What does my chart say about me?

November 22, 2020 at 01:30 (UT/GMT)
(Pisces) LeaperKid
What does my chart say about me?
Hi, I´m looking for advice about myself... I´ve known of astrology for years now, and always loved finding out about myself (personality..) through my sign, moon, asc. etc. ... But now I´m looking to actually find out info about what makes me: me... Recently I have became interested in positions and houses... For the most part, I´m interested in the Squares that I have, I see they´re attached with hardship, which I´ve had plenty of.. I am now trying to take steps to make my life better... I´m asking advice on how to move forward, and as to: What does my chart presents to the kind of person I am? Thank You...
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November 27, 2020 at 14:20
(Scorpio) josep
your CHART:
I can see how your father has marked the future of your decisions. It has enormous influence on you.
It seems that the women of your ancestral family have suffered male sexual harassment and that has marked your unconscious life.
You let yourself be carried away by the validation of others if they are women, while you dismiss men.
Material security is important to you and through the possession of resources and people you want to alleviate your pain, your existential emptiness. This emptiness is recurrent in the women of your close environment.
Find the balance in what you do and its compensation. Concentrate on what you do, and forget about material compensation for a moment.
The happiness that you are looking for you will find in utopian and harmonic worlds; These are in the narrations of the songs and melodies that you compose.
You have an incredible voice and you recite beautifully. even your whispers are full of life and joy.
You want to dedicate yourself professionally to singing, harmony and poetry but you don´t dare since you´re waiting for a push that doesn´t come.
Launch yourself and everyone will fall in love with what you do and support you.


Free yourself from the suffering of not understanding. There are things that it is not necessary to analyze or assimilate.
The journey of the intellect towards the tangible is a deception. Love and metaphysical understanding are found when you let go, when the wet earth that you have stepped on stains your shoes and you do not care the most.

Sensibility cannot be hidden, you must surrender it, and you will understand everything
November 23, 2020 at 21:40
(Pisces) LeaperKid » JayJayAstrology
Wow, I´m So Grateful, Thank You! I really love your words about the past life, and spirituality, also how psychological your words are in explaining everything! Sometimes I have wondered: did I do something very bad in my past life, that I´m paying for now... But on the other hand, that lost feeling that you explained... I also love the part about the north node, (I also want to be an actor, lol) and trying different role to find what´s me... Gosh, I just Love this comment, Lol! You went into details So perfectly!! It makes me feel happy because you see potential in me! And Thank You for reassuring me about the Squares, and that I´m not alone... I´m not going to forget your words. Thumbs Up to You, and if I think of something; I´ll be sure and ask! And by the way, you´re an Aries: that´s Awesome! I was scheduled to be born in Aries season but came 4 weeks premature... Most of all my favorite actors are Aries! But anyways: Thanks again! Have a wonderful day!
November 23, 2020 at 21:11
(Pisces) LeaperKid » tomdos
Thanks for your words, you´ve helped answer so many questions! Not to mention; I now feel better about me, lol! I´m going to remember what you typed, especially about the world and people being a mirror, reflecting myself.. So I can be my best self. And I won´t lie, lol; I agreed with Everything you typed; there are some times that I have been manipulative, but that´s so true; it doesn´t feel right afterwards... And I do find myself trying to hurt others the way that I´ve been.. Wow, I´m smiling, because from what you typed: it´s like you know me! But I also loved what you typed about the Piscean nature, I feel it´s what makes me a good person, Lol! I personally Thank You! Oh and yes... My "father".. I have absolutely nothing for him, to put it lightly... Psychical abuse was one thing, I was hit with Everything from a belt to fire wood under the name of "discipline" among other things... But the verbal abuse was another, it killed me as a child... That´s the reason(s) that I have so many questions about myself... I was also pulled from school when I was 11, I have No friends, anything. And my "parents" don´t care. Sometimes I feel like they have messed me up for life, lol. I have tried.. When I was 17, I didn´t speak to him for a year and a half. Decided to try and get over it and "work" stuff out... Didn´t even last a year, last time I spoke to him was an argument which happened in June. Now I don´t care for him at all. Yes, I wish he were missing, I wish I would have never saw him, to be honest...
November 23, 2020 at 12:05
(Aries) JayJayAstrology
Hi LeaperKid!
I saw your post yesterday, but wanted to wait until I was in a quiet, unhurried moment to reply - because - what I feel when looking at your chart is a tender person. And I see it in lots of ways. Let me explain.

Your past life symbol - the south node of the moon - is in the 11th in Aquarius. This is both the house and sign of "the revolutionary" - someone who identified with a movement or crusade of some kind. It could have been political, religious, or some other type of movement or even a war. I´m going to guess it was religious or spiritual because Neptune is conjunct the south node.

