How´s this match?

September 14, 2021 at 17:37 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) alinat
How´s this match?
hi, everyone!

i’m fairly new to astrology and i’m still learning about it all, but analyzing synastry charts between me and my closest people in my life, fascinates me!
however, this synastry chart between me and my partner seems a bit too complicated for me to fully comprehend and analyze due to 12th house stellium and other powerful aspects.
could you guys please try to explain this synastry chart to me on a deeper level, since i think it’s a fated, past life, karmic related relationship?

thank you so much :)

(i´m blue and my partner is orange btw)…

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September 15, 2021 at 13:34
(Taurus) irina1998
Hi there!

I am also farely new to astrology so I can´t really get deep into this.
Indeed the 12th house stellium is remarkable. I think it depends on how mature people are and how much digging they´ve personally done on their inner world emotional and spiritual. 12th house can mean karmic bonds but at the same time it would be placing things under the carpet, not being capable enough to realise why things occuring or how your partner is having an affect on you.
It could feel like one is being exposed.

Mars square Mars and Mars swuare Sun could be ego crushings from both parties and or/ fighting depending again on the maturity of each person.

You got lovely aspects involving Venus with sun Moon Mars and Pluto!!!! Super magnetic, erotic, deep feelings and passion!

I think a little attention is needed with the harsh Neptune aspects to personal planets (rose coloured glasses / lies / illusions / misscomunication)

To me it seems a very deep emotional and subconsious synastry!!!

Unfortunately I cant take this even further cuz as mentioned I am new to astrology. If you got some free time I would love to see your comments on this post of mine ( synastry too haha)…

thank you!

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