INFJ personality type from astrological perspective

November 9, 2020 at 15:07 (UT/GMT)
(Cancer) ❀wildflower❀
INFJ personality type from astrological perspective
I am INFJ at this period of life and I think that it is because I have prominent Saturn and also T-square (Grand Cross as well) that are challenging to have.

Can anybody say the same?
What placements do you consider to be INFJedible/also other types like ENFJ, INFP, ENFP, INTJ, ENTJ ?
Please, share your opinion

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November 10, 2020 at 00:42
(Scorpio) Cynicaphy
If we´re going based on cognitive functions, INFJ leads with Ni (Introverted Intuition). Introverted intuition subconsciously processes sensory information gained through the inferior function Se (Extraverted Sensing).

For an Ni-dominant, I guess I would look to water sign placements for the intuition. Maybe a Scorpio emphasis...or some Neptune aspects.

For auxiliary Fe, I would look at people-pleasing placements. Socially conscious placements. Maybe Libra. Saturn can also make people more aware of the social structure, too. Idk.

Something along those lines.
November 10, 2020 at 04:31
(Cancer) ❀wildflower❀ » Cynicaphy
Good point, I also think Neptune should be part of it as planet giving invisibility and confusion as some say it is challenging to identify them. But also Neptune is intuition itself (btw, Neptune=intuition is literally in 4th house=introverted, Retrograde=closer to earth in Capricorn =sober look, realism, disillusioned inner world, Mercury and Neptune aspect - communication through vibes )

Scorpio could be (have Pluto stationary sextile Ascendant, trine Mercury and exactly on third house cusp) and Pluto transit in 4th house for a long time. I think Pluto transiting IC was a big part of it.

I noticed a lot of people that have Cancer and Libra on INFJ forums but I also consider the stellium in 7th and 4th house also or aspects that have this energy like many oppositions as Libra energy and maybe squares for Cancer as alternative

Might be Retrograde planets -feeling out of place and something to confirm old soul
And Uranus for feeling like outsider or stranger

Have all of this, kind of many options to rely on something to identify
November 10, 2020 at 04:35
(Leo) SilverStar
I am an INFJ and I also have a T-square.

Maybe you are on to something who knows...

Most people on here (in my opinion) don´t really appear to be knowledgeable about anything other then straight astrology, or they seem to be offended of being ´pigeon-holed" into a personality type, so It´s not surprising there isn´t many replies to this topic...
November 10, 2020 at 04:54
(Cancer) ❀wildflower❀ » SilverStar
Glad to find somebody who can relate)

You have Jupiter on IC as well like me. Moon (Cancer ruler) in 4th (Cancer house), so even it is in extroverted sign it is actually in introverted house, Neptune also Retrograde, Pluto close to Scorpio ascendant, Libra as well, there is something similar, wow.

It has been just several years in a row confirming same results (was passing test without any knowledge at that time and it was a big thing, all puzzles came into place). Maybe, it is indeed changeable and depends on transits so some may be labeled once and some are permanent INFJs

For me, when you say you are INFJ it kind of says so much, it was even a part of my job interview

I just checked celebrities that claimed they are INFJ and they all have T-square at least and considering that Grand Cross is in 1% of people same as true INFJ it could be something to check out
November 10, 2020 at 05:45
(Leo) SilverStar » ❀wildflower❀
Oh wow awesome, Thanks for sharing! If you want you can do my mothers chart, she was also an INFJ but hardened over the years and became more INTJ.

What celebrities charts have you looked up that are INFJ? I don´t know too many except Osama Bin Laden, Hitler, Ghandhi, and Mother Theresa.

