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May 7, 2020 - 08:20
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » Ardent
234 views and no replies. Classical. :98:
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May 7, 2020 - 07:50
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » Ardent
Nothing. You deleted your topic I contributed in one year ago, so nothing.
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Sep 6, 2019 - 15:35
Sun Sign - Capricornfouldsy » Ardent
No iv study bible and did not find peace but found astrology and spirituality more believe able, been in a rut for doe years now and every thing I do goes a mess
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Aug 31, 2019 - 15:20
Sun Sign - Piscesfishscales » Ardent
Interesting to hear the commonality between traditional spiritual musics

This is very reminiscent of Gregorian chanting

The music does a good job of conveying that the man-made divisions between the real spiritual traditions are all false

As always, music expresses what words cannot
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Aug 30, 2019 - 11:54
Introduce Yourself: Hi, everyone
Sun Sign - ScorpioSpaceChild » Ardent
Do you mean Leo energy in me? Hmm.
And thank you I hope you´ve been well too!
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Aug 29, 2019 - 08:16
Introduce Yourself: Hi, everyone
Sun Sign - VirgoPatrickat » Ardent
Hello, Ardent, I´m looking into the forum for the first time; AstroSeek is generally an amazing site, finally found one where you can look at the current chart in realtime from your location. I´m a Virgo/Leo 12th house stellium, your planets with your Scorpio are really condensed there, wonder if you´re really focused on certain hobbies/profession/energy? For me I have the irony of detailed Virgo (really good speller) but in the twelfth house, love fantasy and mysticism and never accomplished anything but have lived a decent life, I guess. There is no one to talk to in my area or living situation about astrology, new age.
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Aug 28, 2019 - 12:03
Introduce Yourself: Hi, everyone
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » Ardent
Hello. Welcome to the forum. I see you have a nice Scorpio Stellium there in the 4th house. That would be quite interesting. Pluto square Saturn in Aquarius. Probably similar situations to mine but in a different way and maybe a bit more potent with Pluto.
Well not much tell about me. I’m a poet, writer, and psychology, personality, philosophy, and astrology geek.
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Aug 28, 2019 - 09:55
Introduce Yourself: Hi, everyone
Sun Sign - ScorpioSpaceChild » Ardent
Hi and welcome to the forum! :)

Describe myself a little? Ok.

Sun Scorpio Moon Aquarius ASC Taurus
I look over the forum but dont reply too much, as I am for the second time just getting on with learning astrology. Takes me awhile to retain information these days, so that is a bit of a hindrance with it for me. So sorry to say I can´t tell you about your chart, as I am still figuring mine out for myself :P
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Aug 28, 2019 - 03:05
Introduce Yourself: Hi, everyone
Sun Sign - AquariusLeo Moon » Ardent
Hello ardent. Welcome to the forum! :27: :92:
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Aug 28, 2019 - 02:25
Sun Sign - Piscesfishscales » Ardent
Little too tired to do an even semi in-depth chart analysis

Toughest thing I see here is the Saturn/Pluto square...

Resistance to psychological change... dogged adherance to certain principles... stubbornness...

Difficulty reconciling deeply imbedded drives (Pluto) with practical needs (Saturn)

Sun being conjunct Pluto is probably going to make you more in tune with the Pluto side of things

Saturn in the 8th

Sheesh, I have this...

Serious about intimacy, trouble trusting, difficulty letting go to others

At the same time, a serious interest in esoteric matters... Most likely trustworthy and responsible with other people´s aasets/money... Respectful of what belongs to others

