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Mar 6, 2022 - 12:24
Sun Sign - LeoZephyrin » cheechee
Venus/Mars conjunction is great but it does not function well alone if there is no supporter aspect.

SN-Moon conjunction shows unsolved emotional issues in your past life with him. You may feel a sense of relief, attachment towards him. However, his Saturn in your 4th house may show a threat to your inner peace.

His Neptune on your DSC may indicate deceit. Or at its best, he may have an escapist attitude if you decide to start a relationship with him.

For friendship, this synastry can be considered compatible but for a romantic relationship, please run away if you want more than a fling.
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Mar 4, 2022 - 21:43
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » cheechee
I’m an Aquarius male & just going through separation these last few months after 24 years together & 19 years married, not sure what part of air signs aren’t stable for long term as you suggested. I’ve been fully committed to my relationship/marriage from day 1 also I know a-few air signs who are also in long term relationship’s. Maybe not everyone or everything we read about is accurate but if you like him & the pros out weigh the cons then give it your best shot while keeping an open mind.
Hope that helps. :181:
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Mar 3, 2022 - 16:07
Sun Sign - CancerZeinaZ » cheechee

There seems to be potential for growth for both of you in your relationship, though that´s up to you to decide if it´s worth it.

Your AC and Mars is in his 7th house, while his Venus and Neptune are in your 7th. He probably likes who you are, though he might see you as the assertive one in the relationship with your independent Gemini 1st house Mars. While you would see him as more stable through his second house Venus Capricorn.

Yet Neptune Sagittarius has idealized aspects of who he actually is, or who you want him to be for you. Its also near the DC, which may indicate you might not see this very clearly. Your Neptune in his 1st house.

Then his Saturn rx, north node and Moon are in your 4th house, especially Moon on the IC. There´s a sense of stability and sense of comfort for you and him. Limitations might be felt here too or maybe structure.

While your Sun is on his IC and Moon are in his 4th house. While the Moon on his South node. Also a sense of warmth and comfort there.

His Sun, Mercury, Mars are near your MC, close to your Venus and Mercury. This indicates good communication between the 3rd and 9th houses. Things to learn from each other.

Your Saturn rx is in his 8th house, so some shared internal limitation, resources, structure would be felt.

The fifth houses don´t have the most romantic planets there, though indicate potential for transformation and possibly physical attraction.

He has Venus Capricorn ruled by Saturn rx in Virgo in the 10th. This man doesn´t seem flaky. Though, this may indicate limitations or a internal sense of limitation with his work.

The main issue is are you seeing each other for who you really are. If so, things would go more smoothly.

Also Your Chiron and Jupiter conjunction is in his 5th house, so issues of creativity expression might come up. While is Chiron is in the 11th, so issues about self expression in relation to others might come up.

Just my 2 cents.
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Mar 3, 2022 - 00:34
Sun Sign - Leoamanda64 » cheechee
Pluto energy in a relationship changes you, so enjoy this magnetic sexual attraction and learn what it comes with that
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Mar 3, 2022 - 00:29
Sun Sign - Leoamanda64 » cheechee
Karmic seems very bad but then turns out making you understand a life lesson that evolves you. Stay positive about it
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Mar 2, 2022 - 23:48
Sun Sign - Leoamanda64 » cheechee
Girl I don´t really like this synastry
I think that you may idealise him (his Neptune in your 7th house) and also I don´t like the opposition of your sun|moon and his Saturn. This could be annoying because he doesn´t truly appreciate your personality in my opinion
Also there´s a karmic aspect.. south node conjunct moon
Pluto 5th house is maybe good for sex but I don´t know if it´s worth it
However I don´t think this person is someone that doesn´t like to commit, I think he would like to feel loved and feel someone like home (I really like his Leo moon in 4th house even if it opposites his sun, yes)
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Mar 2, 2022 - 01:14
Sun Sign - Piscescheechee » cheechee
I think I uploaded the chart correctly not sure

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Sep 18, 2021 - 19:44
Sun Sign - Virgoastreo » cheechee
No, it will remain in a state of "being free", emotional detachment will predominate.
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Aug 24, 2021 - 20:35
Sun Sign - AriesJayJayAstrology » cheechee
Not everyone who doesn´t talk a lot is untrusting or closed off. I´m a teacher and of course, talk a lot when teaching, but I´m rather quiet and not very social otherwise. It has nothing to do with being untrusting or closed off. Quiet more introverted people are not all the same.

Just invest with what you are comfortable losing.
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Aug 24, 2021 - 19:38
Sun Sign - AriesJayJayAstrology » cheechee
No one is destined to be destitute or wealthy. However, some charts are more supportive of money-making than others. Let´s look at your chart.

Okay. What´s going on in your chart - is a Pisces theme - which definitely isn´t about money. Doesn´t mean you can´t make a good living though - so let me explain.

