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May 6, 2021 - 19:54
General Astrology: The Cosmos and The Earth
Sun Sign - Leotomdos » fomal
"As above so below" - The quote is out of context, as usual when used to somehow superficially justify or promote astrology.

In fact it is "As above so below AND as below, so above." (and even this quote is out of conetxt of the whole Tabula smaragdina text).

It formulates a metaphysical, spiritual principle. Unavoidable, inescapable law of creation. It has little to do with skies, cosmos, physical heaven above us. And if so, then only in very partial, flat, incomplete manner. So: relating our Earthly events with cosmos is rather misleading. The verticality at hand is ontological, metaphysical, NOT physical.

Also, the current state of mankind and Earth is not a result of disobeying the law and somehow "living outside of it" as someone said, because it is simply impossible. Current state of maniknd is the very result of our (mostly unconscious) practice of the law. The fact that we do not understand "how" or "why" only shows how very lost and ignorant we are with all our science and progress, which are fully at the cost of our spiritual self.

I understand what you feel, though. It is a very good start to abiding the law consciously (!). The resonation and appeal of the Cosmos that you feel should not be projected to the world, though. It is a call to your inner spiritual journey. That is where Above and Below truly meet. Not the outside.

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May 5, 2021 - 21:07
General Astrology: The Cosmos and The Earth
Sun Sign - Taurusnutelina » fomal
Maybe the earth is hollow?
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May 5, 2021 - 13:42
General Astrology: The Cosmos and The Earth
Sun Sign - AriesJayJayAstrology » fomal
I think fishscales is correct, but I don´t want to dismiss your concerns. Your question is a social one. As above, so Below is a metaphysical statement.

Our social world is a mess, and you are right to be concerned. There are too many people on the planet and too many people not living very consciously or spiritually. I think the earth will most likely recover from our destructive living style - but there is hope that we will become better human beings. Sometimes we can see the light better in darkness - and I´m hoping this is the case. It feels dark right now - but - at least it´s all out in the open. I think better times are in front of us. We can all help by living with high values and maintaining loving energy in our bodies and interactions.
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Apr 26, 2021 - 02:25
General Astrology: The Cosmos and The Earth
Sun Sign - TaurusRosincvist » fomal
A respected scientist says that the galaxy is mostly a post-nuclear graveyard! :125::124: :125: :127: :125: :131: :125: :132: :125: :133: :125: :134: :125:
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Apr 26, 2021 - 00:07
General Astrology: The Cosmos and The Earth
Sun Sign - AquariusLeo Moon » fomal
I thought about Your question all day. I had come up with multiple responses.

Then I looked at the sky. I think all is right with the Earth.

With all the challenges and hardships, it’s a beautiful place we all live.

I appreciate Your post Fomal. It gave my mind something to chew on today.
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Apr 25, 2021 - 12:39
General Astrology: The Cosmos and The Earth
Sun Sign - Piscesfishscales » fomal
I think the axiom "as above, so below" is more about how the processes of the physical world mirror the processes of the "higher worlds." (There are many levels to existence: see the Kaballah.)

Right now, in the physical world, we are willfully breaking the laws of nature and spirit. However, those laws still remain intact and in effect, regardless of whether we try to circumvent them in the name of "progress", etc.

There is a price for breaking the law. Humanity has become arrogant, believing it can do God´s work better than God can. We will eventually be eliminated because of this: not by an angry, vengeful God, but by our own actions.

If you cannot live within a system of laws, you get pushed out, just like a foreign object gets pushed out of the body.

So basically, the axiom "as above, so below" is still valid, and always will be. Humanity has free will, and it so happens that we have chosen to live outside of the law.