Again this is really only what stuck out to me regarding Saturn and Pluto...that´s automatically where my eye went when you asked for the "tough love" ... Did not analyze the entire chart
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Jun 22, 2019 - 07:08
Natal Astrology: Read my chart please :)
Sun Sign - TaurusIIyyaarr13 » Ardent
You have power and creativity from :153:/ :154: quintile :159:/ :199: although you have stress and conflict elsewhere.
:155: & :156: are in each others´ sign which means they power each other up.
It is never fair; Some folks have 3 ´mutual receptions´ others have none!
Heliocentric Earth is in a painterly position of :172:; you may be painting seascapes in your dreams. :92:
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Mar 20, 2019 - 13:39
Natal Astrology: Adrenaline rush!
Sun Sign - Tauruslnsabch » Ardent
I did see the Aries planet/point/asteroid, but when I read the interpretations by Astro Seek (some such things as "be more assertive" :61: ) I went, "naaahhh...not him" LOL
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Mar 14, 2019 - 07:10
Natal Astrology: Been a while
Sun Sign - Scorpiodestanie » Ardent
I’d say that the way to unlock your highest creative potential is by getting in touch with the depths of your psyche and using this as inspiration for whatever it is you are inclined to create, you are passionate and have a lot of big feelings and like to express yourself honestly (given that you find someone who you trust enough) maybe you were misunderstood or hurt a lot, people may have been dismissive of your feelings in the past. You find inspiration in many things and have many interests that you love exploring, maybe even to an obsessive point, which is not a bad thing! Do you write or make music? I feel like this would suit you. I think learning how to trust yourself and your abilities independently of people in your life and how they feel about you might be something you would need to work on, and understanding that people care about you even if some don’t express it in the same ways you do to them. Don’t be afraid to enjoy yourself and your mind, and learn to be light and playful and let go of resentment! (Let me know what you think :) I have quite a bit of experience with reading charts but rarely do it for strangers )
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Mar 10, 2019 - 10:44
Natal Astrology: Been a while
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » Ardent
I relate with the idea of anti-natalism, but not for myself. I mean, people living in so called rich developed countries are stupid if they deliberately restrict their own reproductive rights for the sake of good of the world. Why it´s stupid? Because people in Africa and Asia will not do the same! There must be much higher quality of life (water sanitation, hygiene, food resources, climate change protection strategy, educational attainment, at least primary and secondary shool for everyone, effective healthcare and government in those countries, lower corruption and stealing of natural wealth by greedy immoral people, higher women rights and women education and opportunities in general ... there is lot of progress on some of these, but it will take maybe another fifty years (in optimistic scenario) to equalize with the developed countries, and of course, condoms and planned parenthood for all). Untill all this happen, they will have 7 to 11 children on average, and problem of population will not fix, actually worsen. On the contrary, if you or anyone here restrict yourself, it will have no difference for rest of the world. You just allow others, less lucky people, to occupy our world instead of us. It will happen anyway I quess.
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Mar 10, 2019 - 00:32
Natal Astrology: Been a while
Sun Sign - Libraleorising » Ardent
Your North node conjuction with many personal planets, you came to this life with purpose to have children, or create something
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Mar 9, 2019 - 23:07
Natal Astrology: Been a while
Sun Sign - Libraleorising » Ardent
have children
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Mar 9, 2019 - 17:33
Natal Astrology: Been a while
Sun Sign - Leopixel » Ardent
Hi Ardent :)

I´m a beginner, so don´t blame me if it don´t stick to you :D

Someone who doesn´t go unnoticed with this sun in scorpio conjunct pluton also in scorpio !!! (ascendancy on others and charisma)

Ardent (as the pseudonym) with this Venus : deep feelings, but beware of jealousy ;)

Mercury in scorpion will give sometimes a stinging speech...

This position of mercury in Scorpio is therefore passionate and extreme at all levels, very instinctive, with cold blood. The native can be very stubborn, very confirmed on his arguments and often inflexible in his judgment, very calculator and planner
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Jan 26, 2019 - 16:07
Transit Astrology: Ceres in Sagittarius transit
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » Ardent
Happy to help you out, Ardent.
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Jan 26, 2019 - 16:01
Transit Astrology: Ceres in Sagittarius transit
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » Ardent
Applying the meaning in a universal sense might indicate more aid to foreign countries and more tolerance and understanding of cultural differences.

Reaching out to communicate by learning another language.

More bilingual instruction and earlier instruction in foreign language given.

More attention given to education and broadening the choices of courses that students can choose from.

The school strike in California just ended at the same time Ceres went into
Sagittarius so educational reforms are going to take place with the new agreement which raises teacher salaries and decreases classroom sizes.
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Jan 26, 2019 - 15:07
Transit Astrology: Ceres in Sagittarius transit
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » Ardent
Here are some links regarding Ceres




I have no idea, Ardent.

Thanks for the timely information and for giving me an incentive to find out about this little Dickens, Ceres.

Here is the most complete link that I found: http://www.bobmarksastrologer.com/C…

Lesson 21

Ceres in the horoscope shows the early nurturing we received and how we nurture others. It also directly rules food and clothing.