South Node Past Life symbol is in Taurus in the 12th house (Pisces natural house). So, you came into this life feeling a bit lost - because you were isolated - secluded from the world in some way through your circumstances. You were "different" - odd, a misfit - somebody who didn´t fit in anywhere - and so, you felt like there wasn´t a way to be in the world in any satisfactory way. People who have that influence often feel judged for who they are. In this life, they have to work through it. The thing is - you could have been super smart and good-hearted - just different. People feel threatened with "different" - so you could have been totally judged unfairly.

So now, you have Sun and Moon in Pisces in the 10th. This feels "not of this world" once again. At the same time, in the 10th, it suggests you like to help other people - like you´ve adopted a giving type of style - not good for money - but good spiritually. Pisces can play many roles and help people in many ways. Also, Pisces is super-creative, imaginative, inspired - so good for artistic endeavors of all kinds. With your Venus and Mercury in Aquarius, 9th - I think you are indeed - very smart, inventive and love learning new things. There are many things you could do to earn money.

I think the difficulty for you is the conflict in being independent within relationships. It may be that you have some good relationships - but there´s a conflict between depending upon them for affirmation and recognition instead of feeling you can be strong and act independently on your own. You kind of want applause before you act. Am I right?

I think you are probably shy about asserting yourself because you were judged in your past life. But, you have a good mind, talents, creativity - and the possibility to earn money if you assert yourself more. I can also see that it´s possible you talk a lot - and that this might be an obstacle. If you end up talking too much it can drive people away. So, is that the case? Or are you afraid of expressing anger if you aassert yourself too much?

When people have insecurities and a need for affirmation (Leo IC) with the added expressive force of Mars in Gemini on the ASC - it can make a person talk too much - assert too much in the wrong way. But whichever way it is you are using your Mars on ASC - you need to express yourself positively - in ways that are easy for people to hear you.

As far as work, I think you will do well providing a service that is helpful to others. Saturn in Cancer in your money house - could have anything to do with the home - including real estate, home construction, hone decorating, design, architecture. You need to do something that is creative or inventive while using your fine mind. Your Venus/mercury would like technology and fields like engineering. You also might like travel and anything in the travel industry. You could also like work in the medical field - working with pets - that´s all 6th house territory and Uranus is one of the rulers of your career house.

Some charts show many career options, while others show only one or a few. In your case - you really could do a lot of different things. I do not see any reason why you can´t make money at one of them.

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Aug 24, 2021 - 15:11
Sun Sign - Piscescheechee » cheechee
Oh, here is my chart
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Jul 5, 2021 - 20:20
Sun Sign - CapricornGhost00 » cheechee
Hi cheechee,
After reviewing your star chart for 2021, looks like your business will be successful, especially if real estate or technology related. Also showing strength in education and long distance travel.

As with any business, could be some challenges but overall looks pretty good year for your idea! :75:
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Jul 3, 2021 - 23:14
Sun Sign - Virgoastreo » cheechee
No problem. :79:
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Jun 29, 2021 - 17:25
Sun Sign - Virgoastreo » cheechee

In the same way, this generosity does not only apply to material or money, here it is about sharing, and you can give other things as or more valuable, such as your time, your knowledge, your acquired wisdom, the experience of your life, and this way of “being present” is also something that others appreciate and welcome.
You have the conviction that everything is a wheel, what you give comes back, both the good and the bad, so that you can be a person who gives, who likes to materially help family and friends, make loans, in total tranquility that beyond the money coming back, you will have a reward or "return" on the other hand. Perhaps you should consider that help is always useful and beneficial, but in some cases it does not help people to fight for themselves.

You can receive the blessing of help and benefit from the help of others or a particular person. This help will get you out of the way or maybe give you a long-term solution, which is very good, and then you can return the favor in some way.

Whether you have and are in a position to give, or if you have nothing now and saving help arrives. It is an excellent time to ask for loans and credits, to make investments and expansions.

The money will come, but it will not be through winning the lottery, but as a result of work or lucky investments or risks that you have taken. If you are in a bad situation, the help of money comes and takes you out of the difficult moment.

You have a firm foundation to achieve your goal, and there really is very little to go, so these challenges are possibly the last you will have to face. You have already traveled and fought so much that you cannot in any way give up now, meters from the finish line. Surely you are at the limit of your strength, with a great feeling of fatigue and that you cannot literally move another muscle, but you know within you that there is always a reservoir, a stored energy based on your determination and an iron conviction, and you also have the skills needed to fight the remaining combat, prevail and win. You know that once you reach the goal, you will be really safe and close a stage. This victory will be final and there will be no more obstacles to overcome.

It encourages you to have resistance, because beyond all the oppositions that you have and that in some way will never cease to be present, it is your determination that leads to success. Opposition from others or circumstances will always exist, but you can solve it if you maintain your conviction and faith in your abilities.