Eventually, things will be brought back into balance, because they must be.
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Jan 26, 2021 - 09:28
General Astrology: Outer Planets and you?
Sun Sign - TaurusIIyyaarr13 » fomal
A few folks here are quite satisfied with ` :157:´ as the only outer planet!
Twenty-two is more likely to be a number to celebrate!
J. R. R. Tolkien had :159: :191: :160: so close that they were the "bucket handle" for a shape chart, he waited till he was `old´ to complete the most famous trilogy! It had been waiting to be written for decades, reactionaries grumbled and grunted at the idea of an Academe turned to serious art!
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Oct 7, 2020 - 12:49
Sun Sign - ScorpioAngelina » fomal
I have Jupiter in Aries. I start everything with great enthusiasm, I want action all the time, I feel inner tension when others around me don´t act so enthusiastically as I do.
But in some cases, when my idea has to be implemented, I get bored with long process... And I can really get headache when I am bored and doing nothing. And this headache goes into teeth aches as well.
Then I have to start something new in order to feel better again. But it doesn´t have to be some special work. It can be something like just planning an event, searching info on the internet about smth, making dinner and so on:)
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Oct 7, 2020 - 11:19
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » fomal
I usually have Migraines every month with Aries in Chiron square Mercury and opposition Virgo Pluto. Since it deals with Mercury and Uranus in my chart just seems to be relevant. But, I don´t have them as bad as those with a lot of Aries. I know some are in bed all the time and can´t function.
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Oct 6, 2020 - 21:20
Sun Sign - AriesJayJayAstrology » fomal
It also could be that Saturn in Aries could slow the impulsivity - but again, you have to look at all the influences and see how Saturn is functioning in Aries. I have Aries in the 8th house, and I have to say that I´m not very much like the impulsive Aries types. My Saturn is in the 1st house conjunct Ketu - and I´m very much physically plodding - slow. I tend to sit rather than be active. My Aries planets are in a very inward house and this is where all that Aries goes - inward exploration in a pioneering way. Just because someone has a lot of Aries planets, it doesn´t always mean they are impulsive and immature. I´m very much concerned with others. But the 2nd house is very concerned with the individual - one´s security, self-worth, etc. I´m not looking at your chart right now - maybe I´ll go do that. There may be another reason for impulsivity and haste.

OHHHH - well, you have Mercury and Mars in the 3rd house and Moon in Gemini! Your Mars rules your 2nd house planets and in the 3rd house it is an outward house and a very busy house. You think fast, I bet. Looks like you have Uranus trine Mars and Mercury - which would make you even more electric - fast. Moon in Gemini is generally also speedy - even maybe a bit obsessive. I would posit to you that it is more likely that these planets make you more impulsive than the Aries planets. Anyway, something to think about. And all those planets in that first quadrant, really does speak of your need to develop yourself and the focus ought to be there - and is where the North Node is (Rahu). It very possible that the impulsivity has a very positive purpose. I´ll let you ponder that though.
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Sep 17, 2020 - 22:52
Sun Sign - AriesJayJayAstrology » fomal
By "brain", do you mean the actual physical brain, or mind, or both?

I have Sun, Mars and Mercury in ARIES. I do not get headaches or migraines. When there are physical symptoms, there is usually more planets and signs in play - not just one. So someone with several planets in Aries like me, would also have to have other planetary stresses to create a "head" illness.

As always, we have to look at the whole chart. When we look at just one little part of a chart, we can never get a satisfying answer because the rest of the chart changes the very question being asked.

With all your personal planets in the lower first houses, your focus in this lifetime is to develop and mature yourself. Saturn always slows things down and it is in your second house. Slow can be better though. It doesn´t mean that this is bad. Maybe there´s a good reason for you to mature slowly. Maybe it just means that a big maturity will happen along the way. Slow and steady wins the race. Saturn gives big accomplishments over time.