I have seen two cases of professional designers who had Ceres aspecting Pallas (which rules the ability to see patterns).
Ceres in the Signs shows our nurturing style and the types of things that make us feel nurtured.

Ceres in the Houses shows where we are most likely to express our nurturing side and also where we can best receive nurturing.To find out more about Ceres and the other asteroids, the best book available is Asteroid Goddesses by Demetra George.

Ceres in the Signs:

Ceres in Aries: is nurtured by action and physical activity. What kind of action? Any kind. Aries isn´t that particular as long as it´s moving. If you have this placement, you are less likely to nurture others by being cuddly. More likely, you will take them on some strenuous activity. If you have children with this placement, they may require fewer hugs and more mutual activities with you.

Ceres in Taurus: Want to nurture someone with this placement? FEED THEM. A lot. These folks will also feel nurtured if you massage their shoulders and the back of their necks Hard, and for a long time.

Ceres in Gemini: Let´s talk. Or write. Any sort of communication will make a Ceres in Gemini person feel nurtured. Gemini is also the sign of variety and short trips. Travel and doing several little tasks at once are other things that will bring up that nurtured feeling when Ceres is in Gemini.

Ceres in Cancer: These people feel nurtured around the home. Hugs definitely can work here. So can housework. They want to be mothered and are good at mothering in turn. The negative side is they may get the "Cancer Crazies" when they feel a need for nurturing, the "Nobody loves me, nobody cares about me, and I´m going to die in the poorhouse" syndrome. In that case, just tease them like crazy. It will shock them out of it.

Ceres in Leo: Attention, respect, and admiration will make this one feel nurtured. Put on a show for their benefit. Better yet, make them a participant. Leo´s motto is "Nothing but the best." It may be expensive sometimes, but that will make Ceres in Leo feel nurtured. If you want to go via a cheaper route to satisfy someone with this placement, do something to make them the center of attention and admiration.

Ceres in Virgo: Put them to work, especially detailed work. Sometimes Ceres in Virgo people will try to nurture you by criticizing you. Don´t let them get away with it. However, they can also feel nurtured if you give them a highly detailed criticism.
This is OK in moderation, but don´t let yourself get carried away. If you are a parent with a Ceres in Virgo child, always give them work to do around the house---or even in your business!

Ceres in Libra: These people are nurtured by beauty. And Libra, remember, is always impressed by the small, subtle things that show you care. Good manners and a tasteful, balanced appearance will work wonders here. They will also tend to nurture others in the same way, with small, tasteful touches.

Ceres in Scorpio: Ceres in Scorpio people tend to feel nurtured through sex. They could also make their sexual partners feel nurtured. This is wonderful if you are dating them, but more of a problem if the person with this placement happens to be your child. Contact with anything deep, mysterious, or transforming will also bring up that nurtured feeling. Those with this placement would probably (assuming no severe afflictions to Ceres in their chart) feel nurtured if they visited Pompeii or some other archeological ruin. Probably, Ceres in Scorpio would be a good placement for a doctor or heath care professional because Scorpio rules healing and they could make their patients feel nurtured during the therapeutic process.

Ceres in Sagittarius: My Ceres is here. Knowledge, wisdom, and adventure are the nurturers here. This placement can make you feel nurtured while on long journeys. If you are intellectually inclined, you could get that nurturing feeling through giving advice to people or by teaching or instructing them in some way. Reading about abstract philosophical topics could have the same effect. You can also make other people feel nurtured or inspired by giving them advice or instruction.

Ceres in Capricorn: Feeling organized and in control makes this one feel nurtured. Since Saturn, which has the effect of reducing things, rules Capricorn, the early nurturing received was probably, well, wanting. Even if the family happened to be wealthy, the parents could have been cold, withdrawn, or believed in giving strict discipline to the children in order to keep them from being "spoiled." People with this placement will nurture you by making sure that everything is arranged and organized properly. Try to get them to lighten up a bit.

Ceres in Aquarius: If it´s weird, someone with Ceres in Aquarius will be likely to find it nurturing. Being with friends would also be a nurturing experience, and the friends, in turn, will probably feel nurtured. However, the early nurturing received was most likely erratic. When mommy isn´t there when the child is crying, the kid has to eventually cut off from the feelings of abandonment. Eventually, the child grows up, starts dating, and, when they really like somebody, up comes the feeling "I need you." That´s when they get the great urge to run away. The negative side of Ceres in Aquarius is that it tends to have contact difficulties in intimate relationships.

