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Jul 14, 2020 - 09:05
Synastry & Relationship: Synastry Chart, Taur Sun, Gem Rising.
Sun Sign - CapricornGhost00 » BrooklynnH
Good questions. Well, your attachment dropped off but that´s ok. What you say is a Taurus is probably an Aries in sidereal. What you call Gemelli we call Taurus but it depends on exact degree. So, this could be an Aries with Taurus rising.

Within Aries and Taurus are six individual signs called decans. What we need to know are the degree locations so we can determine outcome correlations but an Aries Taurus could have strong personality. Taurus is good for finances so that´s one thing in his favor.

But if you look at the sidereal and he has rising sign at 25 Taurus with orb 4° then send me private message and we can discuss it further given the other known variables, mon ami
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Nov 30, 2019 - 04:11
Sun Sign - AquariusLeo Moon » BrooklynnH
Saturn conjunct mc stands out to me.

That aspects indicates hard work but good rewards.
May have some setbacks but keep on grinding and You will breakthrough.

Saturn sextile Jupiter should temper things a bit by providing some good fortune and an energy that supports a good attitude.

Saturn is Your dominant planet. So hard work and discipline are indicated.

Saturn is a hard but fair teacher and the rewards are long lasting .

This is just one aspect, but it’s important. The whole chart has to be considered.

I Haven’t put up a photo of Tuesday lately so Here is one. Just because she’s cute!
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Nov 30, 2019 - 03:25
Sun Sign - TaurusIIyyaarr13 » BrooklynnH
Going to equal-house, which is very close to whole-house in your case the 9th house stellium turns into an eighth house stellium.
The Signs are more important than the houses so the :182: stellium has to be looked at! The ruler of :182: is :159: which being in :180: means I have to look at :157:; :157: is in :171: so I have to look at :155:; Both Mars and Saturn are in Fall which weakens your Pisces planets.
There is a stellium to your 7th house, might I suggest you move to Belize if you intend to pay the heating bill with profits from poetry! :74: :68: :17:
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