Jupiter and Cancer 12th house

February 20, 2021 at 02:59 (UT/GMT)
(Leo) Keiaia
Jupiter and Cancer 12th house
I have Jupiter and Cancer in my 12th house. Curious to hear interpretations.

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February 22, 2021 at 18:38
(Taurus) IIyyaarr13
:41: I am being harangued right now about rights to the old computer!
:156: in your chart is in a very talented degree, looking to :179:, :159: is giving creativity to :156: through :179:; Everything has some influence in another department which is why were always told to look at the whole chart!
February 23, 2021 at 02:31
(Capricorn) Emanuel
From Wayman Stewart books " The Rising Sign-Welcome to your life" and " Jupiter and Saturn in the houses"

Few people, if any, know just how unsafe and uncared for you can feel. You’ll also spend a great deal of your life keeping this secret from yourself, oblivious to all of the unresolved needs and emotions inside of you. Cancer ruling the 12th House, the house of secrets and one’s inner realm, means that your feelings can be so deeply internalized that expressing them and acknowledging them completely overwhelms you. There is a lot of evidence here that being a Leo Ascendant involves working through emotional repression, knowing how you hide your vulnerabilities and weaknesses to you confidently face the world.
Doing so is an unhealthy way of being that is only going to contribute to constant self-sabotage. Feelings do not just go away. Instead, when your emotions are ignored, that energy turns into something else, often something destructive and undermining. It’s the driving force behind your dramatic episodes or temper tantrums. Though you easily ignore the reality of your feelings, you’re not exactly unemotional. You have a great deal of passion and live very much from your heart. Like the big kid that you are, it is hard for you to manage those emotions or to even know or explain why you’re feeling the way you do. Then, your emotional energy comes out explosively, childishly, or pridefully, turning you into a spoiled brat or a big baby. It’s interesting to watch someone with this Rising sign transform before your eyes from a capable, self-assured leader to a child who is throwing an angry fit or calling out for Mommy.
Having major mommy issues comes with this placement because the house that Cancer rules describes our relationship with our mom and how we experienced her. The 12th House always creates some suffering and pain in regards to whatever energy is in it. With the Moon as the 12th House ruler, Leo Risings have endured a deep-seated pain or suffering because of their mothers. In many cases, it’s because the mother is mentally ill. Her behavior can be extremely manipulative or highly delusional. A classic example is the Mom who plays the martyr, victimizing herself somehow through the usage of guilt, lies, or projection, acting like a savior for the child when she’s really a nightmare. However, there are also many examples where the bond between the mother and child is just a very sensitive, empathetic one. More often than not, this leads to a dynamic where you felt unconditionally loved by her and where she did actually exhibit genuine selflessness and compassion for you.
Yet, in this instance, there was some way that the mother figure suffered and went through a lot of pain. You picked up on a lot of that and internalized it, maybe feeling like it was your fault and like you should be a savior to her. Whether you had a mentally sick Mom who put all of her issues on to you or you had a very sad, helpless, or physically ill Mom who you tried very hard to heal, you effectively became a mother to your own mother. In the process, like a good mom, you put aside your own needs in order to take care of someone else. All of this happened at a time where you weren’t truly conscious of what was happening, either. Later on in life, it only makes the unconscious realm a very disorienting, confusing place that you’d rather avoid.
You would rather live life according to your own will and the decisions you make yourself. When it comes to feelings, we really don’t decide to have them. They just happen. This is where you get all tied up, though, because in your ongoing performance, you’re always trying to summon up certain emotions that you think you should be having. You write a certain script for yourself and tell yourself when and how to react. It reinforces how manipulative you can be without realizing it. But, trying to manipulate your emotions makes it harder and harder to actually feel them. It’s like you’re always acting out your circumstances and not truly feeling them. You’re terrified of doing away with your script and allowing yourself to completely feel whatever comes up because you think it won’t fit the character you’ve already created or the genre that you’re in. If you think you’re in a drama, it’s hard to let yourself be truly happy. If you think your life is a comedy, you struggle to admit to how fearful or sad you can be.
So, these emotions just get stuffed down and since you don’t know how to take good care of yourself, you never really deal with them. Then, you wonder why you feel so unprotected and like you don’t have a true safe space to go to. There is a deep sense that all is not well with you, just like you intuitively always knew that your mother was unwell in some way. Because of this, you can go to the other extreme and completely immerse yourself in all of those painful emotions. However, you also experience torment when you do this because you get so wrapped up in the drama of your emotional life that you lose touch with reality. The 12th House shows us what we feel like we can’t obtain in our real, day-to-day lives, leading to deep disappointment. So, it feels like, even when you do express your emotions, you never truly receive comfort. You’re written off as immature, a drama queen, only thinking of yourself. This reinforces your feeling that you can only find comfort deep within, turning you inward again and causing you to dwell on your emotions, continuing the cycle.