Ceres in Pisces: Imagination and fantasy are the keywords here. Ceres in Pisces folks are nurtured by anything imaginative. Being near the sea, hearing the sound of the surf, and smelling the salt air will also do the trick. When you are in a down mood and need someone to listen to your troubles, to lend an uncritical and sympathetic ear, find a person with Ceres in Pisces.

Ceres in the Houses:

Ceres in the First House: People will always be mistaking you for their mother, even if you are a guy. That´s because Ceres in the 1st house people just seem to be nurturing. This effect is lessened if Ceres is located more towards the end of the house, or in a different sign from the Ascendant. There can be a problem if you happen to have a lot of planets in Gemini, like a friend of mine. She would rather talk than nurture, but emotionally needy people gravitate towards her constantly.

Ceres in the Second House: If well aspected, your physical nurturing needs will always be provided. And you will tend to nurture others in the same way. And nothing makes you feel more nurtured than a large bank balance and a full refrigerator.

Ceres in the Third House: Nurturing could have been provided for you by brothers and sisters, or even neighbors. Conversely, you could have been the one nurturing them. Your words tend to be nurturing. This could be a good placement for a therapist or counselor.

Ceres in the Fourth House: Being home nurtures you, and there is a tendency to nurture anyone and everyone in your home. It´s as simple as that. But you could also feel nurtured by the homes in general, so this is a good placement for dealing in domestic real estate.

Ceres in the Fifth House: The tendency with this placement is to feel nurtured by fun, sports, games, romance, children, gambling and speculation, you name it. Any form of excitement will do. There will likely be a need to feel nurtured by romantic partners, and, conversely, to nurture them. Be careful, though, about getting a nurturing feeling through gambling.

Ceres in the Sixth House: Work could easily give you that nurturing feeling. People with this placement would either tend to nurture co-workers or feel nurtured by them. This placement can also feel nurtured by doctors and other health care workers.

Ceres in the Seventh House: This placement would either tend to nurture partners (both marital and business) or attract partners who nurture them. Strive for a balance if you have this one, otherwise either you or they will be doing all the work, and that could eventually cause resentment.

Ceres in the Eighth House: You poor thing. You need sex to feel nurtured. Oh well, we each have our cross to bear. Carry on (and I´m sure you will). Actually, you might also nurture your partner with this one. The 8th house also rules other things besides sex. This placement is also good for nurturing people who are undergoing a process of rehabilitation. Demetra George points out in her excellent book Asteroid Goddesses that Ceres in the 8th house might also be found in the horoscopes of those who work in a hospice providing nurturing to those who are dying.

Ceres in the Ninth House: You would tend to feel nurtured by taking long trips, either physically or mentally. Travel will do it, but so could study and discussion of religious or philosophical matters.

Ceres in the Tenth House: Well, this placement can make you popular (even if you don´t want to be). As soon as you set foot in public, people will start coming to you for nurturing. Not in private, thankfully. At least you will be safe in private. Even the boss could come to you for this (or you might have a tendency to nurture the boss). Conversely, you could tend to attract bosses who like to nurture you (hopefully with constant raises). You could also be attracted to careers ruled by Ceres, namely anything connected with food or clothing.

Ceres in the Eleventh House: The tendency here is to nurture your friends or attract friends who nurture you. Since the 11th house also rules your hopes and wishes, you could easily have a wish to nurture large groups of people, perhaps by joining (or founding) a humanitarian group of some sort.

Ceres in the Twelfth House: This is the house of hidden things, psychological problems and "restrictions." Whatever is in this house shows what we don´t want to show to the world, or even to ourselves. Ceres in the 12th house can show that nurturing needs were suppressed. This could also make it difficult to nurture others. On the positive side, this placement could channel these frustrations into charity work where you provide nurturing to the poor, the sick, and the unfortunate.

Aspects to Ceres:

Ceres Aspects the Sun: Nurturing will tend to be part of your character. With the harmonious aspects (conjunction, sextile and trine) the effects are smooth and easy. You probably had a nurturing father, and the nurturing you received was compatible with who you are (the Sun). The stressful aspects (square and opposition) show problems. The opposition could mean that you tend to nurture others, but not yourself. Conversely, it might be an indicator of someone who always expects others to nurture them. The square means that the early nurturing you received (especially from the father) was not compatible with the type of person you are, or that you tend to be suspicious, or even reject the nurturing that you really need. For example, suppose the Sun is in Aries and Ceres is in Cancer. This person needs lots of soft, emotional nurturing, but that is not in accord with the self-sufficient image that Aries has of itself, so the needed nurturing is rejected.

