What is deep thinking?

July 20, 2021 at 19:31 (UT/GMT)
(Virgo) kosmic.kitten
What is deep thinking?
I don’t understand why I think so far into things.
Like, unusually deep. Like I flip over every-fucking-stone.

I know for a fact most people don’t read between the lines that I do. Otherwise they probably wouldn’t do and act the way they do.
As a collective....
In fact, I think most people are idiots and not very observant.

Do people really go their whole lives with their head in the clouds? In la-la-land?

You might be wondering how I’m tying this to astrology... let alone posting on this forum, but I ultimately and genuinely believe that it has something to do with my wiring. 100% it does.

So which one of you spiritual and astrological electricians that can help me understand this weird, deep thought wiring ?

Where in the/my chart would this/my attitude point to?

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July 20, 2021 at 19:48
(Leo) Cheliel
Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn at the MC: the intuition of hidden structures plays on the relationship to the world and the desired influence on the exterior.

There is a strong link with the collective unconscious and the way to seize it in order to unveil it, to describe it sensitively, to interpret it.

Nevertheless, one must beware of the haughty tendency of Capricorn, who because he grasps the underlying structures of the world, seeks to assert his power, all the more so as Uranus is concerned and there is with the energy of this planet, the desire to destabilize the certainties. This being the case, the trap can be to point out the wrongs, without feeling concerned by them. This can also suggest a blindness to one´s own similarity to the principles, the groups, the aberrations that are denounced.

For example, writing a post to describe the superficiality of people who only think about themselves and lack depth, while having a question that will lead others to talk about us, thus bringing the subject back to an egocentric level, something that is also criticized from the beginning.
July 20, 2021 at 20:42
(Taurus) Rosincvist
The unemotional answer; Gauquelin did Empirical Logical Positivist Research and wound-up hated by both Scientists and Astrologers for erring on the side of pure provable thought!
A real depth of thought involving :160:, :178:. and eighth house needs to be seriously investigated beyond wacky tangents!
July 20, 2021 at 21:54
(Leo) MichelAngelo
I would also note here a fairly important fact, who knows or not the most important one: you have the South Lunar Node (Ketu) in the 12th house, in the sign of Aries and in the Krittika nakshatra (yes, the sanskrit name isn´t accidental here). The passionate, almost compulsive "digging up" of topics that are especially interesting to you in search of an excuse to point out someone´s weakness, incompetence, and to try to prove the "idiocy" taking place among others, seems to be a plane on which your soul feels like a "fish in water". You could say that it´s your "starting point" for the trips you conduct over and over again to explore the areas still unexplored by your soul and represented by the Rahu.
July 21, 2021 at 07:16
(Leo) Cheliel
To add to what Rosincvist said, Gauquelin´s work highlighted the fact that the planets at the angles were highly valued in the construction of personality and above all that there was no statistical evidence between planets and signs.

The signs in which they are located do not seem to value the planets in the expression of their characteristics. In all cases, it appears that it is essentially the proximity to the angles of the chart (with an effect of priority from the ascendant to the nadir, in a clockwise direction), which makes a planetary function preponderant.

In VampiricVirgo´s birth chart, the dominant planets appear to be (in order of priority): Neptune, Uranus, Mars and Mercury.

Depth is not the exclusive characteristic of Pluto. Neptune and Uranus put forward the characteristics of the planets invisible to the naked eye, that is to say the impalpable, the subtle, what is going on in the events but which is not perceptible by the only exercise of the senses or of pure common sense. They also favor the highlighting of the unsuspected workings presiding over the unfolding of circumstances and in this way participate in the depth of being.

Together, Neptune and Mars contribute to enhance sensoriality, the subjective order of perceptions and the sensory aspect of the personality. It would not be strange for VampiricVirgo to be a receptive and hypersensitive person, because she feels violently the slightest variations of her environment.

When Uranus, Mars and Mercury dominate the foundations of personal development, one usually ends up with insightful, curious and active people, which brings out a strong sense of ingenuity based on the potential to solve what at first seems intractable in terms of practice and logic.

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