Therefore, you will go through life suffering from both suppressed emotions and draining emotional states, both of which will drive you to troubling irrationality. The way out of such suffering is to totally feel what you feel and then release it. This will involve whatever feelings you have toward your mother. In fact, this is where it has to start. In some way, some sort of illusion about her has to shatter. This often means realizing that she was not the Holy Mother, some all-nurturing goddess who can do no wrong. Neither you nor Aquarius Risings (who have Capricorn on the 12th, symbolizing the father) benefit from worshipping your respective parents as not seeing them very clearly only creates pain in your life. But, this often has to happen until you’re then disillusioned. This may involve realizing that your mother is abusive or toxic, in some sense, or that, even if she did a wonderful job, she still has plenty of faults and issues that you haven’t been seeing, often due to persistent delusion.
Although you love your Mom dearly and feel a deep connection with her, you also may have never gotten the mothering from her you truly needed. Cancer in the 12th is also indicative, in some cases, of losing the mother at some point in childhood, either due to death or abandonment. So, you must come to terms with that feeling of lack in your life. This can be resolved by turning to the true Goddess for your mothering. Seeing Mother Nature or Gaia or whatever feminine deity or source you feel connected to as your real mother will alleviate any feelings of resentment, abandonment, loss, or confusion you may feel because of your relationship with your physical mother. This is something that will also allow you to feel a sense of Divine Protection, having faith that every move you make is being supported, like you’re always being watched over by an endlessly loving, caring force.
In doing so, you will understand how to let go of a physical safe space, knowing that your safety is of a more spiritual or metaphysical variety. You will also release your neediness, knowing that you already have everything that you need. Your needs do matter. It’s just that when you’re preoccupied with your personal needs, they’re never going to be met. We must express our 12th House with a sense of oneness, making it not just about us but about all living beings. So, you’re always going to be disappointed when you aggressively try to gain people’s support, often labeled demanding or self-absorbed for doing so. But, your resulting insistence comes from a place of hurt. When you heal that hurt, you’ll soon realize that all of humanity (12th House) experience unresolved or unmet needs (Cancer) that require support. Being able to resolve or met their emotional needs will then support your own.
You might not recognize how much you really need to be there for other people in this selfless kind of way. But, you are able to do so through a few transcendent and compassionate means. You can engage in anything charitable that specifically caters to people without any sense of home or support, like helping the homeless or underprivileged children. You can develop a strong spiritual life that makes you feel very in tune with the needs and feelings of other people, like understanding how to best support someone else through a knowledge of their birth chart. Also, of course, you will be able to create art that really moves people emotionally and expresses the hidden emotions within themselves that they cannot express.
With the Moon ruling the 12th House, you have the ability to understand where anyone is coming from emotionally without exactly knowing why and this can go beyond words. Being able to sense the emotions of your various scene partners so well will allow them to fully express what they’re feeling. You have a way of encouraging that, without even realizing it. This can especially come into play whenever you become a parent. At the same time, you need to make sure you’re giving yourself enough time alone to work through and address your emotions. You also must remember that whenever you’re fixating on these feelings, they just magnify and become messier and messier. They are best expressed through taking care of others, practicing your spirituality or being artistic. Once you’re able to acknowledge these feelings without being weighed down by them, you will remain the dignified, regal king or queen, avoiding any sort of outrageous emotional episodes that aren’t befitting of royalty. "
February 23, 2021 at 02:42
(Capricorn) Emanuel

Having Jupiter in the 12th House is possibly the most confusing Jupiter placement because, well, it’s in the 12th House. Any planet that is in the 12th is like a Universe unto itself, with multiple dimensions and meanings and layers. It also doesn’t help that when we have a planet in our 12th, it is hard to deal with it on a conscious level or allow it to completely rise to the surface. Therefore, it can be expressed through states of denial, delusion, or obliviousness. Jupiter in the 12th House, therefore, is the placement of someone who can live their life feeling quite blind to their good fortune and to what they believe in. It is their task to “wake up” and shine a light on the positive energy that they have deep within and to understand how this energy is a universal reflection of humanity and also the Higher Power.