You do have this conflict between dependence and independence, right? Do you go back and forth between them? I think your chart says that you need to stabilize the sense of independent self - and to be that stable self within your relationships.
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Sep 17, 2020 - 21:48
Sun Sign - Taurustheycallmetym » fomal
I have mercury venus and saturn in aries.
And i have terrible headaches all the time ! (Migraine attacks etc.)
I wouldnt say im immature.I was always more mature compared to my peers.
But i fell like im prone to mental/psychological diseases even tho i dont have family history..
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Sep 17, 2020 - 09:44
Sun Sign - LeoHollowillusions » fomal
I have Aries moon and midheaven
I´ve gotten bad migraines since I was a kid, the ones with the aura etc. I take an epileptic pill to offset the effects.
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Sep 17, 2020 - 08:23
Sun Sign - Cancerjunemoonchild » fomal
I have both of my parents with Sun in Aries, and their is nothing wrong with their minds. I will say this about them though: they are extremely immature, very selfish, and they especially enjoy starting arguments—with each other or whoever else they can, and every single day! My mother is 78 years old and my father is 77... they both still go to work full-time, as well as provide quite a lot of care in their home, for two out of four of their grandchildren. I am 51 years old and can barely do what they do! Yet, they are not intelligent human beings, and again, they can be quite verbally and emotionally abusive, just exhausting to deal with! But, my mother went to College, received her B.A. in Language Arts, and she fluently speaks French (native), English, Russian, and Spanish. She does work for the Government, funny enough, but nothing top secret. My parents still act like children, and in my opinion, probably shouldn´t have had any children, they have been meddlesome and mean to all of us in the family, and they only contribute money but no real love. My niece has her Moon in Aries and she is a fine-minded individual, no problems. The Fixed Star "Fomalhaut" is one of the Royal Stars, the Watcher of the South, mighty star of the Archangel Gabriel, star of alchemy, part of a group of stars in the constellation Aquarius, and called the Southern Fish (not to be confused with Pisces, the Fishes—and it has sometimes been mysteriously left out of lists of the Stars... the reason being much confusion around it´s name, exactly where it is placed in the sky, etc. etc.), and it is also called the loneliest star. My last boyfriend did have Mercury in Aries in the 12th, and Aries on the 12th House Cusp—he may have had some mental health issues, but I personally believe this was never really the truth, he was just trying to fool everyone who knew him. He had an M.A. in Psychology, was an Art school teacher and a painter, and he also had a tremendous appetite for drugs which affected his mind and personality... but hey, that´s what drugs are good for anyway! He pushed his own mind to insanity, if he ever truly did so, but this will always remain a mystery to me, and no surprise, with this part of his Natal chart taking place in the 12th House of Secrets and of Self-undoing.
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Sep 3, 2020 - 17:25
Sun Sign - LeoSunnyshadow » fomal
Great Artist or very accomplished person!
You may feel worried about money or completing projects, deadlines , Management of events etc
May be over worked?

Is that about her particular sign/placement or saturn 12th house in general. I find that highly relatable right now. I´ve got saturn 12th in virgo though
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Sep 2, 2020 - 12:00
Sun Sign - PiscesAlisa1 » fomal
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Sep 2, 2020 - 07:59
Sun Sign - ScorpioPromethean_Soul » fomal
Fomal I have thread about which star is most beautiful and my first star is fomalhaut. This is really very beautiful star :1: my brother has mercury conjunct with fomalhaut. :1:
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Sep 2, 2020 - 07:08
Sun Sign - ScorpioPromethean_Soul » fomal
Fomal i recommend you to check my other threads. My aim is not draw attention and actually it is not bad thing but my aim is to learn from people experiences. Maybe you can find something interesting from my other threads. :1:
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Sep 2, 2020 - 06:52
Sun Sign - ScorpioPromethean_Soul » fomal
Fomal i strongly believe collective consciousness term. But to reach that we need to evolve our souls. We may do something wrong things for that but all of them are experiences. İmportant is will of change yourself. Actually i have been doing it from my childhood. I was so so angry and i had very explosive anger power ( sun square moon and moon square Uranus ) I made decision when i was 10 years old to handle my anger ( sun Uranus conjunction i was like mature person even i was child ). So far i have been working on it. I have had so many successes. Firstly i make my mind all time busy and i make my body busy too. I give myself duties which i must finish. And i give myself very high targets. Then i only concentrate my mission and don´t care whatever people do then I don´t need to get angry with anybody or anything. Now i hang out in this website to learn from people experiences and i have learned many things here. You are on your right path my friend :1:
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Sep 2, 2020 - 06:31
Sun Sign - ScorpioPromethean_Soul » fomal
Not at all you bore and here is my aim to see people´s own experiences. Thank you so much really. You speak faster than others and it very well fits my guess. Actually very hard to handle this. This is a gift but also like a curse. Sometimes can cause headache. You may easily be bored with somethings because mars gives so mmuch energy to mercury with sun and you need to make your mind all time busy but also maybe you need to listen to music frequently to make your brain calm down.
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