INFJ personality type from astrological perspective

November 9, 2020 at 15:07 (UT/GMT)
(Cancer) ❀wildflower❀
INFJ personality type from astrological perspective
I am INFJ at this period of life and I think that it is because I have prominent Saturn and also T-square (Grand Cross as well) that are challenging to have.

Can anybody say the same?
What placements do you consider to be INFJedible/also other types like ENFJ, INFP, ENFP, INTJ, ENTJ ?
Please, share your opinion

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November 26, 2020 at 19:02
(Cancer) ❀wildflower❀ » ❀wildflower❀
Part of Fortune

CHART 1: Part of Fortune ruling planet is NN ruling planet

CHART 2: Part of Fortune :191: NN

CHART 3: Part of Fortune :191: NN

CHART 4: Part of Fortune :191: NN

CHART 5: Part of Fortune :191: NN Ruling planet on MC exactly

CHART 6: Part of Fortune :191: NN

CHART 7: Part of Fortune :193: NN

CHART 8: Part of Fortune :191: NN

CHART 9: Part of Fortune :191: NN

"It may be that this soul deserved this generous karmic reward by the fact that it could not complete the mission of its previous incarnation through no fault of its own, although it itself did not make any mistakes, or because its mission in a past life was interrupted by someone or something, so this time it got extra help. Sometimes it happens that the karmas of the world and world events alter our own karma. This happens during wars, epidemics, and other mass disasters. In such cases, some souls in subsequent incarnations receive additional help and support.

The Part of Fortune and Nodes are both mathematical points though
November 26, 2020 at 18:29
(Cancer) ❀wildflower❀ » ❀wildflower❀
Final Dispositors Signs

CHART 1: Scorpio

CHART 2: Scorpio/Pisces

CHART 3: Scorpio

CHART 4: Cancer

CHART 5: loop

CHART 6: Scorpio

CHART 7: many

CHART 8: loop

CHART 9: loop

It shows sign energy flowing all over the chart
November 26, 2020 at 18:22
(Cancer) ❀wildflower❀
Lunar Nodes - Masters of Disguise

CHART 1: NN Ruling planet ( :154: :191: :157:) in the first house. SN Ruler :191: NN Ruler

CHART 2: NN Ruling planet ( :155:) in the first house. SN Ruling planet is :154: ( :154: :191: MC). SN Ruler :194: NN Ruler

CHART 3: NN Ruling planet is :199: in Libra ( :154: :191: IC). 2 NN Ruling planet is :157: in :172: :191: :152: on MC. Rulers in trine

CHART 4: NN in :177: in the 1st house. NN Ruling planet is :154: in the 9th house (MC in the 9th house). SN Ruler :191: NN Ruler

CHART 5: NN Ruling planet is :199: in :177: :191: MC. 2 NN Ruling planet is :157: in :172:, :157: is 1st house ruler. SN Ruling planet is :151: :191: NN. Rulers in trine

CHART 6: SN in the 1st house. SN Ruling planet is :154: :191: NN in :178:. NN Ruling planet is :160: in Scorp :191: NN. 2 NN Ruling planet is :155: in :174: :191: MC

CHART 7: NN Ruling planet is :155: in :180: :191: IC ruler. SN Ruling planet is :154: :191: SN in :177:. Rulers in square

CHART 8: NN Ruling planet is :156: in :177: in the 1st house. SN Ruling planet is :154: :191: SN. Rulers in square

CHART 9: NN Ruling planet is :153: in :172: :191: :155:. SN Ruling planet is :156: in the 1st house :191: SN. NN Ruling planet is :153: in :172: - :154: in :173: :191: NN
November 26, 2020 at 07:53
(Cancer) ❀wildflower❀
Dispositor principle from Quora:

“The strength of a planet depends mostly on the lord of the sign it is posited in. If a planet is exalted and posited in a sign whose lord is debilitated or weak or does not have connections to other planets, then, this exalted planet will not be able to give good results.

e.g. if Venus is exalted and its dispositor Jupiter is not connected to any other planet in the chart, then the native cannot find any other person to show love and affection or may not lead a luxurious/pleasurable life.

e.g. If mercury is exalted in Virgo and by being self dispositor, and if remains alone in the chart without any connections to other planets, then native cannot utilize his intelligence for any purpose.

The power of a planet can never be determined without analyzing its dispositor. In some situations, this rule becomes more important especially when many planets are posited in a single sign. Similarly, this rule is to be applied while analyzing debilitated planets. Neechbhang Rajayog comes under this dispositor theory.