Prenatal experiences are described by the 12th House and it’s a very common pattern that the mothers of those with 12th House planets usually had really dramatic pregnancies. Often times, this is a more troubling experience, like a mother who was undergoing a rocky marriage while pregnant or who struggled with depression, anxiety, or massive uncertainty about being a mother when she was carrying her baby. It also can just mean that she was wildly, overwhelmingly hormonal during this time. But, in any case, the mother’s emotional and mental states during pregnancy deeply affect her child on a very unconscious level, thanks to the inextricable link between mother and child throughout those nine months. This sets up 12th House people to live a life where they feel overwhelmed by other people and also where these feelings come from a lack of psychic boundaries between them and others.

However, with Jupiter in the 12th, the mother’s pregnancy might have been overwhelmingly positive. Maybe she was just on an absolute high in regards to being a mom or she could have also tried really hard to not let her pregnancy hold her back. In fact, this could have been the problem: she didn’t hold back during these nine months. She may have had a tough time slowing down or curbing her usual habits. Instead, the hormones may have sent her on overload. So, the child, in the womb, becomes very used to these feelings of being on overload and going to excess. Jupiter in the 12th could also be a sign of a mother who indulged in some rather irresponsible patterns while she was carrying her child. Maybe she didn’t follow all of her doctor’s orders, too intent on still being free and not being weighed down or slowed down by her pregnancy. She may have also eaten way too much or had a hard time no longer living in the fast lane.

All in all, Jupiter in the 12th means that your time in the womb was a really wild ride. And you come into this world with this excessiveness that is quickly, consistently toned down by the world around you. This is especially true of your early environment. Planets in the 12th House represent what was denied, overlooked, or neglected by your caregivers and with Jupiter in the 12th, that overly positive attitude and mindset was denied. Something about your early life taught you that life was too difficult and too harsh for that. One or both of your parents were probably too busy pulling themselves up by the bootstraps to give “luck” or “good fortune” any consideration. This is not only because they valued hard work, above all else, but because they went through life feeling particularly unlucky and untouched by much of life’s goodness.
There may be a secret, deep-seated pain in your parent(s) regarding them not feeling free or like they had a good life. Deep down, all they want to do is rid themselves of the shackles they feel that life has put on them. But, there is this agonizing sense that they cannot. However, this is something that they may not express or even be consciously aware of. It’s just something you could feel in the air growing up and you deeply internalized it. Although Jupiter in the 12th House means that you are actually capable of a remarkable level of faith, you were conditioned, while growing up, to not express or act on any of that. There might have even been a feeling of cynicism in the atmosphere, 45 as if life is a miserable experience or God is dead. It’s quite common for those with this placement to grow up in an atheist/agnostic household or just without any spiritual ties.

This has profoundly affected you by making you go through life in a state of denial in regards to the goodness around you. Jupiter in the 12th House people can really struggle with gratitude but can also fail to see how they are struggling with it. The thing is that the idea of eternal gratitude and appreciation, of always being thankful for what you have, may not even cross your mind. All you might consciously be able to focus on are the complaints that you have. But, 12th House planets are always being expressed. It’s just a matter of it being a conscious or unconscious expression. If you are repressing your 12th House energy, it is going to come out somehow. And Jupiter in the 12th House can come out by giving you a secret wild, irresponsible side that comes to the light in ways that can be really messy and, sometimes, downright self-destructive.

You might strive to be contained, to have your act together, and to approach life in realistic terms. Instead of hoping for something good to happen, you work hard to make it happen. At the same time, there is this part of your psyche that is absolutely desperate to throw caution to the wind. This is because you have bottled up and ignored it for so long that, when it comes out, it comes out intensely. It’s like you button yourself up and then you rip all of those buttons off and run down the street naked. I don’t mean this literally (unless you’ve actually done this). I just mean that you easily fall into these destructive patterns of holding yourself back and holding yourself back and then letting it all hang out. And when you let it hang out, you absolutely let it hang out.

