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Jul 3, 2020 - 12:30
Sun Sign - Ariesram_goat » allbuzz555
There can be planets.. but if they are not placed well, the end will be the same...

You have to look at pluto and saturn more closely.

Pluto/moon aspects don´t look too pretty, either.

But nothing is absolute. A lot of it has to do with the maturity and
emotional development of the individuals involved.

Astrology is not strictly mechanistic.
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Jul 3, 2020 - 12:19
Sun Sign - Ariesram_goat » allbuzz555
Pluto in Your Partner´s 7th house

When your Pluto is in your partner´s 7th house your partner finds you secretive, elusive, intense and mysterious. The Pluto person may become obsessed with the house person. The house person may look up to or respect the Pluto person´s fearlessness, or how they wield their personal power.

Negatively, the Pluto person may try to control the house person or who the house person associates. They might be dominating, controlling, possessive, jealous or vindictive.

The Pluto person may also have strong ideas on what a relationship should be and how one should act in one.
If this is a romantic relationship, then this relationship has the potential to deeply impact and transform the both of you. Marriage may be an ultimate goal or partnering in some form.

Positively the Pluto person will enable the house person to present themselves much more powerfully, to set proper boundaries with others, and exude more personal power.

If married, and the two of you decide on divorce, there may be many power struggles, and vindictive behaviors brought out, and you most likely will not remain friends. Again much depends on how mature both are, and whether or not either one has issues with power, to begin with.

Pluto in your partner´s 11th house

The Pluto person may try to control who the house person has as friends or have strong opinions about them.
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Jul 3, 2020 - 12:17
Sun Sign - Ariesram_goat » allbuzz555
Saturn in a partner´s 1st house has a stabilizing effect on the house person. The Saturn person can help the house person in many ways if used positively. Although the Saturn person can come across critical or might point out the house person´s flaws. The Saturn person usually has the house person´s respect and, therefore, the house person may monitor their behaviors more around the Saturn person. The house person might mature or become more serious as a result of the relationship with the Saturn person. The house person might take more interest in fitness or health or care more about how they present themselves or look in front of the Saturn person.

Saturn can also be suppressive or restrictive energy, so it´s also possible the Saturn person can make the house person feel blocked or suppressed in their normal expression and if the Saturn person allows the negative expression to play out, they can be critical and even cruel or mean.

In areas of intimacy, there can be blockages, almost as if an invisible wall exists between the two of you. However, this is usually a good placement for a long-term relationship because both parties usually want to be perfect in the eyes of the other.

If the house person is more immature, sloppy or flighty the Saturn person will point these things out, making the house person more aware of and probably willing to clean up their act.

The relationship with the Saturn person is like experiencing a Saturn Transit in the 1st house for the life of the relationship. Which means you will probably improve in many ways, and become a stronger, more confident and well-managed person as a result of the relationship.The house person will feel less likely to show emotional displays to the planet person.

This will be a serious and more traditional relationship, where the house person will learn a lot about how they present themselves to the world and may become much more conservative as a result of their relationship with the Saturn person.
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Jul 2, 2020 - 22:06
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » allbuzz555
I am not good at astrology but I like it and see it as merely a blueprint.

I would rather have a tough synastry or composite BUT one or especially both partners be aware of those charts and how to overcome than a wonderful synastry or composite but unaware of that blueprint, or the things that still may be tough, even in the best partner charts...

If that makes sense. Better to be aware of harder things with some easy than unaware of easier things with some hard.
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Jul 2, 2020 - 15:36
Sun Sign - Virgorohini moon » allbuzz555
The 7th house is known as the house of "partnerships" - this indicates business partnerships as well. Anyone can or may have planets located in the 7th house, this doesn´t always imply a romantic connotation.

We´re not promised a partner in life, but when/if it happens consider it a blessing.
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