Depositors show the flow/interaction of energy around a chart. They are depositors of energy and give it to their signs, houses and to any planets in their signs and stars. An example is Mars giving its disposition to any planet in Aries. This can be done directly or indirectly. If Mercury is in Aries and Jupiter is in Virgo, then Mars gives it´s disposition to Mercury in a direct way and to Jupiter indirectly.”

November 25, 2020 at 15:15
(Cancer) ❀wildflower❀ » Anni23
I meant your South Node conjunct Venus (mine South Node in the 7th house like)

Now, you said and I noticed that: 1) your NN in Sag (similar to my ruler of NN in the 9th), 2)Jupiter actually rules your NN and it is in the first house (relationships axis) in Libra, yep. There is a relation of Venus to NN anyway. A link of NN to the first house as well.

I have stuff on my mind and only time will help to transcribe those INFJedible things into words

This thread number is 9000 and 9 INFJs showed up here, there should be a truth lol

In the first part of life, you usually feel South Node more which is in the opposite house, and the 8th house deals with the occult. Yours are actually close to 3/9 axis
I have South Node in the 7th house and I strongly associate myself with that placement, now I am consciously trying to balance it with the first house

More interestingly, the ruler of SN what I should detach from a bit conjunct the ruler of NN what I should strive for, very complex, ruler of SN is out of bound considering that Lunar Nodes are unpredictable this gives even more uncertainty
You seem to have a similar situation with nodes then

I read this as e.g. detaching from people to study them purpose
or smth
The thing you should let go and the thing you should strive for is the same thing omg
What kind of integration it requires

I also have Part of Fortune in the 12th close to AC when you have Jupiter there
when my Jupiter conj Neptune (12th house like) lol
I better think of this as hidden or invisible help

My DP (destiny point, NN/Moon midpoint exactly square Pluto, they say aspects are weak though, it is also in 0 degree Virgo, Regulus Fixed Star)

I sense smth going on with luck
November 25, 2020 at 14:55
(Cancer) ❀wildflower❀ » Anni23
Yes, Cancer is considered the most emotional sign in the entire zodiac. It is interesting that you know INTPs who are Cancerians. I believe they are emotional but they are hiding in their shell, they crawl back if there is any threat or critic (tendency to bottle up emotions). I have met many of them - we were three of Cancer Sun and Libra AC groupmates born on 5, 10, 15 of July, we come across as very pulled-together but I agree with one of us who said that "we look reserved but inside it is like a washing machine." I have also two other people, one is born the same day, month, a year with me and the other with Sun in 0 degrees Cancer, yes we are sensitive but emotions are the very private area for us. The other side of Cancer is even Gangsta. Anyways, INTP is challenging to associate with Cancer.

I believe that poets are associated with Mercury, Neptune, and Venus combos or something (12 house, for example). AC and Sun sign makes little difference

I have noticed many people with Venus in the 12th house writing about everyday life, or simply diaries. I have that placement when building a chart from Cancer stellium. If consider your Moon sign as AC you have Chiron in the 12th in Leo, a creative sign when I am having Venus in Gemini there. Your 12th house also in Libra a bit from AC. Ruler of 12th house in Cancer.

I know several Virgos those ones that read Harry Potter btw, their 12th house in Leo

I do not know if lunar nodes or AC ruler show something about family but it is something I can relate to, sb in my family has Sagittarius Venus Mars both out of bound and I am having Venus and Mars in the 9th. And this theme was brought up for both our lives. And parents have nodes in Gemini/Sagg and Pisces/Virgo
November 25, 2020 at 13:06
(Leo) Anni23 » ❀wildflower❀
Sorry what do you mean about Venus being involved in my lunar nodes? Do you mean the south node is in the 9th too/or that my Jupiter is in libra? And my 3rd house (with nn in the 3rd using whole signs) is in Sag. I have never made complete sense of this..

Unless placidus is used then my NN is ruled by the 12th right? Or the 1st using whole signs

Regardless of which is the actual case, I´m not sure if I relate to it being located in the 2nd house in scorpio. I´m not quite sure how on earth this would/is supposed to be translating into my life..

