North Node at 3th house

August 27, 2021 at 01:11 (UT/GMT)
(Gemini) iiiiiraaaaannnn
North Node at 3th house

Once someone told me that who have North Node at 3th house shouldnt live abroad(in another country). Does it make sense in my case?

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August 29, 2021 at 17:01
(Gemini) iiiiiraaaaannnn
August 29, 2021 at 18:08
(Taurus) s81
Mmm I think that´s an oversimplification, it might be the case for some of those with the North Node in the 3rd house that it´s better not to move abroad, that´s because the South Node is in the 9th house (foreign countries), but it´s not always the case, that house also means other things (higher education, philosophy, religion, etc).

In your case, Jupiter is in your 4th house, you´ve also the Lot of Fortune in that house, so I guess is not a bad choice for you to stay in your country, may be with a relocation that satisfy your North Node in 3rd house (short travels).
August 29, 2021 at 19:02
(Gemini) iiiiiraaaaannnn » s81
Thank you s81
August 29, 2021 at 19:45
(Aries) nutelina » s81
Hmm I live abroad but I never felt home. I didn´t feel home were I was born either.
August 29, 2021 at 20:07
(Taurus) s81 » nutelina
Did you visited a country in which your Sun falls in it´s 4th house? I do, and I felt at home there. In any case, that´s not for everybody neither.
August 29, 2021 at 20:49
(Aries) nutelina » s81
Hmm now that would be far away since my Sun is in the 10th house now?
August 29, 2021 at 21:07
(Taurus) s81 » nutelina
I don´t know where are you, but if you say your Sun falls in the 10th house of the country where you are, it´s opposite to the 4th house.

In case you are in the Czech Republic as stated in your profile, and if the chart at this site is correct:…, your Sun falls in the 7th house of the Czech Republic, so it´s in square to the 4th house. A sinastry between your chart and the country´s chart shows that.
August 31, 2021 at 12:25
(Aries) nutelina » s81
>I don´t know where are you, but if you say your Sun falls in the 10th house of the country where you are, it´s opposite to the 4th house.

Good point!

However the Czech Republic didn´t exist when I knew it and now I don´t like it anymore for some reason for a few reasons. I still like it more than Holland, much much more that´s why I would prefer astrocartography. Note any state is just a legal entity.
August 31, 2021 at 15:10
(Capricorn) Joanna Suzanne
My friend with north node in 3rd house loves travelling and moved abroad, found love and successful career there. I can´t imagine that anyone should or shouldnt do something, because of the chart. You can even have wrong birth time and get the wrong chart. I wouldn´t follow astrology religiously.
October 12, 2021 at 23:01
(Gemini) misspix
Looking at your chart, your N. Node is in Aries in your 4th house.

The 3rd house is about your community and short-distance travel. It´s also about your early education, any siblings are there as well. Opposite the 3rd house is the 9th house which is about long-distance travel, higher education, foreign lands, and your philosophy. Since the north node is to represent what you should move toward, the person who said you shouldn´t travel was basing that on what I just shared with you here. But that´s irresponsible for an actual astrologer to make that kind of judgment off of that one part of a chart. Especially when your north node isn´t even in your third house anyway. Unless they were using a different house system maybe. Plus, there is also the sign to consider not just the house.

The fourth house is all about your home. that´s where your north node is and it´s in Aries which is all about you making things happen for yourself and being a warrior.
October 13, 2021 at 10:55
(Gemini) iiiiiraaaaannnn » misspix
Thank you a lot!
October 13, 2021 at 12:42
(Aquarius) Tightrope-dancer
Did they say why?

It´s not because :162: is in the abroad area (9) :161: says to avoid travel. It can also go about seeing facts out of the convictions you have adopted. It´s like Oskar Schindler who evolved from a Nazi party member to a savior of jews because he saw the injustice of the system he supported. Don´t know if that´s actually the case, only have a chart without houses (but :161: in :174:). It´s just an example.
October 13, 2021 at 13:18
(Leo) Anni23 » s81
Oh ok I didn´t even know this. I have actually been told before that it is Better for me to live in a country other than my birth country.
? Which I have done. I think that was either because of my asc ruler being in the 9th or my moon in the 12th?..
Any thoughts on this from what you know?

Though actually regardless of the exact reasons provided I don´t think that I would/and haven´t based my location off a assessment like this.

Besides which I wouldn´t say that someones birth country is always what defines their "luck" or whatever you want to call it, equally to moving somewhere expecting instant change

Though maybe because of my moon being in the 12th I´ve always had a ambiguous sense of home
October 13, 2021 at 17:20
(Taurus) s81 » Anni23
"Which I have done. I think that was either because of my asc ruler being in the 9th or my moon in the 12th? Any thoughts on this from what you know?"

