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Nov 29, 2020 - 10:42
Synastry & Relationship: Davison chart interpretation
Sun Sign - CancerAlsaceTX » Ebrus
From my research, a Davison chart is just a different way to compute a composite chart. A traditional composite chart splits the midpoints of the two individual placements. E.G. if Person A has Moon in 15 deg Aries and Person B has moon in 15 deg Gemini...the composite has moon in 15 deg Taurus.

Davison generates a composite chart by creating a natal chart of a hypothetical individual born at the midpoint between two birthdays at a location midpoint.
Person A: Born Jan 1, 1990 at Noon in Jacksonville, FL
Person B: Born Jan 1, 1994 at 6PM in Fort Myers, FL

Davison would be the natal chart of a "person" born Jan 1, 1992 at 3PM in Orlando, FL.

Some astrologers prefer one over the other. I look at both. At charts I´ve studied hard I can usually reconcile the Davison to the composite. It´s just a different way to skin a cat.

tl;dr it´s a different form of composite.
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