Yeah that is interesting about your nn being ruled by the 9th when your Venus is also located in the 9th! I´m also wondering if something "similar" is happening with my chart with my south node being located there, but it´s weird it being the south node when my asc is ruled by the 9th too.. But then it´s in Sag and my south in gem which is the reverse of yours.. However using whole signs my nn ruler would also link back to my asc
November 25, 2020 at 13:00
(Leo) Anni23 » piscesiscariot
Ahhaha I´ve gotten entp, and entj, years ago when I thought I was a intj.

Yeah I hope to meet some with some more emotional sentience too.. (this is coming from a Virgo moon mind) and dissected, bloodied emotions are still emotions and there is a strange sort of humour to them too
November 25, 2020 at 12:52
(Leo) Anni23 » ❀wildflower❀
Yup, and a libra moon sque his mercury in cancer.

It was so weird as he talked about not being able "to enjoy himself with someone unless there was a real connection", "oh you should meet my family soon as I´ve told them about you" lol and then "I don´t think this is working as it´s too difficult not seeing you very often"/meaning he didn´t want to see me ever again 😂

I think he was intp though.. and perhaps his asc was in Pisces. But really into literature and possibly some art
November 25, 2020 at 12:27
(Leo) Anni23 » ❀wildflower❀
Yes particularly infps with intps and infjs with intjs. Also I have just remembered that two of the intps I have known were cancers, which almost seems to go against the grain of a cancer being a nf.. But I think it´s entirely possible as cancers are definitely perceived as being A LOT more emotional than they actually are I think. But this complicates a straight look at infps having the more emotional signs (water+fire perhaps) also as I´ve said before I think infps have a lot more harsher aspects/placements than we might think. Maybe in fact it´s what makes them overly emotional

I need to check again several ppl who I think had 12th house placements as I know this is one thing that has a pretty heavy influence

Another thing is poets are associated with being Scorpios or libras. And poets I think it´s safe to say are more often infps. I agree that escapism seems to be their primary objective, to create a utopia, however I think infj´s are more commonly novelists + other types of writers that write about everyday life. Having said this, and the obvious correlation to fantasy being either Neptune/pisces or libra I have my strong 12th house placements & a libra asc but I´m still pretty sure I´m so a infj, but then my 12th is in virgo... as is yours, a bit of a odd position for it really. And j.k.rowling is mostly a fantasy author and she´s Virgo domiant with a Aquarius asc

Actually now I think of it Virgos can be absolute fantasists- thinking of Tim Burton or Roald Dahl

Yes I think that there is a definite connection there to the sign of Capricorn in my family... on both sides. But also perhaps to Saggitarius (venus ruler of asc in 9th/south node in 9th..?)and even to Scorpio/pluto and Aquarius I am wondering. Also there are a few pisces in my close family
And the numerology numbers of 7 & 11 repeated with several people, I don´t know if this may be a connection to neptune/pisces/the 12th house
November 23, 2020 at 18:38
(Cancer) ❀wildflower❀ » piscesiscariot
Now I will look at your chart for ENFP signs, lol

Lunar nodes in 4/10th houses but in Virgo/Pisces!
Sun in Pisces
Mercury in Aquarius, yep, thinking but in conjunction with Moon bringing Cancer qualities to thinking pattern or Cancerian themes fuel your thinking, all these in the 3rd house, the traditional ruler of which is Gemini

1st house in Sagg, ruler of 1st house widely conj Venus, Venus in Taurus in sign basically ruled by Venus in Leo/Virgo houses, Venus is also the ruler of DC and in Virgo house (lunar nodes on that axis)

Lilith in Leo, just decided to mention. Sun conjunct north node - maybe developing Leo energy is part of mission? maybe letter E in ENFP smth about it but also lots of Sagg energy is present

Mercury as ruler of 7th house on IC but this gemini energy on IC again

ASC in Scorpio so ASC first ruler Pluto in the 12th house - Pisces house (Scorpio activities)

So Scorpio/Taurus, Sagg/Gemini, Pisces/Virgo, Leo.

So that Mars, co-ruler of 1st house and Saturn and ruler of IC in Capricorn in the 2 house has no meaning just brings a flavor. Mercury as ruler of Virgo/Gemini sign in which North node resides is on IC also.

but why you are an extrovert if all the planets below the horizon hmm

Jupiter co-rules not only 1st house but also co-rules Pisces where IC is and it is in the 5th house (Leo house)
November 23, 2020 at 18:24
(Pisces) piscesiscariot » Sarahsarah
yo! welcome home.

"the Cusp of Sensitivity" often falls on 2/19.

