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Aug 10, 2021 - 11:10
Synastry & Relationship: My Chart
Sun Sign - Aquariusviv » Echoplex
Hi Echoplex welcome to the site
I’m enjoying it and there’s heaps to learn as people comment..

You really are absolutely on the cusp with both Sun and Moon!
It might be worth investing in having an expert rectify your chart to have further confirmation.

The Moon appears to be a few seconds into Cancer. Does the inward, sensitive Cancer resonate rather than lively Gemini? If so, yes it’s an exact full moon where the Sun totally irradiates the Moon. To my mind that’s like saying your spiritual essence has really been able to work with your inherited nervous system and make it your own.

Full Moon in any case equals culminating energy. Something is to be done and you will be be seen in your career as the Sun is shining in the tenth house of career. The Leo North node supports this too.

As the Moon falls in your 4th I’d say you might like a sensitive, home loving Sun Cancer to support you, someone who might even have a refined and discerning Mercury at home in Virgo in your 7th. Or perhaps you’d like a companionable Venus ruled Libran who would be best to have a few planets including the Moon falling below your horizon to bring you down to earth to enjoy sensory and emotional experience with.

If you do have a Sag Sun you’ll have broad philosophic interests, like to teach, and to travel across the world and from your arm chair.You will know the difference from Capricorn which is inclined to be ambitious and very hardworking when the Sun is in the 10th. You do have some Saturnine energy anyway stemming from the Saturn Jupiter conjunction.

You were born with Jupiter conjunct Saturn. It might be worth you reading up on this 20year meeting. Dr Rick Tarnas has a lengthy, but readable book called Cosmos and Psyche which talks about cultural history and the movements of the planets. It’s a followup book from Passion of the Western Mind, which may also appeal to you. He was scholar in residence at Easalen for a long time and worked with Dr Stan Grof on consciousness studies.

Enjoy the explorations Best Viv
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Aug 9, 2021 - 09:39
Synastry & Relationship: My Chart
Sun Sign - Leo11MorningStar11 » Echoplex
Who would be a good match for you? Oh, that´s easy ... me. Hehe.

Sorry - sometimes I have a silly sense of humor. Wait - that´s a lie. I have a silly sense of humor MOST of the time. Maybe we should be friends, Mr. Cappy/Sag?


Oh, I forgot to tell you that I do study Astrology as a hobby and it´s something that I´ve done for years, now. Soo - if you´d like to know a thing or two about this or that... I might be able to stimulate your brain a bit?
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Jun 15, 2019 - 03:55
Synastry & Relationship: My Chart
Sun Sign - AquariusLeo Moon » Echoplex
As a guitarist I dig Your screen name.

Echoplex. Nothing like a real tape delay.
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