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January 14, 2021 at 00:42
(Aquarius) Inspire

And i find it very strange no one is confronting these ideas or theories. Strange.

But, you will have to agree with me on this:

You receive a client, you look at his/her chart, you see this opposition there, you explain it how he/she can adjust and overcome the challenge, but the client receives the information and tryes to understand. But you as an astrologer analised the partile of signs by 30°. Without the mirror of reality of the sky present in the chart you have no way to know if the opposition is in reality a dissociative opposition. If that is the case, the client will never overcome the challenge. And ultimately will call you a deceiver. And as the word spreads you will be slowly deemed as a Karmaologist, and not as a certified Astrologer.

Simple but true
January 13, 2021 at 16:20
(Aquarius) Inspire
January 13, 2021 at 11:21
(Aquarius) Inspire » jaderosez
Thanks, you make very interesting remarks. Im not heavy on Vedic yet. But when i investigate it further i will arrive at some conclusion, and test the real truth it holds the best i can. If something is right, will be always true, if it does not sustain itself will not stand the test of time, and eventually be disregarded/abandoned. That is valid to everything in Astrology, as well in Science of any kind.

"all scorpio ascendants would have 1st house ruler in 12th in this generation so is 1/12 people born be involve in 12th house things?"

So, this is the conclusion i have arrived:
I am a Tropical Pisces, so all Astros are present in my Tropical Pisces mind/being, similar to having my own Solar System all Tropical Pisces.
The position of the Astros in the Zodiac gives/complement with other/different qualities/caracteristics of the other Signs and House matters to all those specific Astros of my Tropical Pisces Solar System.

In classic Sidereal i am an Aquarius, so i have also all Astros in my Aquarius Solar System. And theyre position in the zodiac enhances other traits of/in them.

In Draconic overlapped True Sidereal, i am an Octopus(Ophiucus), and is the same as above.

It may not make sense to some having Draconic Sun as your real self, your true Sign, but i arrived at this conclusion because neither Tropical or Sidereal gives/reveals my true Ascendant. Only Draconic does this.

Hope i have shed some light on your question. It is as best i can perceive your question in this virtual environment.

Also, thanks again for all your knowledge!
January 13, 2021 at 00:43
(Sagittarius) jaderosez
You have some cool ideas but I know nothing about draconic astrology or modern rulers (aside from uranus, pluto and neptune). There are new ideas circulating what should rule what sign. But here´s my 2 cents.

Having explored both tropical and sidereal. I´ll tell you what I think. They´re different systems based on different schools of thoughts and logic. However, in the end I think tropical wins and I´ll tell why.

But regardless, I´d like to show you this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch/…

Another reason why I think tropical is legitimate is because of the fact that Carl Jung who studied the charts of married couples using tropical astrology and found some sort of significance. Other research using this zodiac include:

HOWEVER: although I would 100 percent use tropical for predictions, sidereal has some basis to it.

But before I discuss that I´ll discuss the logic behind both zodiacs.

Tropical is based on a calendar system that is based on light of the sun to the earth and its cycles (equinoxes and solstices). On a macro level that is the year, and on a micro level that is the the day. For example, during the sun set it represents the the cardinal point of libra (on the day, that´s when sun sets and at a year, that is the cardinal point at which the days will get shorter).

The signs are also ruled by planets depending on their speeds. The sun and moon being the core players and having the fastest speeds, takes the northernmost signs and signs that are the slowest saturn takes 2 of the southernmost.

But what about the sidereal. It is based on stars and constellations and through my research, I have in fact found that constellations or constellational divisions like nakshatras HAVE A HUGE IMPACT ON PERSONALITY.

Also sidereal which are used by many vedic astrologers is based on the fact that their ancient religious texts give differing suggestions (that has a reason behind it too) as it says that the zodiac is anchored to the equinoxes and solstices but also says the zodiac is anchored at the star in chitra. New astrological researchers (Vic dicara, Earnst Wilhelm) has said that the fact that they said the zodiac is anchored at chitra was so astrologers back in the day would have some sort of reference point.

