Annual profections/Year of jupiter

January 3, 2021 at 14:21 (UT/GMT)
(Aries) Caelin444
Annual profections/Year of jupiter
I recently learned about annual profections and that based on the age you’re turning this year, you can see what house and planet is ruling that year for you. I’m having a hard time figuring this out online and was wondering if someone could interpret this for me. In 2021 I will be turning 23 on March 21st. Apparently this year will revolve around my 12th house which is in Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter. I tried to look up year of Jupiter promise report and couldn’t find anything. Is this good or bad?? I feel like the 12th house is bad lol can someone please interpret thanks!!❤️

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January 5, 2021 at 13:24
(Virgo) ertik54
annual profection is a really reliable tecnique for prediction. at these technique not only your ASC, all of your chart move through your age. i am at 12th house ASC year too. for ASC, when ASC move your other house at new age, this house topic will be on your focus, you will experiences all of these house meanings, and its sign, and if there was a planet that measn you experiens these planet promises too. and if there was a arabic point, these point will be activated. sagittarius rules by jupiter, that means this year will be some jupiter aspect, luck finances and education... and sagittarius says that; freedom, high education, learning, interesting about ather cultures, new languages etc. but in your chart, sagittarius not only your 12th sign, 11th house sing too. so you need to bind 12th and 11th house meanins too. you have pluto at sagittarius, you can experiences changes that bubbling out from your deepest desires, maybe some of your unhealth root must be cut, or new occult learning at the horison. your jupiter at pisces conjuct wit south node, this year will be a very spiritual year, your metaphisic talents will be very strong and you can fell the univers that comminicating with you,you can face to face your other encarnations.
there have a lot of to say but you can bind them together.... whit my worm regard

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