When would I leave home?

October 6, 2020 at 18:28 (UT/GMT)
(Virgo) vrinin
When would I leave home?

DOB- 16-09-1995
Time- 14:50
Place- New Delhi

An astrologer told me in 2018 that I should leave my home in order to do well in higher studies. He suggested me to get into a hostel or a PG. I come from a VERY conservative family where girls are not allowed to stay out of home beyond sunset, so staying in the same city but away from my parents did not work out. So far, I have faced innumerable difficulties in my post-grad and professional studies. I was wondering if this has to do with me not being able to leave my house. Right now, I am miserably stuck inside my house and have not gone out (literally) since 18th March. Before that too, I have mostly stayed home since I completed my BA in 2016.
I have constant arguments with my family members and am not able to concentrate on studies, neither do I talk to my friends anymore. Could you please tell me when are the chances of me leaving my house permanently? At this point, I am not concerned with the reason of leaving- job, marriage, a family disagreement- anything would do. I just want to get out of this suffocating feeling that my parents have pushed me into.

Kindly help
Thank you
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October 9, 2020 at 00:23
(Scorpio) amandaallansson
Could you be a little bit more specific of your issues in regards of why it didn’t work out with your studies? Didn’t your parents support your studies or trusted you in living away from them? Why is it so important for you to live under the same roof as them? If you don’t know these answers already please ask them about why you can’t move away and study? Why are they holding you back? And also what’s their expectations of your future?. If that future is not aligned with your goals you have to be very clear about this to them. I understand this could be a cultural issue which I’m not entitled to question but it’s important that your parents can respect you making your own decisions even if they don’t like them or approve them they have to let you live your own life.
October 8, 2020 at 18:32
(Libra) leorising

I will try to help, because I also have a north node in house 9 and until recently I faced this type of challenge at home. what happens, with this northern node, it is interesting to seek higher knowledge, study, travel abroad, have a religion. What happens is that the value of women is linked to the possibility of marriage, with this northern node, unfortunately it messes up our appearance a little. it´s like we come to the world to study. so it is interesting that you seek superior knowledge. you would really have to look for it. nowadays there is an online university. house 9 is also the house of marriage, but I saw that you have conflicts between your moon, saturn and sun that are the signifiers of marriage. so I believe that this is the reason for the conflict at home. unfortunately our parents only love us according to our ability to reach social desires. :68:

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