Now as for sidereal astrology and it´s impact on personality. Many (BUT NOT ALL) constellations that are with/corespond/anchored to the tropical zodiac signs are reminiscent to the previous zodiac signs. And I will give you many nakshatras/constellations that are reminiscent of the sign after that which will give some traits of the previous. BUT that´s not always the case so it´s important to keep that in mind either.

Hasta - virginal nakshatra which is in the tropical sign of Libra that is very similar to virgo,
Uttara phalguni -prevelent in porn stars that happen to be in virgo which is characteristic in some way of leo.

All the nakshatras in sag tropical has traits of scorpio and I´ll explain why:
mula -symbolizes roots, and getting to the bottom of things, Jyeshta-represents jealousy and is the most successful , and lastly anuradha-devotion to a love interest (scorpio´s obsession with love interests) and this nakshatra also gets jealous
Rohini in gemini tropical is similar to the traits of taurus and so is Mrigisira which is represented by a deer and is said to give someone doe eyes
Pushya which is mostly in leo is ruled by the cow´s udder and is said to give someone spiritual prowess and be more philosophical
Sravana in tropical aquarius although doesn´t match up to being someone completely being capricorn like, it still makes one really conservative.
Swati being in tropical libra and being much more materialistic but very beautiful

There are nakshatras that do correspond. So I´m assuming, that thousands of years ago when the solstices and equinoxes were aligned with the nakshatras and constellations, some of the corresponding traits rubbed off on zodiac signs with not really knowing how to purify one of the other.

If you want proof of the constellations I told you the truth for above and see how to find nakshatras through the tropical zodiac, I´ll show you:


Scroll down underneath and you´ll get tropical coordinates.

Proof: but keep in mind while watching the videos that the research was done by a sidereal astrologer

Jyeshta being incredibly successful:

Hasta (in libra)
go to last 25 minutes to see the virginal women and saints reminiscent of virgo


Uttura phalguni in virgo being similar to leo traits


surprisingly the sign of the virgin has the most porn stars

swati in scorpio tropical has the tendency toward materialism and also attaining great wealth:




https://www.youtube.com/watch/… &

This will give you the most spiritually oriented nakshatras (including moon ruled ones like hasta, sravana, rohini, and pushya, purvabhadrapada and honorable mention was mula and anurahda)



Anyway, that´s my 2 cents.

What I usually do is I count for nakshatra traits, and then I proceed to zodiac tropical sign traits. If sun, moon, asc, venus, mercury, or mars is with a fixed star within one degree (I might count it). Conjunctions and aspects to planets are also important in my opinion and sometimes more so than the zodiac sign and when combining aspects, houses and zodiac signs, it is important to cancel out traits that don´t get along or don´t correspond.

For example I have moon conjunct pluto in the 12th house in sag, so I would say that I love to learn, I am into mysteries, and learning about mysteries, I am passionate (both fire and pluto symbolism) but I am an introvert because both 121th house and pluto conjunction with my moon indicates as such. But because 12th house and pluto does not disagree with learning, you would read this as someone who loves to learn. Now remember to always consider the nakshatra and in this case my moon is in anuradha, and as such, I am a deep lover.

Now as for interpreting when someone has a stellium, I´ll give you a clue. The slowest moving planet will colour the personal (or faster moving planets).

For example someone with moon conjunct venus conjunct pluto will engage in obsessive relationships quite often especially as a way to cope. Might have something like a love addiction. This is because moon is subconscious mind and how you deal with issues. So instead of a moon conjunct venus which would be a love of food, pleasurable things, beautiful things, charm, sweet thing, and a general hedonist, the interpretation would be enhanced by pluto adding compulsive and obsessiveness to the mix which can manifest in for example : a guy becoming deeply obsessed with an extremely beautiful woman etc.

Now as in modern rulers is kind of a weird thing. I know the trasnpersonal planets have an affect through research and through my own life, but should they rule houses. Meaning if I have scorpio as an asc, should I check to see what house pluto is in or what house mars is in? If I use pluto, that ultimately breaks the intricate system ptolemy has discovered. And pluto moves very slowly so essentially all scorpio ascendants would have 1st house ruler in 12th in this generation so is 1/12 people born be involve in 12th house things?

I don´t know you tell me.
January 12, 2021 at 20:41
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January 12, 2021 at 16:59
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January 12, 2021 at 13:46
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January 12, 2021 at 09:14
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