So,you want to be a Camgirl/Content Creator!?

January 24, 2022 at 18:21 (UT/GMT)
(Taurus) Boyan
So,you want to be a Camgirl/Content Creator!?
Here are some noted astrological traits for this kind of modern vocation:

1.Lilith in Aquarius in 2nd house.
2.8th house(Sun) trine Saturn.
3.8th house stellium in Leo.
4.5th house ruler conjunct 2nd house ruler.
5.Mars-Pluto-NN conjunction in 8th house.
6.Pluto conjunction Venus in 10th house.
7.Planet at 24th degree of Pisces.
8.Mars as ruler of 1st and 8th house trine ASC.
9.10th house stellium in Scorpio.
10.Planets at 7th and 19th degree of Libra.

Anyone you know? :6:
Do you agree with this claims?

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January 25, 2022 at 15:15
(Virgo) Aren Levi » Kisses

maybe they had but you did not notice ?

when youll get older youll find out - most of humans let chemistry to decide ... And in that case all of characteristics like age or married status goes away :3:
January 25, 2022 at 15:21
(Virgo) Etherealmind » Kisses
Well, you can´t act like an idiot either ofc lol but let´s say you´re clearly more "congratulated" on your body and your erotic attitude than who you are. It´s like being seen as a sexual object before being considered as a human being with a heart and a mind.

So in their case, (except working on their appearance doing sport, the clothes, plastic surgeries, etc.) I think it´s mainly a matter of practising and being able to "feel" the other person´s desires and the communication. A sort of emotional intelligence ...
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