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Apr 24, 2022 - 14:26
Sun Sign - VirgoAstrooo » anjalik
Life suggests you to use your H5 creative skills, but that doesn´t mean you only have to use your Cancer Moon in H5.
All the houses (fields of experience) and the planets (psychological functions)
will help you.
we´ll look at that in a next episode, next week-end.
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Apr 24, 2022 - 08:17
Sun Sign - VirgoAstrooo » anjalik
your last message is very interesting and describes word by Word some points of your birth chart.
I will come back to this in my next message.
Meanwhile, some music...
Since I started studying your theme, I have this song title in my head:
The unforgettable fire
Title, music, voice and sounds of crowd fit perfect with how I feel about your theme
(the lyrics of the song are irrelevant to your theme)
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Apr 23, 2022 - 23:18
Sun Sign - AquariusCatch-22 » anjalik
You got a yod. And the focal point is your north node, your life path, 5th house Gemini. This got to have to do something with self expression and self worth, growing as an individual by hard study and probably a shitload of self improvement workshops.

Only then can the two quincunxes be solved, Mercury in 10th house, your career, of course in the all-or-nothing sign Scorpio and Uranus in 12th house, your need to be free, well hidden, in Capricorn, the most productive sign.

Don´t get me wrong but you probably need a crash before you actually will do something with self improvement. Most of us do. Can happen with you Saturn Return...
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Apr 23, 2022 - 17:03
Sun Sign - SagittariusNos sonhadores » anjalik
stop having it own you .....

its not holy knowledge they teach in universitys ...

most of it is human conditioning into certain mindsets

brainwashing and no more (planed obsolesence for example)

don t make your self worth dependend on how well you can adapt to something that is not shaped to assist us best but to nail us down into a type of exploitation system that only focuses on maximum profit and not health (inner and outer health)

and also ... way to many people wanna study these days ... everbody wanna be "elite" and not make their hands dirty as if there was no fun in hard labour + how is this economicly gonna add up ?? since they ain t give us propper robots or a world where people don t need hard labor and have fair share on the economy through them... forget all that ... try to wipe all those phd´s and alike terms you wanna achive ... anything regarding what you learned from the system and then ask yourself what brings me fun .... what natural thing that did not have to be learned ... like idk ... that is similar to the astrological signs ... those vague notions inside of us and then go from there ... not from this artificial learned bullshit from school and higher schools
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Apr 23, 2022 - 16:27
Sun Sign - VirgoAl » anjalik
Sun conjunct Chiron is a lot more nuanced than "injustice plastered on the soul" might lead you to think.

For a deeper look into Chiron, I highly recommend Melanie Reinhart´s book "Chiron and the Healing Journey". In particular, Chapter 2 is about Chiron in Greek mythology. I´ve seen that the author has a youtube about Chiron as well.

Chiron was a centaur (part man and part horse - and horses have long been associated with the Sun) who was a highly respected teacher and a healer. He was wounded, and the wound would not heal. Ironically, his ability to help others was increased by his continual search for a cure of his own wound. Eventually Chiron is released from all his suffering in a curious destiny swap with Prometheus.

Prometheus is another complex and interesting mythological figure. He is said to have created the first mortals from clay and water, and later stole fire from the gods for them. The last part is what he is best known for, and he is thought of as the one who brought the fire of consciousness to the human race. Prometheus was rebellious, sometimes in a healthy questioning of authority, and sometimes disrepectfully.

Melanie Reinhart tells the stories well, and brings understanding to the seeking of the meaning of suffering in our lives, and how these archetypes can be seen to be key (the glyph for Chiron looks like a key!) to all genuine healing. :-)
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Apr 23, 2022 - 11:08
Sun Sign - VirgoAstrooo » anjalik


This episode may seem too "technical" to you, but I have to go through this phase so that you understand what I want to express in the next episodes.

Mercury is an important planet in your psychological profile because:
- at the top of your Sky = MC, with Pluto
- Mercury Sagittarius (one of the 4 "main" Mercurys = Gemini/Virgo/Sag/Pisces)
- H3 ("natural" house of Mercury Gemini) with Saturn + Jupiter retrograde (two planets of socialization = important to integrate, especially for you with Sun H10 Sagittarius)

If you came here to express your unhappiness on the subject of your place in society on your 21st birthday, it´s no coincidence...

Because you are 21 years old = 7x3 = [duration of Mercury´s course around the zodiac] x [Mercury´s number, the triangle]

7 years old = age of reason = Mercury allows the child to become aware of his place in the family (King Child and Idol Parents) and society, through primary school
14 years old = age of rebellion = Mercury allows the adolescent to begin to detach from his family (Rebel Child and Parents who fall from their thrones) and to begin to discover the world (adolescent experiences)
21 years old = age of questions = Mercury allows the ex-adolescent and future adult to question their future.

Every 7 years, you ask yourself the Question: "What is the meaning of my life?" (15° Wis H10).
Of course, enriched by your life experiences = you will think differently at 7,14, 21,28,35 years old etc.