We seem to be an extreme bunch :76: :21:
November 10, 2020 at 06:00
(Cancer) ❀wildflower❀ » Cynicaphy
I am wondering if you are INFJ

Saturn on MC as ruler of 4th house

You have also that paradox thing, Saturn in its own house (as ruling Cancer house, in Cancer - Opposite sign. Kendra houses are prominent in life. E.g. my Saturn is in detriment in Aries but in house and degree of strength (even exaltation) in 7 (Libra house). Jupiter in detriment but in house of strength in 4th. Paradoxes are part of INFJs

We are having Saturn transiting 4th house, for me it is INFJ discovery period)

Neptune (intuition) in 4th introverted
Libra Ascendant, That Ketu conjunct Ascendant lord is interesting, people interaction kind of talent from past
Second ruler of 1st house conjunct Uranus - being one of its kind in your circumstances, acting like one
Sun in Scorpio water sign
November 10, 2020 at 06:11
(Leo) Anni23 » ❀wildflower❀
Well yes I do have prominent cancer, libra and 12th house placements. However I also think that if you are to consider a direct correlation between mbti and astrology then you should consider that as with astrology and how we cannot change our signs or placements the theory of mbti isn´t as "fluid" as some people may like to think. And I don´t truly believe that people change types every few years.. sure maybe in fact they are borderline possibly.., but then probably the functions can settle slight indiscrepanices in testing

Also equally cancer, libra and Pisces placements I could see as being infp, enfp or enfj
November 10, 2020 at 06:15
(Cancer) ❀wildflower❀ » SilverStar
Yes, please. I would love to look at it, so interested

J.K. Rowling said she is as well as Carl Jung who founded personality theory
They are those who are 100% so J.K. Rowling has Grand Cross, Carl Jung has several T-Squares) and Saturn connection to Asc

Martin Luther King
Nelson Mandela
Mel Gibson
Mother Teresa (not having it at first glance)
And a bunch of little known such as Robert Buren, James Earl Carter, Vathaniel Hawthorne, Fanny Crosby, Fred McMurray, James Reston, Billy Crystal, Garry Trudeau,
Shirley Temple Black, Jerry Seinfeld, Gary Dourdan
Tom Schlec, etc.
they all have

I checked 30 people who was said to be INFJ in some websites for some reasons so it is under question, 16 of them had T-square and 6 had Grand Cross, almost everyone prominent Saturn (Capricorn ascendant or Saturn conj Ascendant, MC, etc)
November 10, 2020 at 06:42
(Cancer) ❀wildflower❀ » Anni23
Yes, I believe borderline INFJ could be INTJ or whatever
I am wondering if it could be related to planet periods, I am running 20-year Saturn period which means emphasis on house and theme then comes Mercury in 3 years and who knows maybe circumstances will push me to become ENFJ, for example, Mercury in 10th house (public). When I had Jupiter period till 8 years, my mom told I was extremely funny and joyfull and smth happened to me
Also, considering that progressed charts show your characteristics at the current moment so it says different Acs and everything else as if I was born actually 24 days later, we all might be changing and for simplicity call it in symbolic language which is signs at the starting point maybe they are already described considering the end result. E.g. people say Cancers behave like Capricorn first half of life and the point to find balance

Looked at you chart
Besides Neptune in 4th (generation thing for all Libra ascendants), I get it now, maybe for other generations other placements
Saturn from Sun wrapping up 7th house, from Moon starting 7th house, Libra house

Personally, I have never considered Pisces earlier
All my Enfp friends has Leo, Gemini, Scorpio themes
INFP friends have Pisces and Leo
Maybe INFJ Cancer, Libra, Capricorn (or Sagg) as many has Jupiter in prominent places or 9th house emphasis. Might something indicate Judgement
These are vague theories if it is even possibly to define it like this

November 10, 2020 at 07:38
(Cancer) ❀wildflower❀
All who replied so far have Venus Ketu conjunction (as for me Venus conjunction ruler of Ketu, Ke in 7th house, the house of libra/Venus), here comes talents in relationships and need for a bit of detachment

Neptune in 4th house or 4th house starts in Pisces (introverted intuition), interesting

Saturn in 1st, 10th, 7th house, and 5th (but 7th from Sun-Moon) - maybe judgments

Some paradoxes as well

Send you a video reminding me INFJ

November 10, 2020 at 12:10
(Sagittarius) goldenlion32
Saturn and Moon in Taurus/Venus/Mars/Jupiter in Scorpio. (introversion and feeler.