Ceres Aspects the Moon: The harmonious aspects (conjunction, sextile, and trine) are really easy to deal with here. One´s emotional needs and nurturing requirements are compatible and work well together. The nurturing received from the mother tended to be favorable. There will probably be an instinctive need (the Moon) to nurture others. The stressful aspects (square and opposition) are indicators that the early nurturing from the mother was not compatible with your emotional needs. With the opposition, there is usually some issue with "others" over nurturing. Perhaps someone with the Moon opposite Ceres will concentrate on nurturing others in order to avoid their own emotional needs. It could work in the other direction as well, with the person always searching for (even demanding) constant nurturing from someone else, demands that can never be satisfied by any amount of nurturing because there is an emotional void that never seems to be filled. The square means that the nurturing the mother gave was not right for your emotional needs. For instance, if the Moon is in Leo and Ceres is in Taurus, you would tend to have an emotional need for attention and respect while all you got was lots of food and clothing.

Ceres Aspects Mercury: This is a nice aspect for a therapist to have because you can nurture others with your words. It is also good for a salesperson or someone who writes advertising copy for the same reason. The stressful aspects indicate that the words you heard as a child were not very nurturing. Be careful that you don´t do the same to your own children.

Ceres Aspects Venus: Oh for a lover with the harmonious aspects (conjunction, sextile, or trine) between Venus and Ceres! The ability to express love and affection and the nurturing nature are in harmony. They can love you and feed you at the same time. These people will tend to be nurtured by beauty and beautiful things, as well as by pleasant social gatherings. The stressful aspects (square and opposition) indicate that what you need to feel happy and your nurturing needs are out of alignment. Perhaps the clothes you were given as a child made you feel ugly. There will tend to be nurturing issues with partners and lovers. With the stressful aspects, you could constantly attract partners and lovers who always seem to require nurturing from you. Conversely, the nurturing you get from them never seems to be right. As always with the stressful aspects, do not look upon this as some terrible fate, but rather as a problem that needs to be solved or as an obstacle that needs to be overcome.

Ceres Aspects Mars: Energy, action, and nurturing combined. This person feels nurtured through physical action, adventure, and even combat. When it comes to nurturing others, they can dive right in and nurture you whether you want them to or not. The stressful aspects (square, opposition, and, here, the conjunction as well) are an indicator that the early nurturing tended to be in conflict with the need for assertion. The parents could have withheld nurturing when the child was in an angry mood, causing the anger to be repressed. Conversely, at least one parent could have expressed anger at the child´s nurturing needs, affecting the child´s sense of self-worth. Adults with the stressful Mars/Ceres aspects may get angry when asked to nurture others. They may even get angry when they have to nurture themselves!

Ceres Aspects Jupiter: Jupiter expands whatever it touches. At least there will tend to be plenty of early nurturing, whether the kid wanted it or not. Even in a poor family, where there is little to go around, this will be the child that gets more of the goodies. The nurturing given will also tend to be excessive. The stressful aspects (square and opposition) could be an indicator of much too much early nurturing, and generally not the kind the child wants or needs (especially with the square). For instance, if Ceres is in Libra (feeling nurtured by beauty) and Jupiter is making a square from Capricorn, the child could feel suffocated by getting excessive nurturing of the "practical" kind (ugly, but practical clothing for example). As an adult, they could nurture others in the same excessive, uncaring way and never be aware of what they are doing. Jupiter under stress aspects shows where we never listen because we think that (in that area) we "understand" everything already. If the rest of the chart agrees, Ceres/Jupiter aspects could be an indicator of someone who joins (or starts) organizations to fight for the rights of the underdog to be nurtured. If the aspect is a stressful one, they will nurture those poor underdogs whether they want it or not.

Ceres Aspects Saturn: Saturn organizes and restricts. With the harmonious aspects (sextile and trine) between Ceres and Saturn, the early nurturing received will be adequate, efficient, and well organized. As an adult, this person will tend to nurture in the same way. The stressful aspects (square, opposition, and, here, the conjunction) tend to diminish the early nurturing. Many with this combination will say, "What early nurturing?" Even in a wealthy family where there was plenty of everything, those with this combination usually get the short end of the stick. As adults, they could also withhold nurturing from others, regarding it as too "sentimental" or "impractical." If you come across anyone like this, tell them that it is really impractical to be miserable.