For other "mercurian" questions, look at the map.

I also elaborated on the TAURUS profile (= Sun + Moon + Venus Aphrodite + Venus Hephaestus) because it will give us some interesting leads to follow for the next episodes.

Aphrodite = the goddess of Union = the power to create relationships for the highlighting of Beauty
Hephaestus = the smith of the Gods = the power to shape Beauty

Aphrodite + Hephaestus = the couple = create relationships (= exchange of energies = work of Aphrodite) + give shape to these relationships (= concretization/crystallization of these energies = work of Hephaestus)
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Apr 22, 2022 - 09:26
Sun Sign - VirgoAstrooo » anjalik

EPISODE 2: Difficulties around your social integration

you wrote

"I have felt unlucky for years," = Jupiter retrograde
“especially regarding academics" = H3(+H9)
"and career" = H10
“I have had a very hard time focusing in college and have fell behind on my studies. = Saturn Retrograde
“I am suspecting this is because of my jupiter retrograde in detriment gemini. = Not that Jupiter retrogrades....

Let´s take a closer look...

School is our first experiment in social integration.
School = Gemini = H3
(University = Sagittarius = H9)

So let´s see your H3 Taurus

A/ Saturn Retrograde = self-imposed limits
+ H11 Capri = difficulties in socializing, outside of a framework governed by strict rules.

B/ Jupiter retrograde = difficulties in socializing
+ Jupiter, ruler of your sun and of H10 = Carreer
+Jupiter in Geminy = Mercury H10 (conjunct Pluto)
+ Pluto: "the invisible" = not "natural" verbal communication (but powerful when unfolding within its area of ​​expertise)
+ Expertise is linked with Chiron (conj to your Sag Sun)

C/ Taurus = need to integrate the energies of the house concerned into one´s body = slowness (but when the energy is integrated, it is for all life)

So A + B + C = Life imposes an obstacle course on you for:
1/ being able to express yourself verbally (H3 "stuck")
2/ express your potential (H10 ruled by Jupiter retrograde + Saturn retrograde, because "natural" master of H10)
3/ create social ties (Saturn retrograde)

while your karmic memories (south node H11) are stuck there....for the moment.

Conclusion ?
Are you cursed?
No hopes?

Of course not, you have plenty of trumps cards in your game.
That will be the subject of a future episode.
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Apr 21, 2022 - 09:32
Sun Sign - VirgoAstrooo » anjalik

Lots to say about your theme.

In this episode, I will highlight the significant points of your chart in relation to your feeling of being unlucky.

= the feeling of injustice plastered on your soul.
Positive point = the opportunity to overcome this feeling to experience the "purest" Love = that of forgiveness towards those who have offended us.
Note: Read the story of Chiron, the tutor of Hercules.

From H11 Capricorn to H12 Aquarius
H11 Capricorn = Desire to contribute in a Saturnian setting = a social space governed by strict rules.
H12 Aquarius = the dissolution of the rules of H11 Capricorn for the expression of the Man God (Aquarius archetype) in the house H12 = return to the Source = Fear and Attraction mixed together
Note: we must also talk about the other planets of your house H12, but that will be the subject of another message

South node in the angular zone of the black moons in H11 Capricorn = Karmic memory of an "important" social role in the service of the community, in a Saturnian framework = strict rules and feeling of loneliness, because the objective takes precedence over any other consideration = no room for sentimentality.
= Feeling of Loneliness

IMMEDIATE perception of power issues.
No one can manipulate you.
ON THE CONTRARY, WARNING, you have a "natural" ability to be able to manipulate others, within the framework of the placement of Mercury conjunct Pluto = H10 and with the potential of Sagittarius (light = ability to socialize and federate a group around a project common; shadow: fanaticism)

Note: I also have Mercury Conjunct Pluto = I know perfectly the shadow (manipulation) and light part of this conjunction

it is "normal" that you experience a feeling of unease because your chart shows that the places of fear and suffering (which we all carry within us) are particularly active in you.
But don´t panic because it´s a great opportunity to confront them and sublimate them to reveal the light you carry within you.
You are young, you are just at the beginning of life´s marvelous path

In the next episode, we will look at the difficulties you feel within the school setting.
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Apr 20, 2022 - 16:12
Sun Sign - VirgoAl » anjalik
Perhaps the world has not cursed you or made you feel unlucky. Perhaps you, your soul, are the author of your life. Perhaps you chose your birth moment. Perhaps you wrote the outline of your life to include the challenges that you face, knowing that you could totally handle them, knowing that you wanted to meet them, that you want to find and hold the wisdom and self-knowledge that they call upon from you.
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Apr 20, 2022 - 13:45
Sun Sign - VirgoAstrooo » anjalik
your astrological chart is "interesting".
it presents many aspects to comment on.
I will do it in a few days.
one important thing: you are not "cursed".
for your dreams, I will explain to you later (it has to do with your Uranus H12 + other elements)
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Apr 20, 2022 - 09:22
Sun Sign - VirgoAstrooo » anjalik

do you often remember your dreams?
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