Along with this idea, the rulers of the South Node show you in an isolated place - Uranus in 12th house and very much identified with value and perhaps peace (Taurus, 2nd house). So, if you were a Christian, Hindu or Buddhist, you may have been in a monastery or temple, praying, chanting or meditating all day in hopes of stamping out all worldly connections in hope of reaching nirvana, enlightenment or oneness with God. On the other hand, it´s possible that you could have been a missionary type, who converted other people to your faith - which would be more in line with the 11th house. But either way, the main wound you suffered, was that you did not develop yourself - your own personal identity - your sense of self that is separate from the ideas of the movement or religious order. This is why you feel a little lost in that department and why you have a North Node in Leo in the 5th.

Leo, 5th is all about trying on new roles. It´s very much like a 10-year old in play - acting out different characters in fantasy play. Many actors actually have a strong Leo placement because they can throw themselves into a role and become that person for a while. Leo gives you a chance to experiment to find yourself. It´s like you skipped that process and now you need to practice it. And while you´re at it, you need to have FUN and enjoy being creative. This is all part of Leo. The North Node is the remedy to the past life wound. And also, it is a mandate. You need to do it.

I also have to say that Pluto in Sagittarius, is another reason why I think the past life is religious in nature. Sagittarius rules religion and philosophy. It tends to see things in terms of right/wrong, good/bad, superior/inferior - everything is polarized. They tend not to see all the colors in between and don´t understand why people would make decisions that are not BEST or RIGHT. Sag will always choose the positive polar, while others will see all kinds of choices based on how they feel. Sag just doesn´t get it. Other people may experience Sag as "judging" when the Sag person just always chooses RIGHT or BEST - and doesn´t mean to judge at all.

You have a Capricorn Moon. Capricorn Moon tends not to express emotions. It has emotions and feelings, but it tends to ignore them and just keep working and hopes the feelings will work themselves out. So, again, the picture here is someone who will not give sway to anything but the polarized concept of this is right and this is wrong with not room for some other feeling possibility. A man may steal bread for a hungry child, but it´s still wrong and we can´t let that color our judgment. Why? Because we are attached to the importance of the idea of RIGHT or BEST and not very attuned to our own feelings.

Saturn in Taurus in the 2nd tells me that you´re attached to wanting things simple. Black and white thinking does make it simple. Either you´re right or wrong. Why don´t need to think about all the complexity of human emotion, motivations, and various reason why people behave the way they behave. So part of the difficulty is loving simplicity.

And yet, you have Sun/Mercury on the ASC and Mars in Aries in the first house. Sun on the ASC usually gives a physically active person. Also it gives someone who shines brightly in the world - maybe a little too bright sometimes for some people´s taste. But it is in Pisces. Pisces is more inward, creative, imaginative, spiritual and possibly not quite in the world. A Pisces rising can be a chameleon - has the ability be what people want or need him to be. This works nicely with the North Node Leo. It´s a versatile sign, but it can also be a bit confusing - because who are you exactly?

Mars in Aries says that you are mandated to be independent - to think independently, to enjoy having new ideas, to create your own vocabulary for the meaning of life. Aries is a statement - "I AM". It´s a statement of "Personhood". You are to develop your own person - not one that follows rules or stamps out the personal ego.

Whenever a person is exploring something brand new - they can feel a bit lost. You don´t know how to do the new thing yet. Where to start? Pisces can feel a bit lost and influenced too much by those around him. So, for you, this would be a reasonable feeling to have. But, when we begin a new cycle, this is how it is. So, accepting this is a good thing. You first have to let go of the old to let the new in.

You no longer have to feel responsible for the spiritual welfare of others. It´s wonderful to be helpful, but you don´t have to feel like it is your duty (if this is how you feel).

You no longer have to do everything right.

You no longer have to ignore your feelings and not express them.

You no longer have to stay quite and still. You can follow your impulses and act with faith that you are inherently good and you deserve love and attention.

You don´t have to judge yourself or other people.

The list may go on, but I´ll leave it there. You get the idea. This lifetime is meant for you to develop your ego, self-worth, self-identity, and self-expression. You need this now because you denied in the past life. It´s not that you were a bad person, but that you denied being a person. You need to accept that life is complex and people are complex - and - that you don´t need to resist this idea. Life will be easier in the long run if you accept it isn´t simple or easy.

Pisces is a sensitive sign. It can be empathic. People may tire you and you may need a lot of quiet time. There´s nothing wrong with that. If you need time alone, take it. But, your Sun there will want to shine and be in the world. It will feel vulnerable, but I hope you can have some fun, trying on some roles and not taking your floundering attempts too serious. Laughing is good medicine. If we can laugh at ourselves, it gets us through hard times a little easier.

Squares in a chart simply say that there is a need to work on the energies between the planets. There is stimulation for you to do so. Nearly everyone has squares. I have several myself. so it isn´t unusual and the term "hard aspects" doesn´t mean it is hard to do the work. I actually think my squares have simply made it easier for me to grow. Squares make you grow, and this is a good thing. Pluto square Sun will make you evolve your self-identity - and you will. It´s a good thing.

Remember that life is hard for everyone. Even if it doesn´t look that way to you, everyone struggles with something. You aren´t alone.