Cancer/Pisces in the 12th house, Scorpio/Cancer in the 4th house, and Pisces/Scorpio in the 8th house give the chameleon effect. Hard to read the INFJ!

Adapting to any social group, reading and scanning the social norms, rules, regulations. (Virgo Pluto Square Mercury in Capricorn). Shape shifting with Virgo Pluto and Sun in Sagittarius (Mutable). Not being noticed in the group which I have done plenty of time in different groups the last 12 years. Pretty much the INFJ can mirror any Personality Type.

Mars in Scorpio, Venus in Scorpio, Jupiter in Scorpio (Cobra Survival Mechanism) Might be South Node Leo on the 1st house as well.

My fixed signs are squares (Soul Lessons) all my life with transits. You can see them more on Astrotheme.

Virgo Pluto trine Moon in Taurus like Carl Jung thinking. Deepest thinking you can probably get.

The Uranus square Mercury and Pluto Square Mercury also has to do with the intuition.

While some love to say I´m the INFP, it´s simply the fact the INFJ can appear as the INFP. I can pretty much do both.

INFJ is the Spiritual Teacher, Natural Psychologist, Astrologer, and I´m a lot like Mother Theresa with the Saturn in Taurus/Moon in Taurus. I just have the North Node Aquarius versus North Node Taurus.

Empathic Leader

While the INFP is the Fiction Writer, the Empathic Teacher, The Social Worker. Which is more the 5th house/11th House axis with Gemini/Sag.

I can be the detective, the researcher, the military/police officer (Scorpio). INFJ

I´m the activist, advocate, like Martin Luther King (North Node Aquarius).

Well in the Human Design it kind of splits it up with three different directions and why my life path is probably number 3 as well.

Ha ha..why they say the INFJ is hard to read by others, because they "Believe" or assume, conclude, because I´m the observer and with North Node Aquarius in the 7th project on to me in the 1st house what they perceive. Which is what the South Node is all about in the 1st house the first part of your life in the Rahu Mahadasha, projections of the others and who they tell you, you are and you believe what they say.

Where Jupiter Mahadasha then tells you the truth and you learn you´re not what they say in their projections.

I think pretty much from looking at INFJ charts in the past, you´re going to have a hard time trying to always fit them in a box, since the archetypes, aspects, and houses are all different.

And it´s more geared to their specific soul intentions.

As I pointed out I have bits and pieces you can see in others charts.

I believe Gandhi had Mars in Scorpio and Venus in Scorpio and archetypes were similar, but different planets for him to utilize for his soul lessons.
November 10, 2020 at 13:01
(Taurus) dani_mae1
I too am an INFJ but I don’t think I have the placements everyone is referring to.

Very interesting topic.

I’m super curious what side of the INFJ (INFJ-T or INFJ-A) people are too! I happen to be an INFJ-T, though it’s been a while since I took the test.
November 10, 2020 at 13:02
(Taurus) dani_mae1 » dani_mae1
Here’s the difference between the two types:…
November 10, 2020 at 13:09
(Cancer) ❀wildflower❀ » goldenlion32
I think it is worth looking for major patterns
I extended your chart by including aspects to Asc, Mc etc. it shows you have Grand Cross pattern, lots of red lines, almost T-square. You know they happen rarely

INFJ or INFP, You have Ketu/Rahu in 1st/7th axis like me and also people before were having Venus, ruler of 1st house with Ketu (it tells more love to spirituality, maybe astrology club thing). I also think Rahu/Ketu has cobra effect. It is difficult to know person with this placement. I have Rahu in first house and I kind of a walking confusion sometimes

You also have Saturn on MC which was also the point, Neptune in 4th for introverted intuition and you have Venus so Libra energy right on IC, Moon which is Cancer energy in 10th (public eye) so you come across for authority and public as caring Cancer person while just Opposite Venus, Libra energy in private life (remember these signs are squaring each other by default, your Moon(Cancer) in 10th (Capricorn house), your Venus(Libra) in 4th house(Cancer house). Kendra houses, so prominent. Moon rules 12th house in 10th(public) could be resulted in invisibility (I am having Mercury as ruler of 12th in the 10th as well, but there should be more evident signs. I recently noticed, astrology says one and same message several times through signs, planets, degrees, etc.

