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Jan 30, 2021 - 12:04
General Astrology: Fixed stars
Sun Sign - Taurusdani_mae1 » ertik54
There is a member here named Promethean Soul, he has the most knowledge, research, and resources in regards to fixed stars than anyone I have ever met.

I highly suggest reaching out to him for more information, he’s very dedicated to knowledge there.
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Jan 30, 2021 - 10:56
General Astrology: Fixed stars
Sun Sign - TaurusIIyyaarr13 » ertik54
Algol dims and brightens such that it is questionable as really fixed. :78:
Arcturus is racing across the sky. :77:
Betelgeuse has enough visible shell to be measured as a planet rather than as a star. :78:
Dover has a book of "Star-names" by Richard Hinckley Allen that should provide history of fixed stars.
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Jan 5, 2021 - 14:49
Natal Astrology: moon in 12th taurus
Sun Sign - AriesJayJayAstrology » ertik54
You are welcome, ertik! Yoga sounds good!
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Jan 5, 2021 - 10:55
Natal Astrology: moon in 12th taurus
Sun Sign - AriesJayJayAstrology » ertik54
I´m not sure what you are asking when you say "what does it mean for reincarnation, psychology and my emotion"? Are you asking if it makes you interested in psychology for a career?

That T-square is your only planetary picture in your chart that I can see.

Intercepted signs seem to make whatever planets in them - more inward - an inward process - something you have to do for yourself. There are other possible interpretations, but this is what I´ve found to be most true for most people. It can make a person feel stuck and unable to bring it out into the world. However, I don´t think it necessarily has to feel that way.

Moon in the 12th is going to feel a bit isolated and maybe not of this world - more attuned to spiritual self. Perhaps there is a theme of personal losses in your life - or a letting go process - what of Taurus do you need to let go of? Are you too stubborn, too desiring of life to be simple and easy, too attached to peace?

You´ve got Venus, Mars and Chiron in Scorpio in the 6th. Scorpio in 6th can be obsessive. Sinnce you´ve got Sun, Mercury and North Node in Virgo, I´d say that there is a good chance you are given to have obsessive thoughts. Virgo and Scorpio together does that.

Yes you are drawn to the messy dark side of Scorpio - deep, dark, taboo things - the deep unconscious emotional stuff - the things psychologists study. So, yes - you like psychology. Chiron there says there´s a problem there though. Perhaps you are too attached to emotional moods, or you are too attached to other people or you need them to feel grounded in the world.

Your South Node is in Pisces. You error on not feeling you belong in the world - and yet - you have your head in the clouds and your feet in the mud. You´re familiar with the two extremes and there´s a lot you´re unfamiliar with in between.

You need to analyze yourself - yes - Sun, Mercury, North Node says you need to analyze to understand yourself. You will feel some self-doubt - perhaps a lot - but it will drive you to do better - to perfect - to understand. In this lifetime, you are supposed to build your own self-identity - define yourself by finding your true self. You are to shed off your conditioning of culture and family - who told you who you are. You have to discover who you are from the inside out, not from any other measurement.

You have Saturn in Aries - which tells me you are already a very independent type of person - but I think you´ve gotten stuck in some emotional bonds or dependencies that aren´t good for you.

Jupiter at the apex of your Moon and Venus is the way out. It is in Aquarius - the "I´ve got to be me" sign. It is all about being your own true self defined by your own standards in the social world. You will not be defined by culture. No one tells you what to do or how to behave. You are your own person.

If you´re asking about a career - you could go into psychology. I don´t feel that this is your only path. Aquarius MC could find you interested in technology, science, engineering, anything where you can use your mind and be inventive. You could also be interested in metaphysics, philosophy and teaching. You will love to do research, analyze things, and investigate things. You have options.

I always tell people to follow their hearts. Do what interests you. Most people have more than one career in their lifetimes. If you choose a course of study that might encompass more of your interests, you have more paths you can travel throughout life.

You have very high standards. Learn to let down your hair and explore what is in between polar opposites. When you keep your thinking to black and white thinking - superior-inferior, right-wrong, good-bad - it limits you.


My website: http://thesoulmustsing.weebly.com - I do western astrology readings, dream interpretation, and mind-body healing by a donation of your choice - and classes at reasonable rates. Sign up for my newsletter!
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Dec 29, 2020 - 12:01
Sun Sign - PiscesNikolaos1 » ertik54
The main factors of a gay or bisex are Uranus in the 5th house (as in the case or Ricky Martin).
Venus (love) in aspect with Uranus (differently)
Mars (sex) in aspect with Uranus
Venus in fall or detriment
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Dec 28, 2020 - 19:07
Sun Sign - AriesJayJayAstrology » ertik54
Good. Glad you are healthy too - and it looks like my words did hit a sense of what´s true for you. So I´m happy.
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Dec 28, 2020 - 17:56
Sun Sign - AriesJayJayAstrology » ertik54
Thank you. You are very sweet. Yes, I am fine - healthy - mostly keeping to myself for safety. It is a crazy time in most every way! I´m happy my words were/are meaningful to you. Are you doing well - staying healthy?
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Dec 28, 2020 - 17:35
Sun Sign - AriesJayJayAstrology » ertik54
Yes, I heard him speak at an astrology conference and was impressed. I´m a member of ISAR. But, I have not studied his material. I know he has a special take on these things - but obviously, one can get to the same ideas in different ways. 🙏
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Dec 28, 2020 - 16:29
Sun Sign - AriesJayJayAstrology » ertik54
Hello Ertik54!
Actually, in western astrology we read the South Mode of the Moon along with Saturn for past life information. I also think Chiron says something about the past life wound too. In western, your Saturn is in Aries, 11th. Since you didn´t post in the Vedic astrology section, I´m assuming you want a western "take".

