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Apr 1, 2021 - 05:16
Natal Astrology: Mars and venus aspects.
Sun Sign - LeoLukeradle » LightWarrior99
Oh this is one I relate to very much lol. So mars venus squares (in my experience/observation) has to do with finding a balance between what you need vs what you want. I know that sounds very vague and simple but I´ll give an example.

In my chart, I have gemini mars, virgo venus square. It´s been my experience from both myself and others´ testimony that individuals with a gemini mars are somewhat flighty/flaky in romance. They have a bit of a push/pull dynamic. One moment I have a crush on someone, the next, I do not. Combine that with my virgo venus, a placement that tends to be picky in and of itself with relationships. Virgo venus wants to find someone who is practical and stable; grounded as earth is. With my mars-venus square, there is an inner struggle with wanting that stability, while juggling that impulsive side.

(Again, I know this is a very specific and personal example, but its the only one I have. I hope if anyone else has a more objective response, that they share it :))
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Dec 31, 2020 - 19:25
Sun Sign - TaurusIIyyaarr13 » LightWarrior99
I have the antithetical planet ` :199:´ conjunct and parallel Regulus, Regulus crossing into :176: was a major event like the age of Pisces or the age of Aquarius!
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Dec 30, 2020 - 19:48
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » LightWarrior99
"Sun conjunct Regulus: Power, authority, great influence over friends, honor and riches, but violence, trouble and ultimate disgrace and ruin, sickness, fevers, benefits seldom last. [1]" https://astrologyking.com/regulus-s…
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Dec 18, 2020 - 23:28
Sun Sign - TaurusIIyyaarr13 » LightWarrior99
My 21st Century Ephemeris was stolen so I look things up at the Astrology Mega-Sites! It is always good to make comparison so as to know their strengths and limits!
I do not believe MC :193: Ascendant happens frequently so I err on the side of English Equal-house. Full-blooded all-American Astrologers believe in Placidus, which has it´s charm!
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