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Jul 5, 2021 - 12:48
Sun Sign - LeoKasperanza » _lorem
This is a skill that you develop overtime as you progress in your astrological studies.
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Jul 5, 2021 - 12:45
Sun Sign - Piscesfishscales » _lorem
Don´t worry so much about the specific planets and aspects yet...just start with (in your case) interpreting "ruler of the 4th in the 3rd". This will give you a broad idea about the interplay of energies between those two houses.

When you have a solid feel for that (for all your house rulers, if you want), then move on to which specific planets are involved, include the aspects, etc.

And don´t forget to look at traditional rulers too. For your example, Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius, and his house position and condition will influence your 4th house affairs, along with Uranus.

I actually use the traditional rulers as the primary indicators in these situations, and the modern rulers as the secondary indicators, or to "shed more light."
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Jul 4, 2021 - 10:56
Sun Sign - TaurusRosincvist » _lorem
:152: :193: :162: :192: :161: :193: :152: You could immerse yourself into Astrology and find morbid details to be- :21: -il you for a long time!
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Feb 12, 2021 - 12:35
Natal Astrology: Libra or Scorpio energy
Sun Sign - AriesJayJayAstrology » _lorem
Your SP Sun went over the ASC about 4 years ago, so you may have felt like it was and still is a new beginning. SP Pluto won´t move much at all during the lifetime. We only really look at the personal planets - Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars for the progressions as the others hardly move.

Right now, you don´t have any SP conjunctions to natal planets. The next one will be SP Moon conjunct IC in Aquarius in July 2021 - you might have an urge to move or travel. SP Mercury will be next when it is conjunct natal Venus in January 2022 - using 1 degree orb. Perhaps your attention will turn to love or you will create an artistic masterpiece. You might have a spiritual experience.

Scorpio looks deeply at the heavy emotions. You may need to release some old feelings that you carry around with you. Most of us do need to let go of some pain.
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Feb 11, 2021 - 16:58
Natal Astrology: Libra or Scorpio energy
Sun Sign - AriesJayJayAstrology » _lorem
Leo MC - Sun is the ruler - so this is one way to see what you like to do - something creative, imaginative and soulful. Leo loves to be creative and express itself and be heard and to enjoy other people´s attention. It fits in nicely with your North Node.
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Feb 11, 2021 - 16:49
Natal Astrology: Libra or Scorpio energy
Sun Sign - Libragee95 » _lorem
I haven´t an idea what Fortuna does in a birth chart. Sorry sis. Lol Saturn in 5th house I guess has something to do with my not so fortunate love life so far... I believe I´ve heard that the 5th house is about relationship with your children.
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Feb 9, 2021 - 20:55
Natal Astrology: Libra or Scorpio energy
Sun Sign - AriesJayJayAstrology » _lorem
First of all, with so many planets in Libra - you will use Libra. And with Scorpio rising with Pluto and Mars in Scorpio, you will use Scorpio. It isn´t an either-or situation.

The Sun is NOT lost in the 12th house. You have Sun, Mercury, Venus and North Node all in the 12th, no doubt, for good reason - and you have a wound to heal with Chiron in Libra too. So let´s look at all of this.

The wound you are here to heal signified by the South Node in Aries, 6th house has to do with serving others at the expense of yourself. Aries suggests that this is a very intense feeling of having to do other people´s bidding, feeling like you have to do your duty, take responsibility for others. Perhaps it felt like a battleground having to meet everyone´s needs and satisfy everyone demanding your attention.

So the North Node with Sun, Mercury and Venus in the 12th suggests that in this lifetime, you can let go of those dutieis, responsibilities and sacrifices. That is the meaning of your those planets in the 12th. It´s freedom! And you can explore your creative self, your spiritual self, enjoy some solitude and peace and quiet to contemplate your navel, if that´s what you want to do. The 12th house is a place where we can let go of stuff. For you, you can let go of your identity of servitude - and having to be there for others at your own sacrifice. This is support for a whole new life.

Pluto and Mars in Scorpio can help you dive down into your repressed feelings - bring them up to awareness, so you can transform and let go of them. While Libra is all about relationship, in the 12th house, you can let go of relationship as a duty. Perhaps you may develop more artist type friends or spiritual buddies - or anything but helping others at your own expense. You can cultivate equality in your relationships.

Your Uranus Moon says - "I´ve got to be me" in Aquarius - you´ve got to stand up and be your own unique self and walk to your own drum beat. You will not use Libra to know yourself like most Libras. Libra is an energy exchange with people that Libra learns from. But not in the 12th house. There´s all bets are off - and my guess is that you are inclined to do something creative with your 12th house Libra Sun, Mercury and Venus.

Many people with Pisces Saturn seem to feel a bit "lost". Pisces is a very spacious place - not of this world - but of a more spiritual nature. Your Pisces Saturn is in the 5th house of self-identity and creative self-expression. So, it says, yes, you might feel a bit lost but it may also make you super creative. Pisces can be SO imaginative, inspired, creative - in any of the arts.

And then there is Jupiter in Sag in the 2nd house saying - have faith in yourself - expand, grow, learn - go for a variety of things - always keep the routine varied and never stagnant - set goals - achieve them - and be happy.

You are here to explore yourself in a whole new way. That always feels a bit "lost" because it´s a new beginning. One feels an awkwardness always in a new beginning. This is actually quite a nice chart to "feel" as I read it.

Don´t think about which planet you are using. You´re using it. You want to dive down deep, then dive down deep and release those repressed feelings. Both Pluto and the 12th house planets are there to help you release what is old and no longer useful. They are all great friends of yours. You have excellent intuition I bet. Trust it.

This isn´t a very emotional chart. The Scorpio rising can make a person feel cautious in relationships - and that is actually a positive given the rest of your chart. Pluto is evolving Scorpio - and my guess is, the thing Pluto is asking you to release is your tendency to help others, do for others - out of duty or feelings of responsibility. THIS is what Pluto wants you to change - to be aware of - and to stop doing.

Scorpio rising helps you to not so readily get involved with others.

Anyway, the Sun is in 12th with Venus and if you do not already have an art or something creative to put your passion behind, I highly recommend starting something. It can be art, writing, music, film, acting, carpentry, sculpture, ceramics, design - anything at all that feeds your creative spirit.

Pluto square Moon is telling the Moon to grow into a better Aquarius. That´s what you need. I really don´t think you are supposed to go so deep as you are to grow into something new. Yes, you need to know what to let go of, and Scorpio helps you investigate that. You are breaking bonds (Scorpio) with the past tendencies.

I love this chart. It feels fresh and new with the excitement of NEW. Be okay with the feeling of being a little bit lost. You´ll grow out of it.


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