I have a friend with this birthdate! we are artists/musicians with crude humor...who have had to comfort the other over the death of wild animals.

agree: Pisces definitely seems to correlate strongly with results including "NF"
November 23, 2020 at 18:09
(Cancer) ❀wildflower❀ » goldenlion32
Very intresting point: "While the INFP is the Fiction Writer, the Empathic Teacher, The Social Worker. Which is more the 5th house/11th House axis with Gemini/Sag." Totally agree.

About fitting in the box, was looking at our charts and found complex similarities

Lunar Node
I believe what you said is that you are running Rahu Mahadasha meaning your 7th house activated, I am running Saturn Mahadasha sitting in the 7th house. The area of relationships is activated, moreover, I identify Saturn with INFJ as giving pro-solitute characteristics through circumstances in important life areas and North Node is a master of disguise also reminds INFJ

Your lunar node in Aquarius in 7 house (Libra house), ruler of node is Uranus in Libra. Relationship theme is your purpose. My North Node in Libra itself close to ASC (Rahu is associated with Aquarius itself, some assifn another zodiac, it is exalted in Gemini/Saggitarius axis like now in transit)

Saturn affecting kendra houses. Yours in 10th, mine in 7th

Moon and Saturn in the 10th house, Moon is responsible for emotions and Saturn is old age, old soul. My 4th house which is Moon house is in Capricorn and its ruler on DC in a prominent place. Moon also in the 10th house (Capricornian house)

That contradiction between cardinal signs/planets/houses keep repeating in the charts

Like your Venus conj Mars on IC (Moon area) bringing sophistication which INFJ has. Also having Mars conj Venus in 9th house where my MC is, plus they are rulers of lunar nodes. Your rulers of nodes are also making aspect - sextile

keep noticing lilith in important areas for INFJs

Neptune, Jupiter in the 4th house as well

10th house co-ruler in Capricorn adds flavor to Moon in the 10th

You have actually ASC parallel Saturn, which behaves like the conjunction, it squares in aspect though. I am having Saturn opposite ASC

ruler of IC making trine to Neptune as well
ruler of IC in second house, Taurus house ruled by Venus

I am having that box, putting all the thing together is what it takes

Pluto as ruler of IC is parallel (conjunction) ASC and MC
November 23, 2020 at 18:04
(Pisces) piscesiscariot » Anni23
I´ve never gotten ENTP. how DARE you accuse me of thinking??? LOL

out of idk 20 times, the score skewed to ENFJ once and INFP once.

that INFP description sounds like me!!
extrovert is not too sensitive to poke fun at self

re: Aquarius:
I´m sorry to hear that; perhaps you will befriend an excellent Aquarian someday!

re: "sensitive Aquarius"

me: "this ashtray is sweet! it looks like a dissected human heart."
higher-up mgr: (evenly) "I suppose it does."

I feel like the above summarizes the Aquarian 29 degree Moon/Mercury: mouth-vomiting obscure observations that are astute yet unorthodox bahahahaha
November 23, 2020 at 15:49
(Cancer) ❀wildflower❀ » Sarahsarah
Hi Sarahsarah,
You are Aquarius, happy to know one.
Your chart is interesting, I would consider you as Aquarius Sun, it is in 29 so-called anaretic degrees, it seems you may carry strong Aquarian qualities if birth time is correct. Or you feel more like Pisces?
The ruler of your chart is Jupiter which resides in Capricorn, Jupiter also rules 12th house and is in the 1st house (Neptune in the 12th house also, as you said)
It has also been your Jupiter Return
Your Moon on IC close to Mars is also interesting, Mars energy in home environment may contribute to INFJedible qualities, it is often arguments or violent(of danger) situations, smth red in the house like wallpaper could decrease Marsian energy, since it is in earth sign I find it easy-going though as it is ruled by Venus
Venus conj Chiron is interesting, I am having Chiron in Libra on ASC, Chiron is about healing abilities but usually after painful experience regarding Venus
T-square between Saturn (co-ruler of the 1st house) - Sun conj Mercury - Neptune, which is also square between rulers of lunar nodes if Saturn co-rules Aquarius
Libra MC makes your Venus emphasized

Do you think Sun/Moon midpoints describe personal characteristics? I only noticed when people trigger those points or planets are transiting there it has a flavor of fate events, have little experience

