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May 9, 2022 - 07:40
Sun Sign - AquariusRamKrishn108 » hecticlife654
More details would help in understanding. Because you only said about two house placements. There are lot of other factors to see like present dasha-bhukti
Kroora-Soumya-Shubha graha aspects and strength in chart and in transit etc.

Hope you got my point.
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Mar 16, 2022 - 14:53
Sun Sign - CancerZeinaZ » hecticlife654

When I began to learn astrology, more things made sense regarding patterns that stood out and repeated in my life, which can manifest in positive or negative ways. The more healthy the expression of the energies are, the more the patterns seem meaningful, even if challenging. It´s a helpful tool to embracing our purpose.

This is just my two cents. I´m going to mention the chart overall:

You have a supportive conjunction of the Sun and Moon in Virgo, in which your purpose as an individual and relatedness to the world don´t conflict with each other. It helps with your direction, and
it´s in the focused grounded sign of Virgo in the 11th, which is expressed mostly in group settings of a compatible nature.

This conjunction squares Sagittarius Uranus (which also rules the 11th house) in the 2nd house. This may indicate several things from the need to be free from any limitations regarding the body, self worth, values, what you enjoy as beautiful and comfortable. You probably also tend to like new ideas and strive towards some ideals that are important to you. This may bring experiences that are unstable to help pursue what you find valuable. Also, you might seem a bit impersonal and objective, which is helpful in understanding things better, though too much may affect your relationships negatively.

This is an important point in your chart because it´s expanded in energy, and Jupiter is in the same sign as Uranus in its own sign. This is strengthened in where you´re heading towards because the Sun and Moon also square your North node of Gemini in the 8th. This may indicate you need to be more adaptable to things that is especially shared with others. Gemini is more adaptable sign than Virgo, which tends to be a bit perfectionist on the unhealthy side.

If we add Chiron to the North node, opposite Uranus and Jupiter, this is an important healing point for you in your life. This also may indicate you have an ability to understand others because it´s in the 8th, and interest in the occult like astrology. If you use this ability healthily, it´ll help you on your journey of healing.

Your Asc. , how you appear and what you express of yourself, has two planets that are quite involved in growth and maturity, death and renewal in the first house. You have a strong ability to handle change due to Pluto, and you may seem intense and a very deep person. Saturn is experienced maturity over time, so this ability of growth and structure would happen through your experiences. Again, there´s a need to be adaptable with Pluto and not be too restricted about your structure, even though you need one for Saturn is in Pluto´s sign and Pluto rules the 8th house too. Though, Saturn works well in Libra, which is on the cusp. Balance is needed here.

Sagittarius Neptune in the 3rd is affected by Jupiter energy and Mercury in it´s own sign Virgo in the 12th. Neptune is also opposite the North node, sextile Asc. And square Leo Venus on the cusp of the 10th and 11th. Venus also rules the Asc. So, this is another important point in your chart.

Venus retrograde, ruled by the Sun. means you express this energy more internally. You have a set of values that are indirectly expressed in your work and interaction with others, which give you a foundation of who you are, though affected by Neptune they may be idealistic, which may feed again into the perfectionist unhealthy expression of Virgo.

Mercury retrograde in the 12th gives you an ability to understand mystical things, transcendent things, and a good imagination that could be grounded by the Virgo energy and objectivity of Libra.

Mars Leo in the 10th is an enthusiastic drive and will to work on what you put your effort into. It´s not aspected much, so that drive into work might develop over time or latent, and you need to work on things to be put into practice.

A Cancer MC, squaring Pluto also indicates an intuitive ability to put in your work, though you might be a bit hesitant, and might like working from a secure place, your home maybe due to that Capricorn IC.

Overall, you have a strength to understand things on an intuitive level and the support of your values to go through with what you want in life, though being adaptable within the healthy boundaries of what best for your well being would help you overcome whatever challenges you´ll face.
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