Share your story! How did you met your spouse/partner/bf/gf/ex? And what their Mars and Venus sign?

June 22, 2022 at 08:39 (UT/GMT)
(Leo) stayathomewife
Share your story! How did you met your spouse/partner/bf/gf/ex? And what their Mars and Venus sign?
If you don´t mind share your story of how did you met your spouse/partner/girlfriend/boyfriend (ex-partner is okay too), just story about you guys meet. And what their Mars and Venus sign (Sun sign too if you want). I´m just kindda in the mood of want to read how did you met your partner story, please share! TIA!

I´m more into want to know their Mars sign, because astrology said this: [ Mars is the planet of sex, drive and action. In a man’s natal chart, Mars is how he shows his strength, his masculinity, how he might go about impressing a potential partner. ] So please comment me their Mars sign, because it their drive, it how they go after what they want to get what they want.

I guess I go first, please skip the below if you not want to read rambling, I´m just chatty, lol. But please share yours!


Long term marriage. Met my husband over a decade ago, never parted a single day since.

We lived in the same neighborhood, his apartment was 5 min within walking distance from my apartment.. We first were acquaintance. I guess he noticed me first, because he purposely chose the public stairs that closest to my apartment, quietly sit there and wait for me. Day by day gone by whenever he back from work or have the freetime, he would come back to this same stairscase wait and wait. Alot of patience. And when he saw me walk by, he just stood up STARE and STARE at me. Day by day was like this, the stares and the quietly waited outside my stairscase. he such a love-idiot, lol.

He never come near my door or bother me. He just quietly sit outside the stairs to wait for me. In cold weather of winter time, he still came back to this same staircase sit and wait for me.. He confessed that he wants to get to know me more. So he choose the public staircase closest to my apartment to sit outside and wait, hope to see me when I came home. This was some Determination.

Then we became friends. So many nights he carried me on his back (he piggyback me) and walked slowly around the neighborhood and talk. Many times when he carried me on his back walk slowly, and he said things weird things like: "He just wants to carry me on his back like this, he wants this moment to never passed. So he can be by my side. So he doesn’t have to find ways to see me, find ways to bump into me. So he doesn’t have to sit outside my staircase wait and wait for me."

It wasn’t hard to get to know him due to our close distance (lived in same neighborhood), we saw each others day in day out and spend time together day in day out. I was touch by his persistent, so I gave him a chance. And that how it started. And here we are, it been 11 years and counting, he still loves me just like back then and still just as obsess with me, lol. If there anything he loves me MORE after married, Not any less. He is an awesome husband. No regrets for me this lifetime.

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June 22, 2022 at 10:26
(Pisces) 11
What a nice story :12:

I don’t have such stories :42: only watch Bollywood movies and dream that these things happen to me one day.
Maybe when 2 Pisces meet.
June 23, 2022 at 17:14
(Leo) Sneks
We met at a birthday party. He was hired to take photos and I was a guest. That has been going on for almost 20 years. I think the reason is that his and Mars and Saturn in the sign of Gemini fall into my seventh house.
June 23, 2022 at 19:50
(Taurus) nutelina
How romantic! Was he waiting like this?

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