could be like a murder mystery about a group of girls from a social group or something like that. Because of your AC, Moon and its aspect to mercury, it could also be about a subject matter relating to roots, particularly regarding women and womanhood, something that is hidden about a family/heritage perhaps that is triggered by relations to a social group or gathering. You could also explore some obscure mythology or historical/philosophical references in your work

I´ve not really read fiction in a while so excuse my lackluster recommendations but I´m thinking of something like a Nancy Drew or even Knives Out (the movie).

I´m sorry for rambling but though this could be helpful
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Nov 1, 2020 - 10:49
Sun Sign - Libraleorising » maramara
for ascending cancer, gemini at 12 th brings a hidden talent for writing :68:
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Nov 1, 2020 - 09:09
Sun Sign - CancerTrevor77 » maramara

Dominant Mercury, which you have, its essential for being good writer

and just checked your future success too! 2 yes´s

seems you found your career congrats! :37:
But still work hard at it :97:

With Genre you have :154: :191: :199: can show a love for Fiction, especially Sci-fi :32:, also includes Sorcery and Fantasy stuff, Venus in Scorpio loves murder mystery too.

Jupiter in 1st house can bring popularity, and 3 planets in 5th house is very creative.

If you Look at Jk Rowlings chart, She has dominant mercury in virgo :153: :176: same as you..
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Nov 1, 2020 - 05:53
Sun Sign - TaurusIIyyaarr13 » maramara
: :124: You have talents, however skill needs to be developed!
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