In your case, South Node is in Pisces, 11th house. With Pisces, we would see you either focused on spiritual practices, have psychic abilities, creative pursuits, or being escapist - like addicted to drugs. These are the most common possibilities. With these, you might have the gift of strong empathy and compassion for others, a strong connection with spirit, and talent in the arts. But with the South Node, along with the gifts - we also have a wound. So, regardless of the positives, you have a tendency to be a bit ungrounded - perhaps not in your body - but more like observing yourself go through life without feeling like you´re in the life. There can be a loss of self feeling - not quite being a real self - or not being able to find a way to successfully make money with your gifts - as you aren´t entirely here.

Because it´s the 11th house, you may have lost your individual identity through identifying with a larger group. Say, you were a monk and you had daily spiritual practices. Well, then, you did not develop your own individuality - you identified with your group´s spiritual practices. If you were part of a social or humanitarian movement - say you were an artist that expressed the ideas of a certain group - then you may have lost your identity to the ideals and beliefs of that movement. Or if you were addicted to drugs - then you lost your identity to the drug of choice.

Regardless of what happened, there was a loss of individual identity and that is most likely what you feel in this life - the need to develop it.

Because you Sun is conjunct the North Node of the Moon - the way to heal the wound - it tells me that this is not the first lifetime you are working on this issue. Your Sun there says you are to continuing to work on it. You do have Saturn in Aries - and so, in your past life, you were developing more independence - more thinking for yourself and following your own impulses. Jupiiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces and it is in Aquarius - the I´ve Got to BE Me Sign - and Uranus, the planet it rules is there - in the 9th. So, you truly were working on separating yourself out from others and learning who you are as an individual. But, there is still the theme - of being in Pisces/12th. Your Moon in the 12th still says - you have a lot of that Pisces - loss of identity - going on.

That is not to say, you aren´t doing Pisces, 12th house in a positive way. I bet you have some strong gifts with Moon in 12th. You mention Venus disposting your Moon - and it is in Scorpio, 6th. Chiron is nearby, pointing the finger that there´s a problem with Scorpio, 6th. I can´t be sure how you are responding to this without talking with you, but, Scorpio-6th house can be obsessive. So, you may have obsessive tendencies. Mars in Scorpio also in the 6th wouldn´t be much help. But Scorpio is also astral plane - and - if your Pisces is indeed about having psychic gifts - then being in the astral world can be a problem. Again, it does not encourage a person to be in their body and being out there in the astral plane is very hard on the body.

Scorpio is in an intercepted sign - so your Scorpio planets are more inwardly-oriented than they may be. I think you need to rely on yourself for healing - that doing that is healing in itself. Seeking help if and when you need it is fine - but - the bulk of your work is yours to do.

You are very young still, so you may not be aware of some of this stuff, yet.

Your Virgo Sun/Mercury/North Node is all about analyzing to understand - yourself and others. You also need to learn practical skills that are helpful to others. This lifetime is about learning and growing - and solidifying your personal self-identity as a free-thinker - someone who analyzes and decides for himself what is right or wrong. You´re here to examine your beliefs and conclusions about yourself and life. There needs to be a balance between thinking about yourself - your own needs and ego-development and considering the needs of others. You need to do both to feel fulfilled. The 6th house is about having humility and consideration for others as well as daily routines, health and being of service. Since your Sun and Mercury are in Virgo - and - Venus and Mars are in the 6th house, Virgo´s house - you have a lot of Virgo-6th house energy here. Mercury is the ruler of your whole chart. You need to analyze, analyze, analyze - to understand. But be careful to challenge any of the Virgo negative qualities - worry, anxiety, self-doubt, self-criticism, self-judging, depression and self-loathing. If you do any of the negative Virgo qualities - try very hard to turn that energy into analysis. When we are mentally engaged in trying to understand it takes us out of negative Virgo.

This is not a complete reading, but I do think I´ve answered this question.


My website: http://thesoulmustsing.weebly.com - I do western astrology readings, dream interpretation, and mind-body healing by a donation of your choice - and classes at reasonable rates. Sign up for my newsletter!
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Dec 28, 2020 - 01:21
Sun Sign - TaurusIIyyaarr13 » ertik54
The weak parent is the :152:, having a wife turn into "mommy" like Nancy Reagan was for Ronald Reagan was forgiveable because 1979 > 1989 was Ronnie´s reign over the Western World! :27: could be anyone who exude vitality and fertility!
It is only too easy to join a cult of planet stealers who want your chart!
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