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Nov 23, 2021 - 06:19
Sun Sign - ScorpioHeßen Lutz » Dyllpyckll
When Venus turns retro you might hear about him more especially when it trines your Taurus planets.
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Nov 22, 2021 - 22:22
Sun Sign - Aquariusnikkia » Dyllpyckll
Wow, that´s interesting. Such in-depth Venus bookkeeping. H5 is fun and pleasure... are you having a good time with him yet?

I don´t want this to sound harsh, so please try not to take it that way. Some guys just suck. This guy is a player. He´s not interested in real relationships. He´s probably got 15-20 girls hanging on the line, just like you. He doesn´t care about anything else other than the attention he craves from the girls he has on
stand-by. This is not a secure, happy man. Toxic even, if you get up close.

Perhaps there is an planetary energetic pull that he feels from time to time, but it´s meaningless and without staying power. I´m sure he pops into other girl´s lives and leaves just as quickly. It´s just twisted game to him. Pawns on the chessboard. Names and numbers in a long Contact List that makes him feel important and safe. Safe from real intimacy.
(I´ve seen some Leo / Leo men who do this type of thing - even when they are in a committed relationships; living with someone; married with kids. It´s a selfish need.)

Charts and their aspects to one another mean nothing if there is no relationship, or chance for one, to begin with.

Maybe it´s just a small lesson you need learn in life to keep you safe from men who use women? To realize that a man who really loves and cares about you will move Heaven and Earth to show it?

Very cool predictive tool, though. Now you know when it´s getting near time to ignore him :)

Edited to add:
I messed-up here, Dyllpyckll. I should have clearly stated that what I wrote was a cosmic message. This spontaneous download took hold and would not let go. In the moment, I lacked the presence of mind to communicate what was happening. I dropped the ball. For this, I apologize
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