12th House Jupiter people can be surprisingly sloppy drunks because of this. You might keep it together while sober but when you get some of that liquor in you, it’s like a whole new person emerges. Suddenly, you are free and you can do whatever you want! Since Jupiter represents excess and the 12th House is quite synonymous with alcohol and drugs, Jupiter in the 12th House individuals could easily struggle with over-relying on substances. I hate to be that person to tell a fellow 12th House person that they could become an alcoholic or do too many drugs. But, your inner freedom can be so suppressed that it finds the outlet that it needs via these substances. The good thing is that since Jupiter’s energy is so positive, you can usually pull yourself out of these addictive states just as easily. Your conscious self is so controlled and so in command that you do know how to pull it together if you have let yourself get a little bit too loose lately.

The thing is that you do still need to get in touch with that inner looseness and freedom. You are carrying memories from the womb in terms of having no limitations. Some people even interpret 12th House planets in terms of past lives. You can if you want but I reserve that for the South Node. In any case, there are these unconscious feelings that make you feel like you should be able to do whatever you want. But, the world you came into has told you that this is not the case and that there are limits and guidelines to be followed. The thing about 12th House planets, though, is that they can never be satisfied by the day-to-day world. They are so idealistic and so transcendent that the “real world” is often too harsh, too limiting, or too disillusioning to fulfill them.
In the case of Jupiter in the 12th, there will never be enough positive energy in the real world to satisfy you. There is always something saddening or disheartening around the corner. It’s what can allow you to easily sink into states of melancholy. But, the 12th House Jupiter shows that, deep down, there is an absolutely boundless positivity within you. It’s this positivity that can come out in utterly oblivious ways. You might find yourself feeling mysteriously compelled to strike out and do something risky, crazy, irresponsible, or careless and you don’t even know why. Even worse, you might not even realize you’re doing it, totally convinced that you’re playing by the book. When we’re living unconsciously, 12th House planets are like sleepwalking. We don’t know what we’re doing 46 until the lights are turned on and we see the mess we made. And with Jupiter in the 12th, in particular, you can make a giant mess without even consciously being aware of it.

This placement can definitely represent an excessive amount of denial. But, it also leaves that much more room for huge healing and a massive spiritual awakening. We have to “stay awake” in terms of our 12th House planets. We can’t afford to be oblivious to how they manifest in our lives, even though there will always be an element of mystery and the unknown to them. With Jupiter in the 12th, you must stop and realize just how badly you want to be free. You have locked yourself in a cage for so long because you grew up in an environment that told you how limiting and difficult life was. And the world around you regularly affirms that, with all of the terrible things that happen. In the 12th House, perception is truly reality. If you think life is inherently awful, then it will be. The 12th House Jupiter, though, also shows you the utter magic that can be achieved when you realize that life can also be as wonderful and as positive as you make it.

It´s an awakening that will be further defined by the sign that your Jupiter is in. The 12th House Jupiter in Aries means that you must consciously accept that positivity can allow you to conquer challenges and face your fears. Jupiter in the 12th in Virgo means that when you shine a conscious light on your inner faith, you will see how constructive and effective positive thinking can be. This removes the harsh limitations that you feel have been placed on you throughout life and shows you that you can rise above the difficulties of the day-to-day world. There is something very pure and untainted about 12th House planets because they can never fully integrate with everyday life. So, for you, your faith can be downright untouchable and unharmable, as there is already not much for you to believe in when it comes to the real world. Instead, all of your beliefs will be invested in what is eternal, timeless, and transcendent; the things that are not of this earth.

The 12th House Jupiter, then, shows you that life opens up the most for you when you are attuned to a higher plane of consciousness and awareness. You really do need a spiritual anchor in your life because it keeps you buoyant and forward-moving. But, when I say spirituality, I don’t mean religion. I think religion can have a way of really letting 12th House Jupiter people down because it can be used too often as a tool of negativity here on earth in the wrong hands. Spirituality is a purer kind of belief that only requires you to be receptive, humble, open, and tuned into love and light. This can bring about a massive transformation within you. All 12th House people go through some sort of major metamorphosis once they come to a place of acceptance about the planet in this house. For you, this can mean letting go of bitterness, cynicism, and complaining.

