Difficult life

December 13, 2020 at 15:45 (UT/GMT)
(Pisces) Hitagi
Difficult life
Hello ... There is a girl and she is very worried ... She has poor health and, in principle, a difficult life. She almost died at birth. This affected her body condition.In life, she faced all sorts of cases, including rape. The question that worries her: Will this girl be able to have children in the future? She is afraid that sick children will be born from her or she, in principle, will not be able to give birth.Please tell me everything you see. On any topic, it doesn´t matter. Children, family, marriage, health, love, moving, etc.
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December 14, 2020 at 13:51
(Pisces) Hitagi
In addition to internal problems, there is one external problem - strabismus.
December 14, 2020 at 13:50
(Pisces) Hitagi
The girl was damaged by her own grandmother and she should have died, but survived. Her mother is alive.
December 13, 2020 at 18:14
(Virgo) LotusStar
I notice she has a lot of planets in their sign of fall or debilitated and on top of it those planets are badly aspected :(

Venus fall in Virgo, square Pluto
Saturn fall in Aries opposite Mars in detriment in Libra
Moon also not in a happy position in Aries, and in fall position by house in the 8th house, opposite detriment Mars Libra
Jupiter is not that happy in Saturn co-ruled Aquarius either and is in detriment by house, so its benefic effects are a little diminished, can bring instead abundance (Jupiter) of health issues (6th)

Her Saturn conjunct Moon in the 8th opposite Mars is the big ouch. Saturn is the ruler of the 5th house (children) and in a sign of its fall so yes it´s possible Saturn with Moon could give difficulty with children/childbirth and also shows a rough childhood of the native and health issues, since Saturn also co-rules her 6th house health.

Maybe she will have children but a little older or it will be difficult, take a long time (Saturn). She does have a Jupiter sextile to this conjunction so I wouldn´t rule out that it´s possible, maybe just difficult.

Saturn in the 8th however tends to give a long life as it can show delays (Saturn) death (8th house) despite health issues
December 13, 2020 at 17:49
(Scorpio) josep
Hi Hitagi.
This person has visited very critical places in his soul, places where the neurological structures do not store memories or sensations in memory. It has a unique power to identify and enumerate the unconscious phases where pain disappears and understanding is based on inputs that come from other dimensional rooms. Master non-conscious language like no one else. You may need to immerse yourself in texts where you can identify what is happening to you.

I believe that this person is ill advised and relates to a man who does not influence him positively. It seems that he has to ask that person to get away from him and in turn, ask another person who may be part of his family to take him to a room where he can evolve in self-inquiry. It is vital that you develop the ability to perceive beyond conscious language, and for this it is preferable to find a teacher

-As for the children, the look towards motherhood has to be their own. Your desire to be a mother may be inherited from other parts of your family that could not be or felt failed as mothers.
In his chart, I read the children in his letter as well as his own publications, his literary creations.
- Biology, in its case, this condition due to its unconsciousness, that is to say, the "boiling" of unconscious events through creation is convenient, so that its biology, through its ovules, can manifest itself in balance. The phases of gene transcription, it seems, are subdued by tasks to free your unconscious.
An example: walking along the beach and associating a bird with a wave, a ray of sunlight identified with a name, taking a handful of sand and letting it slide through the palm of your hand while remembering a painful event.
All of these exercises are simple and you can release much of your past. They are "magical" resources that help the conscious to the cellular intelligence in conditions to synthesize and generate clean processes, that is, in the information resulting from the cell, the parts of the gene silenced by painful events, are copied with the complete code. In this way, epigenetics is associated with our way of remembering or re-recording events from our past and even from the past of our ancestors. It is as if the information is rewritten.

This person´s past now places her as a potentially brilliant girl with a lot to tell. I urge you to start writing (maybe you like it better with an audio recorder), and tell the world all your secrets.

I send you a big hug.

Thank you


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