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Jan 28, 2021 - 14:25
Sun Sign - VirgoEtherealmind » avlhp
For me there are no bad houses.

I just think that there are some planets which can be more or less comfortable in the 6th, 8th or 12th house compared to others planets.
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Jan 24, 2021 - 16:41
Sun Sign - Geminibeep » avlhp
Depending on what kind of planets etc it will tell you whether you have bad hygiene or simply just immune af? Could be something so minimal w all these or literal upcoming death 💀

I have Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus? In my 6th house lol this explains my epilepsy and recent mental health diagnosis... IN MY OPINION
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Jan 24, 2021 - 16:34
Sun Sign - Capricorndreamtripp » avlhp
There´s no such thing as "BAD" houses. Sorry but that´s pretty ignorant and superstitious, and wrong for an Astrologer to spread that kinda crap.

Think of your home - is there a bad area in your home? Sure there are parts of your home that you are more comfortable in, and parts that you may not be inclined to, but it is still part of your home. Your chart is not something separate from you, it is a blueprint of your soul. By saying a house is "BAD" is like saying part of a soul is "BAD" which is ridiculous, and for those of you ready to jump on me to say there are bad souls, my response is there are no bad souls. It is the LACK of soul that makes something bad.

Embrace the dirty dark basement as much as the bright, light spacious bedroom. That basement holds as much importance to your home, maybe even more.

It´s not helpful to think in black and white terms with Astrology anyway. Not everyone with, say "Saturn in the Eighth house" will experience and REACT the same way. I´ve said it before and I will say it again, there is ALWAYS free will. It´s not the cards you are dealt, it´s how you play your hand that determines if you win or lose.

FUCK destiny. Fuck Fate. Make your life. Your chart is only the ingredients you have at hand, how you choose to cook with it, is up to you.
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Jan 24, 2021 - 01:33
Sun Sign - Virgoavlhp » avlhp
Thanks all for your replies, they are very helpful and interesting. Someone mentioned Saturn in the seventh showing the loss of a partner which is exactly one of the examples they used in the podcast, and I was worried my chart might reflect something similar, but now I am beginning to understand it is more complicated than that!

Much more learning to do!
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Jan 24, 2021 - 00:18
Sun Sign - TaurusIIyyaarr13 » avlhp
Gauquelin pointed out that there is greatness in the cadent houses; Two of which are the sixth and the twelfth. Eighth house could just mean :178: and it´s :122: :123: :121: were busy in a past life!
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Jan 23, 2021 - 21:34
Sun Sign - TaurusIceblu333 » avlhp
I´m drunk... I could easily give you the answer but I will simply give you a hint...

Google "Karaka."


"Saturn Karaka Houses."

Google that if you are really interested.


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Jan 23, 2021 - 19:26
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » avlhp
I agree they can be quite challenging. I think their can be both positive and negative experiences. It depends on what phase of life you´re in and the karma you´re clearing at the time. I don´t have planets in the 12th and 8th house, but I would say I have soul contracts with Saturn in Cancer, Uranus in Cancer, Cancer Pluto, and Saturn in Pisces, Pisces individuals in the 8th house and Capricorn Mercury of course with Capricorn individuals.

I feel 4th house can be challenging as well if you have water there, or fire. Since it can represent military or arguments, debates, fights, etc in the home. Family dysfunction, conditioning, and bad relationship skills.
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Jan 23, 2021 - 14:12
Sun Sign - AriesJayJayAstrology » avlhp
There are a lot of astrologers saying a lot of different things out there - and a lot of them aren´t true. I do not think these houses are the most negative at all. In fact, there are no positive and negative houses, signs or planets.

The houses are human areas of experience. That´s all.
The planets and signs all have positive and negative qualities and we do have some choice in using them positively or negatively. So in themselves, they are not either one. It´s how we use those energies.

I have Sun, Mars and Mercury in the 8th house - and there´s nothing about it that I find negative. In fact, it has been a wonderous exploration of my inner world which has included becoming an expert in dream interpretation, mind-body healing and astrology.

There are no bad or ominous placements - only bad responses - and we are responsible for that.

They call the 8th house the house of death only because it is where we work on ourselves and can transform ourselves. It is a kind of death, but it doesn´t mean physical death. 12th house is a house where we experience losses, but a good part of the time, they are losses we need - like changing a part of ourselves. Sometimes we lose a loved one - but that is part of life, isn´t it? We all die sometime. None of the houses indicate death. It doesn´t work that way.

The 6th house is the house of health - but if you have a planet there, it does not mean you will get ill. The 6th house is often the house where we see medical professionals - people with Sun in 6th for instance. It´s also the house of pets, mentors, uncles and daily routines. The houses have many meanings. Each house is an area of human experience we all share.


My website: http://thesoulmustsing.weebly.com - I do western astrology readings, dream interpretation, and mind-body healing by a donation of your choice - and classes at reasonable rates. Sign up for my newsletter!
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Jan 23, 2021 - 13:28
Sun Sign - Piscesfishscales » avlhp
I have those houses pretty occupied in my chart as well.

Now, I think alot of the language used in older astrology texts is a bit archaic..."evil", etc...

However, I don´t think it´s a stretch at all to call those houses "difficult", "challenging", etc...especially the 8th and 12th, particularly with certain planets...it can be difficult to manage powerful forces when they are submerged, and somewhat beneath the line of plain sight...they must be brought into the light first...

Personally, it takes alot of work for me to be the kind of person I think I should be...it does not come naturally, or easily...astrologically speaking, I don´t just blame this on rough house placements, though I have no doubt that´s part of it.

Personal observation and will can do alot to mitigate negative aspects...
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