Your lunar nodes are in Aquarius and Leo, and Sun is in Aquarius, could be also about asking a question ´who am I?´, that is catching that Uranus which rules north node is right on MC in Libra
both nodes are connected to Aquarius as Sun ruling South Node is in Aquarius (I am also having that complication when rulers of my lunar nodes are actually conjunct each other)

DC ruler is in Pisces
but your 7 house is co-ruled by Moon as it is in Cancer and then ruler of that house on IC with the ruler of IC sitting there as well
even Pluto as the second ruler of IC and first ruler of the 10th house is in Libra close to MC

I know you said you know your chart, just leaving notes

Also, Saturn is in the 4th house from the Sun sign, Saturn in Taurus which is ruled by Venus conj Chiron in Aries close to IC, Saturn in 29 degrees, anaretic degree

Mars also parallel Moon

Mercury in Pisces actually square Saturn, Sun also square Saturn
November 23, 2020 at 13:49
(Aquarius) Sarahsarah
Hi,my first post.
I am an INFJ, i knew this before i knew a lot about my chart.
I have Mercury in Pisces, Neptune in the 12th House, Vesta in Pisces, Sun/Moon midpoint Pisces, etc. I am Aquarius,but born on the day it changes into Pisces. I am moon in Aries, Rising Sagittarius.
For me i think it is the Pisces thing that contributes to the INFJ thing, but my moon in Aries helps me do something about the injustices that get me so riled up.
I find this so interesting.
November 23, 2020 at 10:21
(Cancer) ❀wildflower❀ » Anni23
Or they are authors and have nodes in Gemini/Sagittarius as Gemini is about writing
I just noticed people with problems at identifying themselves with nodes in the first and seven houses which is the theme of Aries and Libra and Mars and Venus respectively when lunar nodes about purpose in life
Most famous people are having them in the 4th and 10th houses which is actually public (10th) house, I am having them if to look from Moon and Sun sign as well
While you are having Venus involved in lunar nodes
lunar nodes are also about the master of disguise which in the significant areas are felt stronger

Interestingly enough, the rulers of my nodes in Gemini in the 9th house of Saggitarius
November 23, 2020 at 10:08
(Cancer) ❀wildflower❀ » Anni23
Is that the one with Gemini-Cancer cusp?

Because that one also had Mars in Libra while Venus in Leo
I was considering him INFP
The same story when I said that relationships is work he almost went crazy
It is Leo energy about staying in relationships while in love and then looking for fun further, the independency is needed
Mars in libra definitely gentlemen who would please everyone and avoid confrontation with his actions

ENFP was Leo ASC, Pisces Moon in 8th house, Gemini Sun, Venus conj Mercury in the 10th
November 23, 2020 at 10:03
(Cancer) ❀wildflower❀ » Anni23
It is a good idea to compare INFJs with ENFJs, ENFPs, INFPs then INTJ/ENTJ. Ideally, it would be cool to identify INFJ as well as other types´ distinguishable characteristics and then translate them into astrological language e.g. escapism, unconditional love, invisibility - Pisces.

On the one hand, charts with birth time would be most relevant, on the other hand, the personality type system is also a bit general and only when the individual takes a test it shows scores/percentages to each function. Hopefully, some discussion about personality types of others in terms of planets in signs, aspects make sense or just guessing ascendants could be an option or reading autobiographies, to the word, I find INFJ authors more about biographies, practicality, knowledge dissemination and INFPs about fantasies and escaping. I am thinking about J.K. Rowling which is INFJ who wrote Harry Potter as it is fiction (although there was even about Mars visibility in her book) moreover she said the whole idea appeared instantly and she just came up with names (maybe Uranus)

I believe there are many podcasts and memes creators who came up with good characteristics for all types to which astrological aspects could be identified.

That Uranus in 4th being in Aquarius makes it a dominant planet for me, there were ups and downs too rare indeed, with little influence. However, there is a feeling that I am also weird or even outcast in the terms of family gatherings, aloofness is present, acting differently than it is socially accepted, talking unconventional stuff, disrupting the gathering or being absent, smth like that sounds a bit exaggerated though. Disruptions were trying to change my roots, lol (I thought about such people as having no roots, I believe I have though). But cannot identify myself to any culture, Jupiter or Uranus contributed to that I am having parents from different countries and then traveled myself (more difference in the perspectives)

