About the 8th house...

December 31, 2020 at 05:50 (UT/GMT)
(Aries) Maximilien_lieder
About the 8th house...
Hello everyone ^_^

I have some questions about the talents in my natal chart, especially about the 8th house 👀

What can you see in my chart?
This interests me a lot 👀

I studied music for many years, I like to sing and play some musical instruments, but I feel more comfortable writing, organizing texts and communicating ideas... and I can tell you that I´m an ambitious person and I want to shine in this life before I go...

Thank you very much for your time, I wish you a happy new year 🌻
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December 31, 2020 at 13:11
(Aries) JayJayAstrology
Hi Max!
I also have personal planets in the 8th - Sun, Mercury and Mars all in Aries - and I also have a Virgo rising. Since I´m 70 this year, I can say explicitly that the 8th house placements directed me to do some deep inner work. I love investigating the inner world - through dreams, meditation, astrology and spiritual, and metaphysical studies. I have studied psychology in depth. My goal in life was and still is - to change - transform myself.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury and the ruler of both of our charts. This strengthens the interest in the 8th. Mercury loves to investigate, write and communicate. And in the 8th house - it loves to communicate what it learns there. It also likes to teach. Virgo is a researcher and is very analytical. Your Moon in Virgo with Mars is going to like to help others and share what you learn. First house planets do like to shine in the world.

Your Taurus planets in the 8th house is a bit different than all my Aries, in that you will like to present your material in an easy-to-understand manner and it will have a loving tone. I also have Venus trine ASC from Taurus, but in my 9th. I became a musician too, but my interests in the 8th house was stronger. Taurus isn´t all that enthused about digging so deep. It likes to keep things peaceful and simple - so it´ll be interesting to see how deep you go in the 8th house, or if you are more driven to be informational rather than transformational in feel. Perhaps you´ll be more interested in meditation.

You have a very independent streak with Sun and Saturn in Aries, Moon/Mars in 1st, and Jupiter/Uranus in Aquarius. I do think you can tune into other people´s needs, but you may have some difficulty identifying with them so that you might feel the odd-person out or not totally part of the whole. You may feel a bit like an observer of your life or not quite in the world with the Pisces South Node. So, this is something to work on in the 8th house.

The Sag IC can make you feel critical or judgmental of your self and/or others - which might further distance you from others. It tends to think in terms of superior-inferior, good-bad, right-wrong - and so you could feel like you are better or less than other people - and this will cause you pain if you happen to have this quality. Pluto in Sag in the 3rd house is about changing the way you perceive yourself and others - and this is the issue. Sagittarius is quite philosophical and interested in meaning of life - a nice positive. I bet this may be a subject you´re interested in writing about.

Virgo can also be very critical and self-doubting, and most of us do have to struggle with these issues with the Virgo rising - Sag IC. The remedy is to analyze to understand, taking any feelings of anxiety, criticism or doubt into the mental plane. Virgo and Sag can set very high standards - impossible standards of expectations - so this can get in the way of success. So this is another thing to work with and transform.

Anyway, your chart supports your intuition that writing is stronger than music. The good news is you can do both if you like - but if you´re trying to decide what to study in college - yes - writing and communicating ideas is the stronger talent. And very likely, your favorite topics to write about will be 8th house metaphysical - spiritual topics, philosophical Sagittarius topics, and 6th house Virgo topics such as health and wellness. But personally, your challenge is learn to understand and relate to people as they are without the comparisons - superior-inferior - and this will help you succeed throughout your life.


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December 31, 2020 at 08:21
(Taurus) Astro-Seek.com
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Taurus Mercury is good placement for singer :15:
Your "writing need" is probably coming from that 3rd house Sag Pluto.

8th house is the field where we express sympathy and compassion for others and it is great placements for people who want to make others feel better, therapeutic kind of professions. High Aries Sun there, is giving you the focus on others and how they feel but on basic level (Aries) and that is something you highly identify with.
You probably love to make others feel good by your singing and music rather than collect the fame and you generally love to care about their physical well being, to make them feel emotionally comfortable (Taurus Venus 8th house). This placement is also good for medical care...

This 8th house stelium (Sun-Mercury-Venus) being in square with 6th house Aqua Uranus is making things little hard for you sometimes, since 6th house Uranus Aqua wants to work for others but from the higher perspective, it requires higher meaning of your labor, but on the other hand being compassionate to everyone to get to that point is sometimes too much, so a lot of ups and downs in serving others...

Your soul planet Neptune (29.55 Capricorn) that represents part of us that love all the world (empathy) in conjuction with Pars Fortuna 5th house is making this "love for all"and "empathy" development your inevitable destiny and the base for your greatest happiness.

Since Neptune is the ruler of your 7th house of partnerships, relationships, deals and contains Aries Saturn as the part of us that wants to serve society and Pisces South Node (inborn empathy), the full development of this "Neptune part" of your personality is sort of crucial for you to find your place in this world that is linked to Aries and 7th house. I would say that best position could be moralist in some factory, psychotherapist, music therapist...

Neptune, being in trine with your 1st house Virgo Moon :191: NN, is also supporting your life task (NN) to understand and manage your personal emotions.

Lilith AC is making you wear your dark sides as a crown which is good because this way they have more chances to turn to light and dissolve ...

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