If you have any specific questions, ask away. I hope I´ve got this right, so if I didn´t, don´t be shy in telling me. Reading on a forum is always a little risky because there is more than one way to read a chart.


My website: http://thesoulmustsing.weebly.com - I do astrology readings, dream interpretation, an mind-body healing by donation and classes at reasonable rates. Sign up for my newsletter!
November 23, 2020 at 08:54
(Leo) tomdos
Yes, you have squares, but your chart is very interconnected and rich aspect-wise. Dynamic aspects are so compensated with harmonic apsects that it should not be that much of a problem to manage in life. At least externally. Internally though..

Double Pisces nature. Neptun at home 12th house, Sun conj ASC at Pisces along with Mercury, all squared by Pluto.

Even if you start to socialize, you may never fit in the way that would satisfy you. You may feel a lot of hardship or being wronged. It may even not be true, but your sensitive Pisces nature can resonate strongly with behaviour that other people accept as normal, yet it may be softly unscrupulous or insensitive.

You may answer in a similar way, though, thinking that the world should adapt to you. With your strong Mars in home sign and home house and with strong aspects you may not be willing to be sh*tted on as many Pisces might tend to. You should easily manage to stand for yourself, and with Mars sext Venus and Mars trine Pluto you can be very charismatic and persuasive. That Pluto suggests that you can be even manipulative, getting people do what you want and eventually be succesfull at life. Even Saturn looks supportive.

Yet being successful in life and society and being happy inside are very different things, although our society tries to persuade us otherwise (especially american society excells in this). There will always be your Pisces nature that may not approve of this extrovert and power apporach, even though it may be very successful. You may feel that this is not what its all about, eventually realizing that its a mere exercise in futility. That Pluto wants YOU to change, not the world around you. That 12th house in Aquarius with the final dispositor Uranus at his home sign will leave you restless unless you dig deeper into life, values and yourself.

These are two almost opposite sides I see in your chart: Sensitive spiritual Pisces / 12th house aquarius nature on one side, and strong, possibly self-confident, passionate and capable Mars nature and extrovert traits on the other side. You will probably need to harmonize them, make them work together, not against each other or separately. If you do, you can easily slide to the dark side: You may very efficiently hurt people around you, because you feel hurt or unsatisfied with yourself.

Your chart is pretty one-sided on the left side, meaning that you should be aware of your subjective approach to life. Although you may succeed in getting what you want and sharing what you think, it may actually be very one-sided, subjective and biased. The world and people are your mirror and whenever something or someone makes you upset or uneasy, its because they mirror something uncomfortable from YOUR own nature that needs to be worked on internally. You actually may have quite vivid dreams that should be very helpful with understanding yourself and working with this bias.

I wonder whats your relationship with your father. I read that Pluto / Sun relationship might suggest issues, often missing father. Im curious if that is true in your case.
November 22, 2020 at 18:26
(Pisces) LeaperKid » IIyyaarr13
Wow, Really! Yeah, cause I was looking at my chart and was thinking "something´s wrong with it" Lol!
November 22, 2020 at 18:24
(Pisces) LeaperKid » 29TAU
Thank You! Well, I´ve never had a chance to work at a traditional job before, I´m currently looking.. I hope I´m not met with opposition, I want to fit in so bad, lol. I also haven´t had the chance for social interaction.. But I´m trying to prepare myself for the first steps.. (Another reason im trying to find my way through placements) Yes, that is interesting! If you were to just ask me, I´d say that I have bad luck, Lol! Something did happen to me earlier in the year that it seemed I wouldn´t be able to get by, but I did! Although it took months to... Maybe its a little of both with that placement?! I´m going to research that! But hopefully All good luck will be coming my way, lol.. Thanks again
November 22, 2020 at 16:30
(Taurus) Astro-Seek.com
System message: Post has been written by user 29TAU, who already deleted profile on this website:
Do you work? I am curious to know how does it go for you in a professional sphere.

Chiron Midheaven people are, from my experience, met with a lot of opposition on their jobs.

Saturn/Part of Fortune conjunction is interesting, as well. It makes me wonder how luck aspects plays out for you. Do you consider yourself lucky or is everything a product of hard planning and work, work, and more work.
November 22, 2020 at 05:58
(Taurus) IIyyaarr13 » LeaperKid
Only some people have a bundle on one side of their charts!
November 22, 2020 at 03:02
(Pisces) LeaperKid » IIyyaarr13
Thank You, Yes I´ve just found out about squares and they´re fascinating, somehow, Lol! I´m grateful for your words, and yes; my chart looks so empty! Would it have meant restriction in my mindset of being free, if there would have been planets in the west? Oh, and do you see "crescent" charts often?!
November 22, 2020 at 02:07
(Taurus) IIyyaarr13
The only thing you have in the west is the Moon´s Node ( :161:) which is not even a planet!
You have a better than human level of freedom!
Dwelling on the :194:s can lead to a morbid state of mind!

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