November 15, 2020 at 05:23 (UT/GMT)
(Cancer) alanaed1993

I have tried to read my chart multiple times and I am just so confused each time I look at it. I have read different websites that give examples using other charts and I just can´t seem to grasp it when it comes to reading mine. I get it and can follow along with the reading and then it just gets more confusing the more I get into it.

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November 18, 2020 at 23:46
(Aries) JayJayAstrology » alanaed1993
Good. Glad I was helpful.
November 18, 2020 at 23:39
(Cancer) alanaed1993 » JayJayAstrology
This does describe me! Thank you so much, knowing how ling you have studied makes me feel less anxious about learning.
November 15, 2020 at 17:23
(Aries) JayJayAstrology
Hi Alanaed1993,
It takes a very long time to get good at astrology - about 10 years of study on average. That´s how long it took me to become "professional". So, that´s exactly how everyone feels when starting out.

The Sun, Moon an ASC form the core of the personality, so I will comment on these - plus the Moon´s Nodes which indicate where you left off in the past life.

Your past life wound (South Node) has to do with your perceptions of yourself (Gemini) in relationships (7th). You tend to either put yourself above or below people and you may be judging of self or others (Leo Chiron, 9th). My guess is that you are self-critical and there´s a need to gain confidence and stature. It could be the other way around - feeling a little superior - but the result is the same - you have trouble in relationships because of it. It is a wound to your self-identity - to who you think you are, especially in relationship (any kind of relationship) - and whether you are highly critical of others or yourself, the wound is that relationships are an issue.

The North Node resolution to the issue is in Sagittarius, first house. You need to stop comparing yourself to others, or gauging who you are through relationships. Sagittarius in the natural Aries house, is about being more independent. Sagittarius loves to compete in sports, set high goals, learn and grow, study, and is interested in the meaning of life. It is a fire sign and self-directed. It is a social sign and loves to learn from others, especially from different cultures or just someone who is different. It likes to assimilate what it has learned so that it grows and changes. It´s very expansive in feel.

Your Sun is conjunct Mercury in Cancer in the 8th house. The Sun is your self-identity, your life purpose, what you´re interested in the most, what you need to learn in life - it´s you shining in the world. In Cancer, a water sign, you are interested in psychology, in emotions and feelings, in nurturing other people, in understanding yourself and others, and cultivating a capacity for compassion. In the 8th house, a water house, you have what I just said exemplified. In the 8th house, you´ll be interested in what´s in your unconscious mind - investigating your inner conflicts and resolving them, and working toward transforming yourself. With Mercury conjunct the Sun, you might more easily stay in your mind rather than the emotions - and analyze what´s going on. But, it´s no guarantee. You have a water sign and water house - and there is danger your emotions could get your mind spinning about them. Hopefully not. If that is the case for you, then it´s something to work on - to learn to control the mind so that the emotions don´t have control.

Your Taurus Moon is in the 5th but close enough to the 6th house that some astrologers would read it in the 6th. I would. Taurus is an earth sign and likes to keep busy. It likes to keep things simple and harmonious. The biggest problem with Taurus is that it can work too hard - and be too busy for its own good - but - this can be a plus too. In your case, it can help you be less emotional and more focused on getting things done. But in the 6th house, it could also get too critical of self or others. It´s trine your Mars in Virgo - which will definitely be analytical and if negative, it could get into self-criticism and self-doubt or even guilt. So, if you are doing that, be sure to use Virgo/6th house energy to analyze to understand. That feels very different that criticism and doubt.

The Moon represents your feeling self - what you need to be happy - your capacity for empathy with others and compassion. In the 6th house, Taurus, you´ll be less emotional and more thinking about the emotions. There´s nothing wrong with that. I think you have other planets in signs that have you feeling feelings just fine - so I consider this a good balance.

the 6th house is the house of service - a health house - many people in the health or healing professions have a Sun or Moon in the 6th house. It is also the house of pets and many Vets have a Sun or Moon there. You´ll enjoy research, the sciences, and any helping profession.

The fact that you have Jupiter in Libra, means that you will like to work with people. This is another indication that you could get into putting people above or below you - and make judgements. If you don´t do that, then perhaps you have an optimistic outlook toward others and your relationships. That would be a positive response to Jupiter in Libra, 10th. Perhaps others see you as a good counselor or a very likeable, gregarious person. You´d perhaps be a very good manager of people and could use this in your career.

Your Saturn in Aquarius gives you a bit of an outsider feel. You´re different. You need to follow your own heart and be your own person. You need freedom to pursue your interests. You might have to work on yourself to fit in. This may be part of the problem with the past-life wound. You might be smarter than the average person - so you might actually be superior in some ways - but - if that is so, you need to know when to display your intelligence - and make sure you have a creative outlet to express yourself. You could have talent in music or another art.

But your main purpose in life is self-transformation. Pluto in the 12th in Scorpio says that as well as the Sun in the 8th. You could be a good psychologist.


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