MARS aspects

January 4, 2021 at 13:23 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) Laura10
MARS aspects

I have a question regarding difficult aspects in the natal chart.

Can anyone help me understand Mars in my natal chart and give me any information on how to approach/help me understand the tensions and problems that arise in these difficult placements?

Can the difficult aspect with developed awareness and self-understanding be easier / positive?

Thank you in advance for your reply.

I wish you all the best in 2021 :79: !

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February 10, 2021 at 15:14
(Aries) JayJayAstrology » Laura10
My pleasure!
February 10, 2021 at 11:13
(Sagittarius) Laura10 » tomdos
Oh my oh my, thank you so much. At the time you sent me this message I was reading one book that was explaining Jungs work, i found it fascinating how you came with this profoud information in the same time. It was intense learning experience I must say that, Anima/Animus concept cleared so much confusion, thanks to you. Wow, I am so grateful :)
Have you read some of his books, do you have any recomendation?
February 10, 2021 at 11:06
(Sagittarius) Laura10 » JayJayAstrology
Your insights mean very much to me.
Thank you Jay Jay.
January 5, 2021 at 11:22
(Leo) tomdos
Hey, long time no see :-)

"Can the difficult aspect with developed awareness and self-understanding be easier / positive?"

Try turning it around. Once you get to terms with what that aspect represents, you will develop higher awareness and self-understanding. It hardly can go the other way.

Imagine that the energy required for that is conserved in that aspect and you first need to acquire it, accept it. First step is self-acceptance. That opens the door for another work. Basicaly the openness and willingness slowly transform to the awareness. Its a constant process of flowing (or blocking) energy.

I remember looking at your chart back then and feeling you have not come to terms with the introvert tendency of your soul. Not changing the world around, changing yourself is the goal. Ultimately, the only way to change anything in the world is by changing yourself. That is the alchemycal mystery. That ASC Mars in Leo feels very comfortable in the "old" ways of extrovert, maybe careless and easy-going, possibly impulsive approach to life, whatever. No matter how it has been expressed, I guess dose not work anymore, causing troubles.

In my opinion, in your chart and life Mars represents your very soul. In junigian terms, woman soul is of male energy, Animus. Mars being on ASC is the best symbol of that in your case. That placement and aspect means time to grow, develop (in my perspective). Jupiter squaring him from mysterious Scorpio and IC suggests exactly that.
So, accept everything that comes to you from the world as material to work with inside you. All people and events come to you to give this lesson. Mars should become more subtle, sublime, generous, more forgiving and giving, less easily butthurt and touched. He should simply grow.

I give an example with Anima (Man´s female soul). In jung´s theory Anima should grow, develop from Eva (animalistic, reduced, inferior perception of woamn) to Helena (earthly, intelligent, indepedent, yet without inner higher qualities), to Maria (purely spiritual woman quality) to Sofia (fusion of Helena and Maria, the ultimate wisdom). The developlment of Anima reflects man´s spiritual growth. Usually it is slow, many lives work.
(sorry I cant give example with Animus as I dont believe Jung had one.)

With that being said, The Animus-Mars will probably have a tendency to project in men, which may dissapoint and hurt, as long as your Mars stays in the old behavioral pattern. The way you percieve your inner Mars, the way you probably percieve men.

You may actually have interesting and educational dreams with male figures that would adress your symbolic Mars placement, its destiny of transformation and your current sate of soul.

January 4, 2021 at 14:54
(Aries) JayJayAstrology
What difficulties are you having with your Mars? People will respond differently to Mars on ASC - and then, you have to grock the whole chart to know how Mars is functioning.

You assume that you have difficult placements, but they don´t have to be difficult.

Mars on or near ASC in Leo - can be passionate (on one end of the spectrum) to aggressive (on the other end) in how it wants to be seen. Leo likes to be seen, heard, flattered, adored, applauded. It wants attention. It wants to express - but that is not always how Leo rising is for some. So how are you feeling in regards to your Leo rising? And then, how does Mars influence the way you do Leo?

Donald Trump has Mars conjunct ASC in Leo. He is absolutely aggressive in wanting applause. He uses his Mars to fight with people who don´t applaud him. But, that is him - and not you.

Some Leo risings need to gain confidence and this is why it is there. If you are learning to be more confident, then Mars can be a big help. This is what I think looking at the rest of your chart - Leo is about self-identity, creative self-expression, feeling a sense of dignity, developing personal goals, being playful and trying on different roles (to name a few possibilities). Mars there can add a lot of flare, risktakingn (good ones hopefully), setting good boundaries with others, or doing Leo with a passion and zest.

If the Mars tends to make you irritable, frustrated, angry, or blaming, then you´ll have to work with that to turn it into positive Mars energy - to be passionate, assertive, and enthused.

This is a fairly inward chart, really. It´s more about internal changes than outward accomplishments - but it doesn´t mean you won´t accomplish things. It just means that the goal is to change yourself doing whatever it is you are doing or will be doing.

You like things simple and easy. You don´t like complexity and emotional messiness. Yet, you are here to learn to accept that life is neither easy or simple and relationships are complex and messy.

With a Libra Moon, you could use Mars to take charge over others to avoid the messiness part. You could be using Mars to take control. Libra Moon people are actually very sensitive to other people´s energy and take on what is around them - so they will erect barriers to avoid bad energy and will take control if they need to. It´s either that, or feel victimized by the bad energy and then can turn indecisive and suffer low self-esteem.

In either case, you need to carefully choose who you have in your inner circle so that you have positive people around you. You do need loving feedback - loving interactions - and Mars on ASC can help you create good boundaries with people. A good use of Mars is to have good boundaries. Some people might use it to fight - but - that is not what everyone does.

This is not a complete reading. I´ve just played with some possible answers to your question.


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