I am trying to understand why I ignore sometimes Scorpio and Pisces that might be indeed a sign, maybe they are ruled by outer planets that are considered less important most of the time.
November 10, 2020 at 13:22
(Cancer) ❀wildflower❀ » dani_mae1
It was INFJ-T for me

You have prominent Saturn in the 10th house, same lunar nodes in 1st/7th axis that makes ask question “Who am I”, Neptune in the 1st house (chameleon), Neptune Retrograde could be introverted thinking, when I extended chart you had T-square with Lilith, another T-square between lunar nodes and MC, Venus on DC that kind of co-rules 4th house (Cancer), Moon in Libra, Moon close to Saturn

Pluto and Neptune are personalized as well
So then it could be generalized to lunar nodes in 1/7 axis or connection to Asc ruler
November 10, 2020 at 14:22
(Libra) Lib_8

A couple of months ago someone sent me a personality test and I discovered that I’m also INFJ personality type.
November 10, 2020 at 14:43
(Leo) Anni23 » ❀wildflower❀
Ohh wow no, phoebe is definitely a enfp or maybe infp. Because shes fluffy, bubbly, dreamy and "not all there" not in a bad way just a way that may seem flaky (Though actually could be a isfp too..) I think Pisces first actually as what her zodiac sign probably is
November 10, 2020 at 14:46
(Cancer) ❀wildflower❀ » Lib_8

Well, now the theory is modified

You have Neptune in the 1st, a T-square pattern (you have smoothing Kite pattern as well), Saturn is in the spotlight

Asc in Saggitarius (that is ruled by Jupiter which is in Capricorn) therefore the ruler of the first house (your path) in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn by default=Saturn energy), Capricorn itself resides in the 1st house so the co-ruler of the 1st house is Saturn and it is in conjunction with Venus (Libra energy)

Venus conjunct Saturn (Libra + Capricorn energy) = Venus+lunar node, or lunar node in the 7th house (more Ketu is suitable) so could be considered as well as an alternative identification

As for Cancer, only Lilith in 4th (Cancer house)
Very vague is also that Cancer resides in the 7th house and its ruler Moon is in Aquarius (Saturn is co-ruler of Aquarius)

Just to point out that:
Saturn (Capricorn), Moon (Cancer), Venus (Libra)
Capricorn sign square Libra sign, Libra sign square Cancer sign, Capricorn opposite Cancer sign by default, conflicting energy = creativity, change, like riding a car with squared wheels in a new direction
November 10, 2020 at 14:51
(Cancer) ❀wildflower❀ » Anni23
I was thinking infp as well cause she is so artistic and ignoring proper career
She is Leo as her co-stars but J Anniston is Libra with Saturn in the 7th

Maybe, you know a proper INFJ explained in an interesting way in store
November 10, 2020 at 15:07
(Leo) Anni23 » ❀wildflower❀
Well I suppose this may also depend on whether you think that certain domiant signs of yours become less domiant and others more dominant over time. Apart from the case of mc I can´t think of how this happens apart from integrating all of our signs together as we get older. Of course astrology is more fluid than mbti, although any changes with that too may just be us learning more about ourselves.

It sounds like you could at least be a bit of an ambivert though.