I think your Uranus in the 4th house is also involved in a possible explanation.

"Though maybe because of my moon being in the 12th I´ve always had a ambiguous sense of home"

Well, of course that counts in your case, also being your 4th house in Capricorn it is ruled by Saturn which is retrograde, in inconjunction to your Sun and disposing Uranus and Neptune, so generally speaking may be it´s not an easy task for you to find a place which you feel like home.
But since it´s a perception thing, I guess your bet is to pay attention to the countries/states/cities/etc that you do visit and how do you feel there.
October 14, 2021 at 15:42
(Leo) Anni23 » s81
First of all I think that this overall "issue" I have may be due to multiple factors, but it´s difficult to say which has the greater weight.

I mean also though we should look at all the factors of different placements discussed I also think that our signs have a huge influence too

So just looking at Capricorn and what´s going on inside my 4th house to start with I think it´s a bit odd. Because the sign of capricorn has many associations like duty and attempting to have Strong social connections particularly to ones family I think. But then I have Both Uranus and Neptune in this house. (Which of course are conjunct as with anyone else born around this time)

In a way having my 4th in Capricorn is a really good grounding aspect to have otherwise I would only have Sag/gemini/3rd house/12th house themes to go by
Sag and Capricorn are two Very different inclinations to have though

Then the next question would be as you have implied that it´s "a perception thing", so where does my sense of perception come from. The answer to that I think could be Really broad

But then if I am to just look at themes that have reoccurred throughout my life and the place I am in now I don´t know if I should focus more on perception than my personal history

I do believe in the "general concept" of home, that much I know

But then also I know that the 12th house is embedded in my concept of home. So I think that I have to work with that

I sincerely hope that I can go beyond these early defining experiences and maybe some inclinations that I still have and just fuse my life together lol

I don´t want my life to be this endless abstract experience :23:
I think objectively that Sag-12th house ideas of home are a bit odd (though not necesarily unachievable)
Because partially it´s like a journey through the mind before ypu can even feel physically settled
October 14, 2021 at 15:48
(Leo) Anni23 » s81
Also as for the definition of "Home", that´s another confusing factor.
Generally there is some consensus that with most people it involves both place and people

But then also it´s like conceptual, so if you didn´t get that growing up, even if you wanted it, it´s somewhat difficult to just create a idea of it

Maybe having neptune in the 4th also confuses it further?

But then should I look to my 5th house too? (Which is the ruler of my 4th) What does this even mean??
Leo for me seems to firstly indicate loyalty if nothing else.
So maybe there´s some potential there

Interestingly considering all the possible influences I have mentioned I come from a Sag/Aqua family with venus in Cap
October 14, 2021 at 17:33
(Taurus) s81 » Anni23
"Maybe having neptune in the 4th also confuses it further?"

Sure it does, specially being conjunct to Uranus, both retrograde. It´s not easy at all to understand the expression of all that. And add to that many planets in 12th house (analog to Piscis) expressing in an holistic way.

I guess you are in front of a riddle, but not a logical one. You won´t solve it by analyzing and reasoning I´m affraid. That´s why I suggested you the exploration, the experience and the perception ways.
That conjunction Neptune-Uranus is like cloudy waters (Neptune) revolved erratically (Uranus). If you want to know what´s behind them, you´ll have to submerge and "feel" what´s there.
October 15, 2021 at 05:56
(Leo) Anni23 » s81
Very good advice, thank you

It´s odd because to counteract the Piscean influence I had thought that having those two mentioned houses under Capricorn anf Virgo might help create balance and stability.
But in truth there has been a real issue of what you have mentioned.
It´s odd for me that when I try to actively or mentally conceptualize I fall into this grey area currently, of oscillating between a intellectualised conception of what I want and belive in and how I do or don´t fit in as a individual and a "idealised" concept which in some ways may be considered analogous to what people actually feel when they are connected to anything "home-origin" related.
I actually have found increasingly that astrology has given me something in this regard that I didn´t have before, and it seems to link back to original ideas I´ve had

It seems that the latter thought patterns may be more analogous with piscean imaginings. But there´s this weird attempt to try to "ground" this energy, so at times I don´t know how strong it really is

Or maybe it is my unconcious which I have been ignoring. Which could be bad. But then also there are warnings given about listening to neptunian ideas and confusing it with reality

Maybe because I don´t really have a solid sense of actual/practiced reality I fall into a kind of limbo

And I´ve felt that there could be a more real, tangible sense of home through the intangible conceptions/connections.. depending on what definitions you are working with
Though this takes a lot of getting over virgo tendencies to pick oneself apart

But then also it´s difficult to even say what is fanciful hopes and expectations about life and what is a "real-semi intellectualised" assessment of what "may" be real

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