An empty love story

December 2, 2020 at 18:35 (UT/GMT)
(Pisces) Hitagi
An empty love story
The history of my relationship is completely empty. My personal life is a blank slate.I am not complaining, everything has always suited me. I cannot be called an amorous person.Therefore, I have never been in a pair at all. I am wondering if there are indications in the map for hermitism. It would be surprising if there were indications of marriage in my card, and even more so children (I do not like them and do not want to).Still, I wonder what astrological destiny has in store there.Of all my friends, I am the only person with such a feature. My friends call me "saint".I´m not against eternal loneliness, to be honest. But I wondered if my card said otherwise.
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March 11, 2021 at 15:58
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You have Jupiter in 5th house, which means "expanding" and "more from everything" as in relationships, fun, even many kids of your own. I dont know why does another user involve Saturn, because your Saturn is in 6th house and far away for even a conjunction to be made with DSC ( Sat. conj. DSC ).
Another thing, just because your 7th house is empty doesnt mean "no relationships". When a house is empty, we have to look where the Lord of the Sign in which house is.
Your Chiron in 1st, you first have to work on yourself no matter what. Lilith in 1st house will bring you a scary, sexy, attractive, plutonic aura. People may even feel scared by you without any reason. Thats because of Lilith in 1st.
I dont know if your NN is in the 10th house, but that means that you have a mission in a public sphere and MC is in Leo, which means that people have to see you - NN in 10th with MC in Leo - you will be a public figure - teacher, youtuber ( people still see you ), leader, ect.
Againt i dont see anything about Saturn and older men, because Saturn is 9-10 degrees far from DSC, but if he makes opposition with your ASC, then yes, you will have karma with older people, you will feel better in their sphere, rather than with your peers.6th house is daily work environment which one deals with in routine life.
Saturn placed here (6th house ) first means a person has a job/work culture where he or she is undergoing a lot of physical work, i.e native has to deal with hard and tough working conditions. (Quiet naturally health is always good when body is subjected to physical movement. Hence saturn placement here will also not let diseases to come frequently and thus saturn here fight against diseases.)
Or this placement can also shows that work culture may include dealing with common masses/working class people etc. Or the native is involved in litigation in routine working life.
December 4, 2020 at 16:32
(Sagittarius) Ioaanaa08 » Hitagi
Hmm i can hear the "hate " for boys right now because you have seen your friends suffer ,and i understand it bc i don´t like it too when I´m talking with someone and they expect something from me when I only want to communicate that´s all . Your chart does say that you could live a happy relationship with someone when your older but that doesn´t mean u can´t chose to just be by yourself and heal . The thing with u seeing through their shit is probably cuz your a scorpio rising plus mars is in conjunction with your ascendent ,that makes u a even more intense person then just being a scorpio rising . If u will want to be in a relationship u will 1st what to know that person inside out ,get deep inside of them just to feel safe with them
December 4, 2020 at 13:49
(Pisces) Hitagi
Thank you all for your answers!

I do not know how my fate will develop in the future.Perhaps people avoided me because of my cruel nature.Still, there were big pluses in my loneliness.A relationship for a girl is always a risk.The risk of being used for sexual purposes.Many of my girlfriends have been used in this way under the pretext of love.But I was never used because it is impossible.I do not know where it is spelled out in my horoscope, but I see through and through people.I cannot be fooled by the word´s of love.I always had a short conversation with perverts.Short and full of humiliation in their direction.I despise such people.For me, proud loneliness is better than a fleeting relationship.
December 3, 2020 at 14:48
(Aries) JayJayAstrology
Your question is a good one - and it immediately draws my attention to your Aquarius IC - 4th house cusp. You have your past life symbol - South Node of the Moon conjunct it. Very significant. Aquarius is the sign most likely to produce someone who is eccentric, aloof, an outcast or not into people. You have Aquarius in your most inward, private place in the chart. You may feel like you don´t belong and are quite individualistic - loving freedom from most worldly attachments - especially people attachments. Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, is also in Aquarius along with Neptune in the 3rd house - more focus on being your own individual self.

Your Sun is in Pisces, the Mystic, Dreamer, or Creative Spirit. You may feel a spiritual connection with Soul - but that isn´t always what Pisces is about. It does make one more attuned to the creative and spiritual and not so concerned with worldly affairs.

And yet - Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are in Aries in the 5th - which means you are highly creative and the focus is on self-identity and creativity.

The South Node wound is to your most inner being. I don´t know what happened in your past life - but you were an outsider then - and you were judged. You have concluded things about yourself that now need to be reconsidered and evaluated. So, NO. I don´t think you aren´t meant to be a hermit in this lifetime. Quite the opposite. You are meant to develop a new self-identity. The North Node in Leo, 10th house is your most outward social self, and this is what you are here to work on and develop.

The title you chose - an empty love story - is something I´m sure you feel down deep inside. Empty connections. But it doesn´t have to be this way. Leo is the sign that suggests you need to be brave and try on different roles - like an actor does. You need to play with different ways of being in the world. You need to experiment. You need to reflect and evaluate your motivations and why you want to avoid relationships. Your Virgo Moon is excellent at analyzing yourself to understand better. Don´t do negative Virgo and indulge in self-doubt and self-criticism. If you do negative Virgo, work on it. When you understand deeply, you engage in positive Virgo. It will analyze - so make it a positive activity.

Scorpio Rising is usually very cautious in relationships. That´s probably good for you because you do feel fear of rejection, whether you´re aware of it or not. You also have Mars on the ASC - and that makes you want to defend yourself, set boundaries, and perhaps maybe, be more assertive - but my guess is you use the Mars to be more Scorpio-cautious-like. You may be afraid of being angry or expressing it.

Down down down deep inside, you love peace and harmony and you truly would like the world to be a gentler place. You have urges to help people, but you haven´t yet made that what you are about. I think you wili. Your Virgo Moon and Saturn in 6th house, tells me you will find yourself in some helping role. But, you also need to realize that life isn´t an ideal. It isn´t what any of us want it to be. And, you need to find your place in it as a human being and work to make it more peaceful. You´ll do your part.

I´ll say it again. This chart is one very much focused on self-development. You are here to explore a different way of being in the world. You may not ever want children or a love relationship - but maybe - just maybe - you´ll have some wonderful loving people around you and you will enjoy loving them as well. My guess is that you will indeed have love relationships. I would actually be surprised if you don´t. You´re just young . . . and . . . you´re going to grow out of your hard shell you´ve withdrawn into.

Of course I can be wrong. There is some destiny at work, but, some freedom in our choices to respond this way or that way. It depends upon whether you really want a love relationship. If you want one, you need to do as I suggest - and begin taking your life seriously - and decide to be part of the world and all the complications and pain it sometimes brings us.

This is not a complete reading, but an answer to your question.


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December 3, 2020 at 00:46
(Cancer) AlsaceTX
What the others said. Your chart is fine. Look at the beautiful Pluto trine Venus.
December 2, 2020 at 19:57
(Cancer) ZynCitrus
your chart is fine.. you are 20 and will be fine...find some passion in life and follow it...if you are artistic just go for it
December 2, 2020 at 18:49
(Sagittarius) Ioaanaa08
But u have the ruler of your 7th house in the 5th house with jupiter good aspects too so you´ll get luck when it comes to dating
It may come a bit late bc u have saturn there ,also it could be a older person
Just be patient ,and also being single is fine too

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