Pisces I think may be a bit more stereotypically infp. But then infps and infj´s are very similar if you have read the descriptions for both. Infp is dreamy, sensitive and very idealistic and sometimes almost out of this world. Are you sure that some of your Scorpio or gemini friends may instead be entp (of course that may be the case) just I would have thought that to possibly be the most common correlation, well this has a lot to do with how gemini and Scorpio usually seem to preference thinking.
Yes I think that judging and perceiving would be some of the harder functions to determine a link to. I think my moon though (in Virgo) makes me judging 😁😁
Perhaps though you have to look at all planets and see if there are certain themes happening (e.g. mercury reoccurring or other planets with similar characteristics)
November 10, 2020 at 15:12
(Leo) Anni23 » ❀wildflower❀
Yeah I can see that. That´s true this character kind of just does her own thing completely and says whatevers on her mind. Which I think is very p. Also she always seems so empathetic and intuitive of others feelings and wanting to do the right thing. Infp can be super into social justice like this, very ardent. Usually I really love them (most of them) although I had a infp friend until recently who had some serious problems and was incredibly judgmental.. (which oddly infp can be!) But most of them are very sweet I think
November 10, 2020 at 15:12
(Cancer) ❀wildflower❀
watched infjedible movie yesterday

Ketu´s hourses theme
November 10, 2020 at 15:41
(Cancer) ❀wildflower❀ » Anni23
Transits and planet periods and solar return charts and the house which is activated according to your age may decide themes whereas MBTI is psychology the more conscious you become and work on weaknesses e.g. be more understood by folks, learn tools, and actually change smth the more different you can be (maybe it also brings your planet placements to another dimension I mean another frequency whatever e.g. Neptune will soon conjunct my DC, I could either fall in love with somebody who deceives or are sentenced and think it is true love or Neptune could bring me a business partner in foreign investment industry/medicine/healing with the same placement, maybe it also could be shown in astrology that you will actually have this transformation, the more you know, the less you know

or extroverted introvert, funny cause MBTI showed 100% introvert as a result
I might be, will I enjoy it without a need to recharge is a question

Saturn is very ´judgemental´ so is Libra sign that ´brings justice´, Virgo of course too but more about ´critics´, I am having Mercury atmakaraka (planet with the highest degree, soul path) but these tiny things may complicate the overall picture

Meanwhile, I noticed your Moon and Mars conjunction is actually the ruler of 7th house conjuncts the ruler of 10th house (Libra house conjuncts Capricorn house) = Saturn+Venus

5 retrograde planets which I also consider an indication of the introvert, especially Mercury

strong Saturn in Aquarius, the ruler of which is in the 4th house (Cancer house)

I have four friends taken the test:
ENTP friend (Scorpio Asc, Virgo Sun, Libra Moon)
INFP 1 (Leo Asc, Virgo Moon, Pisces Sun - actually stellium there in scorpionic 8th house)
INFP 2 (Leo Asc, Scorpio Moon, Gemini Sun)
ENFP (Leo Asc, Gemini Sun, Moon Pisces in 8th house)

Yes, reoccurring themes are what we are looking for
November 11, 2020 at 01:47
(Scorpio) Cynicaphy » ❀wildflower❀
Yes, if we´re going by Vedic, Venus in Libra conjunct Ketu is my Atmakaraka (soul indicator). If past lives are real, I´ve brought over talents in interacting with people, art, music, etc. I think I am either an Fe dominant or Fe auxiliary, because that Venus in Libra is really strong and can manipulate people, cares a lot about social rules and being charming.

I know for sure that I have Ni at the top of my function stack, either dominant or aux. I give that to the Scorpio planets, Saturn as ruler of time too, and Sun, Mercury, Ascendant, and Moon aspecting Neptune.

I actually thought I was INTJ for the longest. I don´t really have a strong sense of self (debilitated Sun square Neptune too - father never in my life), so typing was difficult, especially when I was only 12 years old.

I don´t think I´m INTJ though. Fe is INTJ´s blindspot, and I´m far too aware of and play social games too often to be an INTJ.

And yes, this Saturn transit through the 4th house has brought quite a few changes, hasn´t it? For me, I moved houses. I saw it coming, though, a few months before. Saw the transit on my IC and felt that my mom and I needed a change. :)
November 11, 2020 at 03:33
(Taurus) RowanBun
INFJ-A type as well. I also got some fun patterns, several yods even.

Edit: Just took it again and got ISTP for the first time ever lol
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