So, for Jupiter in the 12th, an over-attachment to negativity and unhappiness has to be released. Your form of self-sacrifice comes from the mindset of never complaining and always being grateful. The free-flow of the 12th House combined with the positivity of Jupiter gives you the power to be an unusually resilient soul, capable of seeing the silver lining in the darkest of clouds. You already know how dark those clouds can be and you now truly understand that the storm is only temporary. Unhappiness is only temporary. Therefore, you possess this deep-seated faith in the eternal elements of life and this will keep you amazingly buoyant. The 12th House does represent hidden talents that, when expressed, can seem out of this world. Your hidden talent is the ability to rise above any hardship, any setback, and any disappointment with your faith intact.

And this is a talent that has to be used for others. Jupiter in the 12th House shows that you will attract the most benefits in life due to selflessness. But, these are benefits that will not be about personal gain. The true reward, for you, will just be in the act of giving. You can be a healing presence in the day-to-day world by bringing a wonderfully positive, uplifting, and encouraging energy to others, without expecting the same in return. You are meant to be a beacon of hope and of light for other people, thanks to the compassion that you are becoming increasingly in touch with. 47 You understand what it’s like for someone to feel limited and hopeless and also like they are thrashing against the walls because of that (an empathic experience dating back to your time in the womb). So, you can rise above the ego and above your individual self by providing a sense of inspiration and higher meaning for people in a world that can often seem downright meaningless.

Another interesting thing about the 12th House that I’ve recently realized is that the person can embody all of the higher traits of the planet with very little of the lower traits in display, just as long as he or she is spiritually evolved. Once you bring this planet into the light, the deep darkness of it disappears. Jupiter in the 12th means that you can actually display very little excess, naivete, and recklessness yourself, all while being deeply attuned to the faith, positivity, and conviction of this planet. But, this can only happen once the 12th House planet has been a complete mess, thanks to this planet. So, you actually have to go through stages of total excess and foolishness in your life before waking up and becoming enlightened. Then, you can find redemption and transcendence by rising above all of that, especially since you’re not attached to the rewards on this earth anyway.

When you channel this positive energy, you are not just speaking for yourself. You are speaking for all of humanity and also for the Higher Power. Jupiter in the 12th means that you will really benefit from being this vessel or mouthpiece for something much bigger than yourself. Spiritual practices keep you very in touch with this mindset. The hope that all human beings yearn for and the eternal benevolence of the Creator are what you are profoundly in touch with. This can manifest in terms of artistic talents, which I think are represented by the 12th House. Artists with Jupiter in the 12th enter another Universe in their work where there are no limits and where anything is possible. The day-to-day world feels restricting to you. This is why you find blissful escape in the adventures you can embark on in your artistic life. You can express something universal and transcendent, disappearing into a world where there are many explorations and discoveries to be made. In doing so, as an artist, your work can deeply resonant with people, embodying the freedom that we all yearn for and the good faith that we are all capable of.

Jupiter in the 12th can actually make a person limitlessly talented in terms of the arts, in a way that is similar to Jupiter in the 5th House. You might have to get over the idea that it’s not “practical” because, in the end, you have an immense amount of compassion that should be utilized. You may not want everyone to know it and you don’t have to. The thing is that you get to be rather low-key about your 12th House planets. But, still, they definitely need expression and an outlet. Jupiter in the 12th can also bring a beautifully peaceful kind of solitude into your life. The 12th House is how we need to be alone and you get a blissful recharge from alone time. You will gain a lot of positive energy from withdrawing from the world, especially since it allows you to maintain some individual boundaries. It is quite possible for you to give and give and give without any limit. So, remember to check in with yourself and pull back when needed.

With this placement, sleeping is also enormously important. You absolutely need your eight hours of rest every night, at least. There may be days where you aim for nine or ten hours. The truth is that, with Jupiter in the 12th, you understand all the positives of sleep. The sleep cycle is represented by the 12th because this house represents “the end”, in many ways, and in simplistic terms, it can be the end of our day. You will strongly believe that you need to end your day right to start the new one right. So, getting enough sleep is a part of that. Your dreams are probably grand and largerthan life, in a way that can make your regular life feel dull in comparison, and you can display great faith in the wild, imaginative symbolism in these dreams, really understanding what they mean.

November 24, 2022 at 15:29
(Aries) sailorlaura » Emanuel
Hi emanuel, im a leo rising and this is really accurate to my life! Thanks 4 sharing :1:
November 28, 2022 at 11:49
(Libra) Jono » Emanuel
Emmanuel, thanks for sharing, very accurate with the explanation of cancer in the 12th house. I´ll write it down

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