So you have family members somehow identified with the 4th house (of family, mother, ancestry) in Capricorn, my family has also Venus in Capricorn but also in Saggitarius, my mother has nearly all planets in Capricorn and Sun as well, they got married on the day with 7-8 planets in Capricorn including Sun in 0 degrees Capricorn, (Venus 0 degrees Aquarius a bit after Capricorn and Jupiter 27 Sagg almost there) there is something about it. They are also older (Capricorn) than most parents of my classmates.
November 23, 2020 at 10:01
(Leo) Anni23 » piscesiscariot
Ahhaha I had a weird sort of intuition that you might be a enfp(/borderline entp right?) Cool type/s, I wish I knew more enfp/entps in rl. Also being borderline entp I suppose would make you more objective and analytical and less overly sensitive (Also your aqua moon) I´ve had a bit of a run of bad luck with infps and intps that I have known and been close to.. Although thus far those had been my favourite type of people. But the infps are often too sensitive and take things personally even when things have nothing to do with them and are surprisingly depressive and critical, and the intps can be very changeable and anti-social lil b*tches 😐

Also I like how you said your more sensitive then your "average" Aquarius as honestly I´ve had a few problems with a Aqua within my family
November 23, 2020 at 09:54
(Leo) Anni23 » ❀wildflower❀
Yeah I think that these are pretty common north nodes-virgo, gemini, libra. Although I´m sure that I have seen others too. I´ll look into this sometime soon as well.. you think then that the north node is particularly significant? From my previous observations I´m not sure if I could definitively distinguish specifically different north nodes between the nf types, but you could be right. (I´ll have to look at variations between infp and infj´s etc) although my north node is in saggitarius and im almost certain that I am an infj.
November 23, 2020 at 09:48
(Leo) Anni23 » ❀wildflower❀
Yeah the third one strikes me as very much infp but the last one seems more infj to me.. or maybe mars in libra is more infp

Actually just remembering that my ex (intp) has mars in libra haha but he was so passive aggressive/avoidant that he broke up with me very quickly over a non issue because he couldn´t deal with shit. Now I see why perhaps..? 🤔
November 23, 2020 at 08:00
(Cancer) ❀wildflower❀ » piscesiscariot
Where did you take test?

Do you agree with the result (ENFP)?
November 23, 2020 at 05:00
(Leo) Anni23 » ❀wildflower❀
I agree that more often Pisces people seem to be ×nfps. Sag+gemini combos aswell. Perhaps the combination of neptunian-uranian might be more common in the infp too althpugh they can be very intelligent and logics driven the overt personal emotional involvement tends to be hard to miss. Also not getting into politics too much but many of the nfp´s I know are libertarian-socialist types nursing at least a few grudges against society 😂

Oh the other thing is I´ve noticed they have high percents of water+fire in their element mixes. Usually not too much earth, not sure about air, I need to look more into that though

(Actually we should also be including enfjs and enfps in this to attempt to see what astrological signs they usually are)
(For the enfj i think obama is one, and of course being a Leo sun-Aquarius asc would make him seem to have a goodhearted and gregarious persona).

However maybe I am a bit put off from personal experience with Aquarians to relate too strongly with this sign either.. it´s just the detachment and aloof nature goes so far beyond whatever detachment I may feel and the "facade" of helping humanity whilst still maintaining this individual sense of detachment is somewhat jarring. (Also all my family have Venus in capricorn) Also oddly in my experience however the Aquarians I have known haven´t been as weird as they should be.. in fact I suppose that I am weirder

Interesting what you have said about the 4th house, as moat of what I have read centred around family interpretations.
Well unfortunately aswell my relationship with my family has been at several stages difficult.. (not unexpected with Uranus being located there) So perhaps you may also have some effects of Uranus, but I wouldn´t assume that they necessarily have to be as negative as all that.. at least I think it shouldn´t be a continued effect.
November 22, 2020 at 15:52
(Cancer) ❀wildflower❀ » ❀wildflower❀
These 9 Idols Are All Officially INFPs…

1. moon in leo, venus in libra, lunar node in virgo/pisces, saturn in aries

2. sun and mercury in pieces, mars in cancer, venus in aries, saturn in Aquarius

3. sun in pieces, moon in libra, venus in aries, saturn in aries, mercury in aries, mars in scorpio, lunar node in leo

4. moon in gemini, lunar node in virgo/pisces, venus conj mars in cappricorn, sun in scorpio, saturn in aries

5. sun, venus, mercury in leo, mars in libra, moon in cappricorn, lunar node in 29 degree libra, saturn in pieces
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