Special connection?

September 16, 2020 at 11:46 (UT/GMT)
(Gemini) Soulstice
Special connection?
So I met this guy last year in November 19. We connected right away. After a few weeks, he said sth quite hurtful to me (but didn´t intend to he said later on and apologised for this), which has stuck with me since. We´ve talked a lot and really seem to ´vibe´ on a lot of levels. All in all, we have been through a few storms, but never dated.

I definitely feel an attraction to him, but he can be so hard/harsh! He´s also very practical & pragmatic. I´m always unpleasantly surprised by his bold remarks, which are quite harsh, and his hard personality. I´m convinced and also sense that he has a sweet inside, but don´t know if I´ll be able to ever reach that ... and if I should invest more time in this connection ... What do you think?

ME = BLUE / HIM = RED (don´t know his hour of birth)
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September 18, 2020 at 20:43
(Taurus) Castleflower
I would look at his natal chart.
Is his Mars harshly aspected? Be careful if his Mars makes hard aspects to Moon, Uranus, Pluto! or Saturn!!.
September 19, 2020 at 10:37
(Gemini) Soulstice » Castleflower
Hi! I´m new at astrology. Could you clarify?

This is his chart ... What do you think? We had a lovely evening this week (he told me he really really enjoyed it and that we should do this more often - it seemed sincere), but haven´t heard from him since. Always ups and downs with this guy´s behaviour :25:
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September 19, 2020 at 20:54
(Pisces) Asteroid #448
Im on my way to some other research but your chart is similiar to a chart I´ve checked!

First off, venus matching. That indicates similar love tastes. Its easy to get one another, like the same things, admire each others dressing, styles. Its overlooked but i think its important to know what the other would/could like.

Saturn on your node, grounds you and (hopefully) helps to make direct or create a foundation for the journey. Can make you feel very secure and/or restricted. Very karmic and significant for past relations as well!

Moon sextile moon is heart, good flow. But if you don´t know time then all of this would change.. I´m unfortunately stingy and if i dont know this info i wont even bother doing in depth synastry simply because houses are key placements that talk about the person themselves.
Also, your last comment. I think I rationalize relationships just a teeny bit, mind me, but i rather have my head than not, its early days still but if its shady, flakey, inconsistent, crumbly, lol you get the gist, i wouldn´t bother about someone who doesn´t know if they´re coming, gone or going.

My r10.. And some change :4:

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