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Oct 23, 2019 - 02:33
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » LiaTs
"Wow Davis212, thank you so much for this information so far, this is definitely very helpful and much appreciated!

Always my pleasure, :-)).

"I think it is spot on what you said and I can totally relate to these interpretations (I already get some idea of what I should look iut for in my tendencies)."

Great, :15:

"It is good to know you would not sugar-coat it when you see some harsh aspects, cause after all, this is the point when someone wants to learn about themselves :4:

Of course, :4: :1: I am Aries Ascendant; I never sugar-coat, :3:

"And lol, so glad my chart is good for something, be it research purposes, hehehe, thanks for saying that :)))"

You are most welcome, and yes; I want to explore that 12th house of yours, haha.

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Oct 22, 2019 - 23:47
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » LiaTs
I really feel drawn to your chart for research purposes, :-))). But I don´t have a lot of time to reply now (but I will tomorrow)..

But to touch just one subject very quickly; yes, Pluto is conjunct Venus if we take an 8 degree 40 minutes "Orb" (how far from a perfect aspect are the planets separated). Even up to 10 degrees of separation could be considered as a conjunction, particularly when the "personal planets" (Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mercury) are involved.

But not only is Pluto (intensity, obsession, etc) making an aspect to your Venus, as Neptune and the Moon also are ( a sextile from Neptune, and a trine from the Moon).

Your Neptune is forming a very tight conjunction with your Ascendant. Neptune is the planet of "higher love"; that love that can feel "Romeo and Juliet" like - especially as he is sextile Venus. Neptune is also about illusions and "projecting" our own ideals on others. Neptune can make us blind to the reality of another. We see them through the "filter" of "romantic idealization".

Neptune is also the Planet of compassion as he rules the sign of Pisces. With Neptune counjunct our Ascendant (which immediately means that he is opposite the Descendant - relationships), one could have the tendency to "try to save" those who are having all kinds of trouble in life; alcohol, different addictions, emotional problems, etc.

That Neptune is sextile Venus (love) - which is in turn conjunct Pluto - and is trine the Moon (taking care of others, nurturing others); and that Moon is the ruler of your Cancer 7th house of relationships. So you want to "nurture" and "take care of" your partner. But Neptune conjunct your Ascendant make you blind to the reality because your are seeing others through rose-colored glasses.

I´ll discuss the possible solutions to that, and the others parts/themes of your post tomorrow night.
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