The challenges and responsibilities certainly overwhelm you and you have been losing faith and trust in yourself, you feel unable to deal with things and cannot see the big picture, you easily drown in a glass of water.
The competition and opposition that there is against you has managed to bend you, and even if this competition is an assumption, you feel that you are very vulnerable and you feel that you are under attack all the time and from all directions. It is also possible that you have been having too many commitments and now they have overwhelmed you, so you should try to clear the way and focus only on two or three things that are truly important. Everything has a solution, but you must go from highest to lowest, solving the most important or pressing things as a first step and then and solving the rest. The central problem is that you put everything in one bag and you feel like you don´t know where to start.

You must work more than ever now in the construction or restoration of your confidence and self-esteem, because those are the keys so that you can unlock what happens to you or happens around you. This situation of attack and competition can be in one of several planes of your life, be it work, family or love life, your finances, your activity or positions you take.

I see that you look at a man, this man is strong, energetic and a bit fierce, I am not very clear about what influence he has on your life, but I see them very close.
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Jun 28, 2021 - 23:23
Sun Sign - Virgoastreo » cheechee
Because of the post you made. Want to know how your business will do?
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May 18, 2021 - 18:22
Sun Sign - AriesJayJayAstrology » cheechee
You will need to go with who you are attracted to. It isn´t a mental decision. Either you are attracted to one sex or both sexes - or you aren´t. Some folks are bisexual. There are a-sexual people as well - people not interested in sex at all. If you are attracted to men, but they aren´t attracted to you - maybe it´s just a matter of finding the right one(s). An astrology chart won´t answer this for you - unfortunately.


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May 18, 2021 - 10:17
Sun Sign - TaurusDilanakia » cheechee
I just checked your chart. You are gemini rising but your vertex is in scorpio. So you are attracted to scorpios subconsciously. The thing is you may annoy a scorpio a lot as you wouldnt let that scorpio posses you. You can use your pisces side with them.

Your 7 th house cusp is sag. Sag parter could be long term. but then try to use your gemini side more with those man since noone can ever cage a sag man.

Maybe a leo is a good match for you to build a family for you. 4 h house cusp.

You are asking this question because you have mars in first house. You are going on a war with yourself. Try to embrace gemini side of you for the first house. Understand how mars effects you and control it.

Who doesnt love a gemini rising. The most fun people of all. Let it go a bit.
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May 17, 2021 - 18:36
Sun Sign - LeoZephyrin » cheechee
That can be a dangerous turning point for you.

I had relationships with women, thinking that I´m undesirable for men once upon a time. It was a big mistake and waste of time.

With men? It was the same; dishonest, loser, selfish, too coward to name a relationship... but they were not as disappointing as the decision of being with women.

What you think now may bring worse than what you´ve experienced before and it can be better not to receive any interest and affection from any gender than becoming completely disaffected towards love and finding everything repellent about it.

In my case, it is too late but you can give yourself some time instead of doing something that may cause regret.
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May 17, 2021 - 06:34
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » cheechee
I think is it is not about who you attract, but who attracts you, because in our worlds, it is never about others, it is always about us.

Jupiter stands for our ideal partner and being in 11th house Aries in conjunction to Chiron, is making you somehow resistant but in the same time attracted to that Aries energy that you generally do not understand quite well because of that Lilith in the same house and sign that represents our blind spot.

In your chart Jupiter is functionally ruled by Mercury that is in 9th Aqua house together with Venus, making you actually seek for feminine, spiritual and intelligent partner that has very broad view. This does not have to be a woman at all, but it definitely needs to be a person that is good-looking, intelligent, spiritual, nice and communicative.

On the other hand, in archetype mode Jupiter is ruled by Mars and this is actually just giving you impression that you need self-assertive, dominant man because of that AC Mars.

These two things are making that dissonance between what is that you need in reality and what you feel you need in that archetype level of self, represented by old, tradition ruler.

So, looking further at your Jupiter person chart, that reviles more in detail, what kind of person would make you develop trust and love, it again looks like you need good-looking, very spiritual person that has poorly (or perfectly and healthy) developed ego and self-esteem but great diplomat skills. This person should also be serious and responsible.

Pisces and all 3 earth signs are the most welcome.

In Jupiter persona it is very clear that dominant, masculine Arieses, because of that Aries Sun:191:Lilith:191:Chiron, are out of every question, since Lilith and Chiron were totally suffocate that Sun in Aries making you not want that of making you actually afraid of that.

Your Jupiter persona chart (the chart of your patner) attached below.
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May 17, 2021 - 01:56
Sun Sign - TaurusRosincvist » cheechee
...........When you see a parade selling the same orientation twice or thrice, the simplistic conclusion is consoling "sexual instinct is simple" NO!!! it is not simple.....I remember thinking amidst my early elementary school testing that they should be asking "How much are you attracted to women in their thirties" Obviously the Psychological Services folk could not sell sex-surveys to school administration! In the eighties I notice my attraction was regressing in age and I was sure I was cursed!............Then the odd trivia fact appeared, little late, in the Nineties that a huge number of thirty-something women had been sterilised by the chlamydia epidemic of the eighties! That poses the grim question of "What would have happened if my attraction to women in their thirties had actually INCREASED in the eighties!"
We want what is clear and cut´ndry, but that is not always the way of things!
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