♀ energy in Sivan…

June 22, 2022 at 19:37 (UT/GMT)
(Aries) legacyartist247
♀ energy in Sivan…
{ Passionate communication challenge } ♀~ ♊︎ ⏳

So….. around 7:24 pm cst 🇺🇸. Transit ♀will be near 29º 59’ tropical ♉︎. Assuming you are familiar with the themes of houses three, & nine; ie: “i think”, “i explore”… & how they relate to this current moon phase. I’d like to envoke a degree of mental stimulation by challenging any, & all who would accept the notion of _wordplay_ by creating, & defining in juicy explicit detail a whole new word, phrase, or concept on the say Urban Dictionary platform. Originality is paramount! So for your sake screenshot the “lack of definition” screen with your word~phrase in the search bar in the off chance you shake up the world as a result of your unbridled subconscious mind boiling over to the surface influencing a modern society in ways only few could fathom. I’m no stickler for rules, but I’d suggest patience if you have a tendency to brain fart as a result of extroversion, or have unique ♂ ☿ energy.

*The challenge would entail; influencing modern society for better, or worse (you decide) through expansive, passionate, rational, communicative “word play” either before ♀reaches 0º ♋︎ for those of you who have an inclination for patience, Or before the new ☽ in ♋︎ if you lean towards extroversion…
If you’re a confident elite wordsmith, then by all means let it rip!


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June 24, 2022 at 02:14
(Aries) legacyartist247


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