October 16, 2020 at 18:11 (UT/GMT)
(Taurus) sss666
hello everybody, next year I have several Saturn Squares, on Moon,Sun and later Venus.
what is your experiences please? or in my chart from your views?
thanks to all for topics :1:

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October 19, 2020 at 19:13
(Aries) Jay Jay
Yes, I see starting in March 2021, TR Saturn begins to square your natal Moon and will do it three times, direct, retrograde and direct again - and then on to the others. I use one degree orbs for the transits, but you could feel it before that.

In my experience, people do feel those Saturn squares, but it does vary quite a lot. It all depends if you are already ready and willing to do what Saturn is asking of you - and usually, it asks for some kind of change. People have a hard time when they aren´t growing and working with Saturn. planet of maturing.

You just had your Saturn Return in 2019! Not long before the TR Pluto-Saturn conjunction. Did you feel that one? Your SP Moon also went over your ASC in April, 2019. 2019 was a big year for you, Most people feel the Saturn Return, although some don´t. It´s usually a time for making big changes - and then you have this TR Saturn square Moon and Sun so soon after. Well, it urges you on - it´s more pressure to do what you started during the Saturn Return, I´d think. TR Saturn will be in your 9th house - area of learning and expansion - and in Aquarius - which provides some sudden changes and perhaps some great insight into yourself. Might be a good time to travel if you have the inclination.

Your Sun and Moon are in Taurus in the 12th house - so the changes you need to make are in the realm of Taurus, 12th - what you are doing in your life and what is making you happy. It´s a good time to really think about where you are going in your life - what you really want to be doing - and making changes toward those goals.

Are you psychic? Are you developing these skills? Somehow, your self-identity was greatly conditioned by your family growing up. Did you have psychic parents, or diabetic parent who only met you psychically. That´s a wild guess, but I´m just putting it out there. You have that kind of chart. I think you felt criticized or the way they related to you made you doubt yourself, or made you feel isolated.

Anyway, the squares will give you motivation to make the changes you want to make anyway - if you´re in tune with Saturn. It´s a good time to move forward on these changes.


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October 16, 2020 at 18:57
(Pisces) maltbach » sss666
Uranus Will certainly give you an independent streak to whatever it touches. I think it will help you get through the saturn squares by being more unapologetically yourself.
October 16, 2020 at 18:53
(Taurus) sss666 » maltbach
well, thank you.

for example this year in August I had Uranus con Moon, not exactly aspect, but for example I no speak with my mother 1 month about!!! and without guilty myself that I did some bad or so, i didnt care about, and I always had bad feeling when no speak with mother, now not...
October 16, 2020 at 18:45
(Pisces) maltbach
Appears your going to be having Uranus conjuncting all those around the same time as well. I have no 12th house experience, but I personally really enjoy Uranus conjuncting inner planets.

I had some fun when Uranus was conjuncting my moon a few years back, so that may bring some interesting situations to help get through the Saturn transits. I suppose it boils down to how well you receive Uraniun energy.
October 16, 2020 at 18:23
(Pisces) maltbach
Saturn squaring my moon in the 7th house this year for me. I didn´t notice much earlier but now Ive come to admit that my marriage is over for sure.

This situation has been building for a long time and now I just feel a complete disconnect to the emotional bond and I think that square has an impact. But I feel totally fine about it.

I have Saturn square to both my sun and venus natally. It can certainly bring some somberness to emotional relationships and can create self doubt and issues with authority.

I know this all sounds scary and negative but it´s these experiences that force us to grow. Embrace it and use it to learn whatever lessons you´re meant to so you don´t have to continue to repeat the negative cycles

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