Uranus transiting the 7th - a tip about making people do things

January 25, 2023 at 01:16 (UT/GMT)
(Leo) cubic
Uranus transiting the 7th - a tip about making people do things
Well you cannot. Anything that has a tinge of controlling behaviour seem to give permission to people to oppose it, consciously or not.

It´s kind of funny, but it´s difficult to realize it´s happening.

This guy who I was assigned to get through a bunch of bureaucratic stuff, started behaving strangely, even against his own interests, once I was frustrated enough with his delays, that I tried to get him to be on time, and show up for the appointments. If he wouldn´t accomplish this, he´d miss on some good money. I thought that would be motivating enough, but no, once I tried to get him going, all bets were off. In a very subtle and friendly way everything went to shit. :61:

However as sometimes happens in the Uranian style chaos, he came up with a kind of an awesome solution where a lot of steps could be skipped and the goal still accomplished.

So at some point trying to make sense of his sudden change of behaviour, I remembered how I was doing the same thing when I was dating a Libra ASC when Uranus was in Aries (passing through her 7th). Any little tinge of controlling behaviour would give me full permission to do whatever I want and oppose what was wanted from me, regardless of consequences.

So yeah..have this in mind Scorpio Ascendants. While Uranus transits the 7th, its powerful energy makes it tricky to direct people. Gotta let them just come or persuade in detached way. Something like that.

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