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May 1, 2020 - 14:15
Sun Sign - Taurusdani_mae1 » Ash1
Oh so happy to help in any capacity! You’re very kind!
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May 1, 2020 - 10:23
Sun Sign - Taurusdani_mae1 » Ash1
The sites hubs says are good for applying for jobs in the US are as follows:


And the best government job locator is usajobs.gov

There is a special way to write your resume on these sites, especially for government jobs. Don’t use a standard format, this is the format for that:


When I was working we used Indeed.com quite a bit for our hiring purposes.

But these are only for if you choose the job route. You may decide you don’t want that.
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May 1, 2020 - 08:43
Sun Sign - Taurusdani_mae1 » Ash1
Hi Ash1. So I had time to digest more of what you have said and collected some thoughts and questions.

It is definitely difficult to find a appropriate job in these times. But, have you considered your mind set? Reading what you have posted I think you feel too mature to be starting out fresh. Wipe that notion from your mind. I’m living proof you can be what brings you joy and feeds your passion.

It is NOT easy and there are days I question my decision, but that’s all human nature. I’m happy. Now with that said, think about if a job right now will truly make you happy. Only you know this. You know your priorities best. And only you know your limitations. If you don’t think you can give to your marriage while you have a job, and that’s important to you, then choose differently.

I’m only here to let you know you have options. You were born with natural talents and have your own specific motivators. So, your situation is unique to you.

If you do wish to find a job, I highly recommend this book. You have already don’t one simple exercise from it.

And in regards to getting into the job market, there are a few tools I’m collecting for you. My hubs uses them successfully I just have to wait till he wakes up to get the rest of the information for you.

I used to work the corporate ladder in the past. I was in upper management for 13 years and my main duties included interviewing and hiring employees. So, I’m well versed in resumes and interviews. I’d be happy to give you tips about that as well. We’re going to figure this out for you! It’s just gonna take a little work.
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Apr 30, 2020 - 19:38
Sun Sign - Taurusdani_mae1 » Ash1
Always remember you have free will so you can choose to do as you wish. After reading your themes though, if you choose to, I think you would do very well with Human Resources work. You enjoy motivating and helping quite abundantly, and this demeanor is well suited for such work. Or even management in a field that appeals to you!

I’m going to digest what you have written here a little more and come back with more ideas!
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Apr 30, 2020 - 13:34
Sun Sign - Taurusdani_mae1 » Ash1
Yes! Do respond once you have your themes! We can definitely help you brainstorm. And I’m so excited for you to start your new journey!
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Apr 30, 2020 - 09:00
Sun Sign - Taurusdani_mae1 » Ash1
Your libra 10th house placement sun and mercury pop out at me immediately. I noticed people with the sun and personal planets in the tenth house seem to gain prominence in their true vocations. I see your mid heaven is in Virgo. So, you may have a natural talent for helping people. With all them combined I can see you being successful at utilizing writing as a tool to help others or be of service.

So, a tool I have shared with some might be helpful to you in this area of your life. It’s an exercise you can do in conjunction with astrology. I hope you take it to heart and give it a try. It’s as follows:

You will need paper and writing tools. Take your paper and write down a list of every job You have held, no matter how mundane you find it to be, do this for hobbies as well if you have a limited work history.

Once you have the names of your work written down, think about what you loved about each job, try to make it very short one word if you can, but list everything you loved and ONLY that.

Once you complete that you will be able to read over this list. Common themes will appear to you and you can determine your joys passions and abilities and determine which careers follow them. Use it in conjunction with your natal chart and it will guide you to your true vocation.
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