Sun Square Saturn--Tips on Overcoming

December 23, 2019 at 20:00 (UT/GMT)
(Leo) RunnerChic85
Sun Square Saturn--Tips on Overcoming
It turns out I have the dreaded Sun :194: Saturn :28: After reading the descriptions of it, my gosh it rings true for me.

Anyone else have this, and have you successfully overcome this (and how)? Anything particular stand out in my chart? I feel like I´m at a place in my life where I´m ready to work on this aspect.

I´ve recently been placed in a leadership position at work (activities team), which I´m beyond thrilled about, but when my boss said "Go show everyone what you´ve got" I´m terrified I´m going to mess up and look like a joke to my whole department, and then I have memories coming back of times in the past I´ve gotten negative feedback (worst was when a former supervisor told me she thinks I have ADHD--I actually do, and that I should be prepared to always struggle in life ?).

I´m very thrilled with this work opportunity, and already have some fun ideas--I just don´t want to blow it.

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January 7, 2020 at 19:53
(Leo) RunnerChic85 » N_thecat
I do have that to some degree--when I accomplish something, I feel good for awhile, but then the feeling fades, and it´s like I´m always seeking out something more.

This moon square Venus has played out in a unique way. With Venus (in :174:) in my 1st, and moon (in :177:) conjunct Pluto (in :178:) in my 4th, there has always been tension between whoever I´m in a relationship with, and my family of origin, particularly my mother. She especially could not stand my now-husband (we started dating at 17), and even made some dirty attempts to break us up when we were younger. Thankfully my husband is a stubborn Taurus sun and moon, so her manipulative games never worked. Over time she has come to accept him, but there´s still tension between them, and I´m often caught in the middle.
January 7, 2020 at 19:54
(Leo) RunnerChic85 » leorising
Yeah never a dull moment! Especially with two Gemini moon kids!
January 8, 2020 at 06:03
(Aries) ram_goat » RunnerChic85
Of course my Sun-Saturn square has me worrying that they think badly of me that I´m coming across as "my way or the high way"--that is the kind of leader I DON´T want to be, or even be perceived as that. I appreciate her feedback, and her demeanor (as a Cancer rising, I pick up on EVERYTHING), suggests she knows I want to be a good leader and she will help get me there.

You´ll get through it. I am not sure if more libra in your chart would help or harm you. Upper mgmt´s suggestion was MBA leadership 101. A lot of "management" and "schoolteacher" involve lazy but clever tactics to keep the kiddies (be they the adult variety or the child variety..) busy and not doing destructive things like ripping up the flower beds or throwing crayons. For that matter, parenting can be dreadfully dull.

After you get over the initial anxiety, you´ll just have to learn fortitude and patience. Leadership of groups of people can be so dreadfully dull. It´s much more fun being a lone wolf, or solo artist in whatever you do, not having to deal with the politics and with stupid people/stupid ideas, but honestly lone wolf is the least dynamic and not really the higher road. It was good advice that you were given. Learn that process, and focus on mastering it, becoming adept and skilled at guiding and steering it, and ignore dissention, negativity, disagreement and conflict that arises in the course of the process. Accept these things as normal parts & products and side effects of the process working as it should. When kids reach a certain age when their legs are growing their knees sometimes ache.. but it´s just growing pains and it is completely normal. This is not a very "pink" example but if you ever watched that tv series band of brothers, Damian Lewis (red haired guy) enters WW2 as a lowly lieutenant and gradually gets promoted as the war progresses, but he does face one difficult promotion in the show.. he is always pleased and his "men" are pleased as he gets promoted to ranks that put him in charge of the enlisted guys because he is a good leader and the men see this. He is promoted over several crassly incompetent candidates in the show, but the difficult promotion for him was later in the war when he gets promoted high enough that he no longer leads the men directly, but has to observe and lead them from HQ. He goes to observe one battle and sees a man in one of his former ranks who is bungling the attack and getting men needlessly killed, and at one point he gets so agitiated he picks up a rifle and is going to join the battle and lead his former company himself, personally. He is stopped by his superior who is standing next to him. To pick up a rifle at that rank is not appropriate, so he has to choose another competent man to lead in the battle. He chooses a good guy but the incident illustrates that command responsibility takes different forms at different levels of rank.

With groups, you have to keep a certain distance, engage with what´s going on, but also be aloof at the same time. You have to guide the process. You can´t be that former enlisted guy or lower rank that engages directly with people´s ideas or their petty squabbles. You have to see the higher patterns and oh god I´m about to say it.. "synergies" within the group. You can´t take it personal, not the good stuff, not the bad stuff. When they do well the praise belongs to the group, when they do badly the criticism belongs to them as well. Your job is guide the process. Be careful you don´t dip too low and join "the group" as a peer, it will wreck your grip on control of the process and on the group.

The good thing is, don´t take things personal, the bad thing is, you have to learn new ways of empathy that also incorporate proper social distance, and learn not to follow your heart so closely until you learn the lessons, then you can consider listening to your heart again, but what you heart and feelings say to you will have changed at that point anyway, because you will have grown and matured in other ways and in other things.
January 8, 2020 at 17:26
(Leo) RunnerChic85 » ram_goat
Wonderful advice ram_goat! Not too familiar with band of brothers, but what you described is a wonderful illustration. I´m a fixer by nature, and probably would have picked up that rifle myself!

I have a tendency to want to be involved, but today is challenging me, in a good way, to take a step back and guide the process from afar. My group is finally getting dialogue going amongst each other, and presenting their own ideas to the team as a whole. I´m very happy to see this.

I like how you put it about the growing pains--there certainly is an adjustment period, since I, and my coleader who does the financials, tend to do things differently. I like to think far ahead and on top of things (maybe because I know from my past, and from self-awareness, that organization is not something that comes naturally to me). She is more chill and go with the flow. It freaks me out waiting until 3 days before for something. We actually had a good discussion yesterday about our differences.
January 8, 2020 at 19:01
(Aries) ram_goat » RunnerChic85
Wonderful advice ram_goat! Not too familiar with band of brothers, but what you described is a wonderful illustration. I´m a fixer by nature, and probably would have picked up that rifle myself!

Like I said, not a very "pink" example but that scene illustrates the tensions within the
hearts of certain types of leaders, and it is something you have to overcome within yourself
in order to fill your role properly at certain points. It doesn´t make it easier, but you have to learn to bend and adapt your nature at a certain phase of the game for your own personal development.…

this is the scene.. although it takes on a deeper meaning if you watch the series or the whole episode..
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