Ceres Aspects Uranus: Stressful aspects between Ceres and Uranus indicate that the early nurturing was erratic. Like stressful aspects between the Moon and Uranus, this could cause contact difficulties as an adult. When these people feel a need for nurturing, they could simply run. What is happening is that, as an infant, the unstable nurturing caused panic (if I don´t get nurtured, I´ll die). The panic is frequently dealt with by denial (I don´t need them). Sure, the child survives, but when they grow up and start dating, they eventually meet someone that they start feeling close to. At that point, up comes the emotion-laden thought, "If they find out I need them, they´re going to leave me and I´ll die!" Solution: leave first. Except Uranus doesn´t just leave. It ejects. People with stressful Ceres/Uranus aspects are more likely to get romantically involved with unstable types who are incapable of providing nurturing. Then they go to an astrologer and complain that they can never find a good person, and when are they ever going to meet their soul mate. At that point, the best thing to do is tell them that if they were to meet a soul mate, they would probably mess that relationship up too. The instability is a diversion. Their real goal is to avoid and ignore their own nurturing needs and the childhood panic they felt by not having those needs met. Once this is recognized, steps can be taken to break this self-destructive pattern.

Ceres Aspects Neptune: If you have this combination, you can feel nurtured by your imagination. When it comes to nurturing others, you will tend to add a note of fantasy. Parents with this one can play imaginary games with their children.
Watch out for the stressful aspects (conjunction, square, and opposition). Neptune is the planet of sympathy, and, when Ceres is in stressful aspect, it could indicate a tendency to try to "nurture" people who are constantly draining you, like the alcoholic who is always falling off the wagon and needs you to pick them up "just one more time." It could easily work out the other way as well. The person with Ceres in stress aspect with Neptune could be the one who is "needy" and constantly drains everyone around them, until those people get fed up and leave. Then, they search for another sympathetic soul to con into providing "nurturing" and the cycle repeats. The irony is that no amount of nurturing will ever feel satisfactory because the Ceres/Neptune stress aspect means that, deep down inside, there is a feeling that the nurturing is undeserved. Neptune is also the planet of escape. The stressful aspects could also indicate a tendency to feel nurtured (or avoid the pain of not feeling nurtured) through alcohol or drug abuse. Needless to say, in cases like these, therapy is a necessity. The positive side of Ceres/Neptune can be very loving and giving. There is real feeling behind the nurturing, and people will notice it. A good outlet would be doing volunteer charity work with a Ceres quality, such as working to collect food or clothing for the poor and needy.

Ceres Aspects Pluto: The stressful aspects (conjunction, square, and opposition) can indicate what I call negotiation nurturing. It goes something like this. "You want some nurturing? OK, first you have to do this for me. You want some more nurturing? Then you will have to do that for me." In other words, the nurturing is not given freely. There is frequently a power struggle. A negative Ceres/Neptune (see above) will drain or be drained. A negative Ceres/Pluto, by contrast, will coerce or be coerced. On the positive side, a Ceres/Pluto person can nurture others back to health even if (especially if!) they are at death´s door. They can transform others through nurturing. On the negative side, they may never want to let go (remember the myth of Persephone).

Ceres Aspects the Ascendant: If Ceres makes any aspect to your Ascendant, people will come to you for "nurturing" whether you want them to or not. This is especially true of the conjunction. The harmonious aspects (sextile and trine) generally do not cause problems here. Neither do the conjunction and opposition, for that matter. Nurturing can be both given and taken smoothly. The square aspect is the real problem. There will tend to be battles with partners over who is giving and who is getting more nurturing. Remember that an opposition to the Ascendant is a conjunction to the Descendant. Someone with that aspect could make nurturing the centerpiece of their partnerships. On the positive side, that means they just like to nurture partners. On the negative side, it could indicate that are neglecting nurturing themselves, or that they attract partners who drain them.

Ceres Aspects the Mid-Heaven: This could indicate a career that is ruled by Ceres: professional chef or other jobs connected with food, work in the clothing industry, or any sort of activity where nurturing is done. The only aspect that may be a problem here is the square, which could indicate that the parents disagreed over the best way to nurture you.

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