Nature of transits, people coming into your life like transits and how to find out who you would attract

October 7, 2019 at 05:06 (UT/GMT)
(Capricorn) jaderosez
Nature of transits, people coming into your life like transits and how to find out who you would attract
Before I continue to talk about my findings of astrology, there are certain things I´d like to ask because I hear certain things being thrown around a lot.

One thing I hear often is people who come into your life are like transits? So what does that mean? Does that mean that if someone has a stellium in your 8th house, you´ll tend to attract very 8th house situations?

I also want to know when are transits activated? Through solar return chart activation? I´ve learnt this technique through astrolada in which you look at your perfaction asc and see where it´s ruler is on your solar return chart and on your birth chart and that´s the house themes that will play out in your life.

I´m always in some pluto transit, and these years I´m utterly afraid of them and they activate in such different times. I sometimes feel them and sometimes don´t. The times I felt them strongly was during the activation of my solar return chart through the technique I just listed.

These days I´m going through parallel pluto transits before I experience the real deal(pluto conjunct mars and trine moon) and I´m scared to pieces. I depend on astrology and tarot and I feel like without them, I´d have committed suicide by now.

Anyways, I´d like to touch upon a few things I have discovered. I am a tropical Vedic astrologer or at least that´s what I practice. Don´t ask me why I think tropical is the correct zodiac, I´ve done much research into this topic and that´s the conclusion I came to. I follow the likes of earnst wilhelm. But I do incorporate much of Vedic astrological techniques to my astrological readings such as those by Jaimani, and parashara and I love nakshatras.

First your descendant lord, and your lowest degree planet is what you´re going to attract and anything with these planets. The descendent´s lord´s nakshatra and your lowest degree planet´s nakshatra (now you have to research the meaning) is going to indicate the career. Trust me it works. Now one nakshatra will have multiple different careers but the theme of the nakshatra is going to play out in the hobby/career of the person. For example, the guys I fall in love with all had mula nakshatra as their lowest degree planet.

This is how the planets look like.…

I´m planning to go into psychotherapy or some sort of research. One guy´s ex is a radiation therapist. Mula is a nakshatra characterized by getting down to the bottom of things, research, roots, depth-kind of like pluto themes.

I´m going to leave it to you guys to do your own research on the nakshatras and see if it works for you. Look up any planet excluding neptune, pluto, uranus, north and south node so do the seven main planets. Look up the nakshatra of the lowest degree planet it is in .…

Get the tropical coordinates. I´ve done readings for people through this and it worked. But you kind of have to learn the nakshatras to see how they manifest in real life.

Also this isn´t the be all or end all person you´ll end up with. One thing I´ve realized is that this is how it works(I´m going to be humble and say this is my little theory).

Let´s say you need to be taught a lesson or need to be directed to the right path or you go through a love transit:

A person who best represents your chart living in your vicinity will enter your life. You two may or may not work out karma in order to start a life together. If you two haven´t, that means you´ll go your separate ways.

When your frequency slightly changes as a result, you´ll attract someone else that best represents your chart and you best represent his.

However, let´s say there are three people living in your vicinity that best represent the partner in your chart. Your frequency, and whose chart YOU best represent will determine whose life you enter. This doesn´t mean, that the better you are, the better quality men who represents the partner in your chart, you´ll attract.

It just means that the better you are (define this in either way), you´ll attract the person who has a better partner in their chart.

Which brings me to my final point, I do think your appearance, your outlook in life, whose in your life, whether you´re bitter or sweet, pragmatic or open hearted determine who will enter your life.

But it´s also very important to realize that if someone has bad karma in their chart, make sure they don´t trigger you to act in a certain way which makes you the ´bad´ partner in their chart.

I´ll give you an example, let´s say someone has their lowest degree planet in pushya (the nourisher, the priest), you may find someone in a profession in which they are a priest, works with milk products, food, or even in the government (as brihaspati-the god of the nakshatra was said to work for indra). Let´s say the planet that is the lowest degree is moon. So you´ll attract someone who has lighter skin, and perhaps a little chubby, and emotional and instinctual.

Let´s say there are three guys who works in the food industry or priests who has (as an example I´ll use mula) as their lowest degree planet. But guy #one guy has jupiter with neptune as their lowest degree planet, guy number two has saturn as their lowest degree planet/descendent lord, and the guy number three has venus as lowest degree planet all in mula.

If you start being kind, grow out your hair, dress beautifully, be social, and artistic and beautiful, maybe gain a healthy amount of weight that LOOKs good, you´ll attract guy number three. If you form a more pragmatic outlook in life, lose tons of weight, cut your hair you´ll attract guy number 2. If you start being optimistic and maybe even optimistic enough to be naive, and end up being more forgiving and kind, you´ll attract guy number one.

This is my theory, and this is also something I´ve tested in my friend´s chart, as well as my own. I´m also aware, many people almost never change their looks or personality in their life, and have fixed charts and that´s fine. But I do believe, there is some free will in certain things like, love and relationships at least for MANY people.

Another thing I´d like to add is what´s in the 7th house shows how the relationship will feel like.

Mars-battles and maybe abuse
Venus-beautiful and romantic
ketu-spirituality or endings
saturn -there may be obstacles but it´s long term


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